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Author Topic: wkSuperFrontendHD 0.4.1 released [With HD graphics!]  (Read 7659 times)

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Re: wkSuperFrontendHD 0.4.1 released [With HD graphics!]
« Reply #60 on: October 10, 2017, 03:57 PM »
Don't have any problems with W:A on steam (except 1-2 seconds of black screen after minimizing, picking new maps, editing scheme, returning back to lobby..)
I wasn't saying it's a Steam problem though. I was saying that many people on the Steam forums had this issue, this affects both the CD and Steam editions. Steam represents a good portion of the casual playerbase.

One year has passed since the release of 0.4! A new update for SuperFrontendHD will come soon.
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Dec 30 2013 23:59:44 <StepS> windowed mode isn't the only thing you need about frontend
Dec 30 2013 23:59:49 <StepS> you need it to be actually bigger
Dec 31 2013 00:00:13 <StepS> it actually is very small on my 15-inch full HD screen
Dec 31 2013 00:00:25 <StepS> while running at 640x480 or stretched mode makes it fuzzy
Dec 31 2013 00:00:44 <StepS> this problem has been around since the Worms Armageddon's release and no one has even tried to beat it

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Re: wkSuperFrontendHD 0.4.1 released [With HD graphics!]
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Can you make it compatible with Project X