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Worms Guild: The Armageddon Minority
  • Worms Guild: The Armageddon Minority
Worms Guild: The Armageddon Minority
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January 27, 2016, 06:01 PM
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-[ Worms Guild: The Armageddon Minority ]-

A wide range of Worms players, artists, and a friendly/skilled Worms team. We have worked closely with Team17 in the past, hosting tournaments and competitions. With several T17 figures being members, frequenting the group, with the Community Manager often looking over your comments. Also, there is a high chance that Fan-art posted to the page will get featured on the official Worms Facebook group, so get it seen!

> The Guild is a great place for meeting other Wormers, PS3/4, XBOX, PC, and Fan-art. If you are looking for people to play with, Worms discussions, fan-art, tips or even some 2-6-player team action you're in the right place!
> We also host Tournaments here across the year for competitive Wormers to get involved in.
> Anyone can join! However, You may not join our group if you are on our Blacklist and the one has to play together frequently
> Members are expected not to cheat, glitch or quit against each other!
> Value people favorite Worms games. Never, berate the others game; everybody game is objective and their opinions are subjective. This group is Worms Armageddon only

If you have any questions, PM TheMadCharles

Worms Guild: The Armageddon Minority
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