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Author Topic: Happy Birhday ZaR!  (Read 117 times)

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Happy Birhday ZaR!
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Happy Birthday ZaR :)

We finally did it my friends. ZaR is now the biggest community group of Worms Armageddon, and that's because of you. ZaR wouldn't be here if it weren't for your love and commitment to the ZaR Scheme. I am forever grateful for all of you amazing people, and the time we had together. With that, I hope that we continue to grow and shine! Thank you! :D

I also would like to thank every none ZaR member that played ZaR with me and its community members. We all might not see eye to eye and agree on everything, but I am happy to have played and discussed ZaR with all of you. And there will be more to come mwuahahaha :D

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Re: Happy Birhday ZaR!
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Re: Happy Birhday ZaR!
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