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<Nicky> What's the thing about playing elite on maps converted from one terrain to another?
<Nicky> Like, fruits to art
<coste> :D
<Nicky> It results in awfully cluttered shit which results in constant bng-ing
<Nicky> Which results in boring suckage
<coste> and unreliable pixolz
<Nicky> Instead of a tactical elite games
<Nicky> Seriously, where did it come from?
<coste> Ray, Husk, HHC
<Nicky> Elite is cool but on maps like that it is an awful sighting
<coste> and most importantly, it looks worse than my ultra hangover crap
<Nicky> Lol
<Nicky> You know better :D
<coste> like i shat runny on the street having hangover
<coste> and came back to check it 3 days later
<Nicky> During another hangover?
<coste> nah, just to check how it looks
<Nicky> Why would... actually, nevermind :D
<coste> and then camera photo, convert to png and upload on TUS, there guys, have a nice elite
<coste> at least crap has smooth shape
<coste> so still bad comparision
<coste> crap with rice, pins and hairs, that fits better
<Nicky> Talking about crap, coste:
<Nicky> Now these are craplets
<coste> lol Nicky
<coste> its not a hangover crap
<Nicky> Yeah it's usual one
<coste> its a proper crap
* @KRD vomits in his mouth.

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