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TRL #7
February 10, 2012, 10:11 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: BnG before the game. Gained 40|40 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: BnG before the game. Lost 40|40 points

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Information Game scheme: TRL: BnG
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Game Chat(s)
[BLACK`Kyho] gl
[dPxChelsea] hf
[dpxSavage] hf
dpxSavage..dPxChelsea: we have to be on same site right?
<<dPxChelsea>> ye
[BLACK`Laczek] hf gl
[dPxChelsea] nt
[dpxSavage] ty
[dPxChelsea] ploop him xd
[BLACK`Kyho] I want lol
[dPxChelsea] c'man
[dpxSavage] kill me :D
[dpxSavage] why u all attack m e:D
[dPxChelsea] c'man
[BLACK`Laczek] n push
[BLACK`Kyho] xD!
[BLACK`Laczek] a nie nie n
[BLACK`Laczek] bo nie ma plopa
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
<<dPxChelsea>> how you beated chicken in bng ? :D
[BLACK`Laczek] kurde
dpxSavage..dPxChelsea: did I ?
[dPxChelsea] n
[BLACK`Kyho] ty
[dPxChelsea] push
[dpxSavage] n
[dPxChelsea] t
[BLACK`Laczek] gj
[dPxChelsea] thx ;*
<<dPxChelsea>> tele
<<dPxChelsea>> or torch
[dpxSavage] n1
[dPxChelsea] push part2
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[dPxChelsea] lol
[BLACK`Kyho] sadokdaskodoksaokdasaodsk
[BLACK`Laczek] bl
[dPxChelsea] my tree !!!!
[dPxChelsea] zook
[dPxChelsea] zooook
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe zukowac cie bd
[dPxChelsea] gj but you had zook wind xd
[dpxSavage] I use nade better :D
[BLACK`Laczek] ja jebie
[BLACK`Laczek] gj
[dPxChelsea] it's good push :D
[dpxSavage] wind lol
[BLACK`Kyho] wrrr
[dPxChelsea] evil hide
[dpxSavage] lol
[BLACK`Laczek] gj
[BLACK`Kyho] ty
<<dPxChelsea>> attack yos
<<dPxChelsea>> yoh
[BLACK`Laczek] oh
[BLACK`Laczek] xd
[BLACK`Kyho] gj
[dPxChelsea] gj
[dpxSavage] ty
[dPxChelsea] i wanna your zook winds ;/
[BLACK`Kyho] lol zook
[dpxSavage] n1
[dPxChelsea] knew
[dpxSavage] :D
[BLACK`Kyho] gg x:
[dPxChelsea] i just knew that and not tryed to open him
[dpxSavage] n1
<<dPxChelsea>> yea i know ^^
[dpxSavage] lol
[dpxSavage] 1 more nade operation there? :D
[dPxChelsea] Savage dP probably will be in PO clanners 24 season :P if our oponents will pick bng so will play me + You/MI :P
[dPxChelsea] coz Abnaxus and Obscure are inactive :P
[dpxSavage] :D
[dpxSavage] csongi and tomi ?
[dPxChelsea] Csongi hate bng Tomi too xD
[BLACK`Laczek] gj
[dpxSavage] n1
[BLACK`Kyho] ty
[BLACK`Laczek] mamy szanse mam nh
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[BLACK`Kyho] lol
[dPxChelsea] lol man
[dpxSavage] np go on
[dpxSavage] :D
[dPxChelsea] wee
[dpxSavage] n1
[dPxChelsea] lol
[dPxChelsea] ^^
[dpxSavage] yes
[BLACK`Laczek] n
[dPxChelsea] thx
[dpxSavage] hit yourself
[dpxSavage] :D
[dpxSavage] try it
[dpxSavage] :D
[BLACK`Kyho] try so?
[dPxChelsea] opened
[dpxSavage] big black hole :D
[BLACK`Kyho] want 2nd?
[dPxChelsea] if Savage will wnana ^^
[dpxSavage] okwe can
[BLACK`Kyho] ok so I host
[dPxChelsea] ok
<<dPxChelsea>> kill Kyho
[dPxChelsea] ok kill Laczek too xd
[dpxSavage] hehe
[dPxChelsea] double kill coming soon :D
[dPxChelsea] damn
[BLACK`Laczek] ej ja nie moge rewa;/ ale jutro chetnie zagram
[dPxChelsea] no ok :P
<<dPxChelsea>> shooz zook left like in hysteria and you will get him
[dpxSavage] n1
[BLACK`Laczek] t
[BLACK`Laczek] gj
[dPxChelsea] oh no 3 hp
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] sam fakt
[BLACK`Laczek] ze trafil
[dpxSavage] goal
[BLACK`Kyho] middle lol
[BLACK`Kyho] bleblelble
[dPxChelsea] ok Savage let's finnish them ];->
<<dPxChelsea>> aim 1-2 pixels more LEFT and less power :P
<<dPxChelsea>> nope xD 3-4 pixels left xd
[BLACK`Kyho] sdaopdskaookdas
[BLACK`Laczek] dasdasfdsfaFSE
<<dPxChelsea>> i wanna attack 81 xd
[dPxChelsea] Savage you are too strong today xD
[dpxSavage] yeah
[BLACK`Laczek] open
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] nie noi
[dpxSavage] I just came from sport center :D
[BLACK`Laczek] nie no*
[dPxChelsea] finally
[BLACK`Laczek] gj
[dPxChelsea] t
[dpxSavage] ok enough
[dpxSavage] looooool
[BLACK`Kyho] goal
[dPxChelsea] lol
[BLACK`Laczek] goAL
[dPxChelsea] aim 1 pixel left...
<<dPxChelsea>> now 43 will attack me ;<
[dPxChelsea] hmmmm
[BLACK`Kyho] open lol
[BLACK`Laczek] open hehe
[dPxChelsea] now 1 pixel right
[dpxSavage] yoh say goodbye to your family :D
[dpxSavage] lol
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe
[dPxChelsea] hahahha
[BLACK`Kyho] hahah
[dpxSavage] fireworks any 1?
[dpxSavage] :D
[BLACK`Kyho] thx for push xD
[dPxChelsea] damn you Savage Csongi and Tomi probably play same good BnG xD I suppose MI play same good too xD
[dpxSavage] what about you ? :D are you perfect ?
[dPxChelsea] nope but I'm better than you all xD
[dpxSavage] lol man
[BLACK`Kyho] lol
[dpxSavage] gg
[BLACK`Laczek] gg
[BLACK`Kyho] nice plop
[BLACK`Kyho] xD
[BLACK`Kyho] gg
[dPxChelsea] finally xD after 878747838383 tries xD
[BLACK`Laczek] bd bounce
[dpxSavage] lol
[BLACK`Laczek] no
[BLACK`Laczek] ;s
[dPxChelsea] lol
[dpxSavage] you could also killed him chelsea :D
[dPxChelsea] nope xD
[dPxChelsea] lol bounce
[dPxChelsea] should bounce right
[dPxChelsea] thx there will be easier probably ^^
[dpxSavage] gg
[BLACK`Laczek] gg
[BLACK`Kyho] gg
[dPxChelsea] gg gj
[dpxSavage] ty
[BLACK`Kyho] tx
[BLACK`Kyho] 4game
[BLACK`Kyho] yo
[BLACK`Laczek] 4s

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