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TRL #7
February 11, 2012, 11:51 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: BnG before the game. Gained 38|38 points
Absolute Beginner 960 in TRL: BnG before the game. Lost 38|38 points

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Information Game scheme: TRL: BnG
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Game Chat(s)
[BLACK`Kyho`] gl
[``Komito``] Hf
[madøg|b2b] hf
[``Komito``] b4b was just some stupid temp thing lol
[madøg|b2b] komo is b2b
[madøg|b2b] he is lying cos its not his choice
[BLACK`Laczek] nei wiem jush
[``Komito``] Lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] :D
[BLACK`Laczek] hf
[``Komito``] This map looks nothing like it did in the preview lol
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe mole bng?
[BLACK`Laczek] holes in earth
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] hf gl
[BLACK`Kyho`] should use nade lol
[BLACK`Laczek] eh.
[madøg|b2b] nah they wont :P
[BLACK`Laczek] probuje
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[BLACK`Laczek] lol xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] gj open
[``Komito``] Ns/t but crucial open xD
[BLACK`Laczek] ye open
[BLACK`Laczek] open xD
[BLACK`Laczek] joke
[BLACK`Kyho`] Should use 3s
[BLACK`Kyho`] D:
[madøg|b2b] ops
[``Komito``] Lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] open
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] wtf
[BLACK`Laczek] spacebar bug?
[madøg|b2b] i dunno
[BLACK`Kyho`] awwww
[madøg|b2b] i think my hands
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe np ;p
[``Komito``] Hide hide is annoyign me
[BLACK`Laczek] plopne cie na wolno ziomus
[madøg|b2b] mind pixel
[``Komito``] Worst open ever
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[madøg|b2b] oh wait nvm
[madøg|b2b] its some dust on my screen lol
[``Komito``] Lol
[BLACK`Laczek] LOL
[BLACK`Kyho`] n1 lol
[``Komito``] Idiot madog lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] he want sabotage me
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[``Komito``] Yay zook
[BLACK`Laczek] inaczej
[``Komito``] Ns
[BLACK`Kyho`] X(
[madøg|b2b] meh
[``Komito``] I'll try hit that part again
[madøg|b2b] behind was better
[``Komito``] And fully open
[``Komito``] Nah that was perfect
[BLACK`Laczek] Komito, which worm is yours?
[BLACK`Kyho`] sdapadskoodasdasko
[madøg|b2b] neither is komo
[madøg|b2b] infact we switched nicks for this game
[madøg|b2b] so u dont kill him first
[``Komito``] Perfect xD
[madøg|b2b] :P
[BLACK`Kyho`] ya gj
[BLACK`Laczek] lol xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] open
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[``Komito``] 3s?
[``Komito``] Lol
[madøg|b2b] fuse ne1
[BLACK`Laczek] bl
[BLACK`Kyho`] lul
[BLACK`Kyho`] 5s
[``Komito``] noonb
[BLACK`Laczek] forgot 5s
[``Komito``] noob*
[madøg|b2b] yea
[madøg|b2b] that was costly mistake
[BLACK`Kyho`] blablabla :/ morep ower
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] ns
[madøg|b2b] oh hai
[BLACK`Laczek] n
[``Komito``] Only used 4 cuz I knew it'd push lol
[``Komito``] Ta
[madøg|b2b] 2s hyst
[BLACK`Laczek] OH
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw lol
[``Komito``] MWUhauHAUa
[``Komito``] Lol man
[madøg|b2b] sry im almost drunk
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe
[BLACK`Kyho`] lol
[madøg|b2b] this is what happens
[BLACK`Laczek] forgot lg
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[madøg|b2b] i saw lg
[madøg|b2b] but i didnt press apparently xd
[BLACK`Kyho`] ok try bounce lol
[``Komito``] Mug
[``Komito``] You fackin cant
[madøg|b2b] yea i kno
[madøg|b2b] innit
[``Komito``] Imma windmill you boy
[BLACK`Kyho`] asdokoadsodkas
[BLACK`Kyho`] 4.1s
[madøg|b2b] dont get lippy with me son
[BLACK`Laczek] 4.3 s
[``Komito``] Damn
[``Komito``] I thought that'd open
[madøg|b2b] its moved him nicer for me
[madøg|b2b] i will get it d/w
[madøg|b2b] gg
[BLACK`Laczek] die
[BLACK`Laczek] ;p
[BLACK`Kyho`] gj
[``Komito``] Ns
[BLACK`Laczek] open
[``Komito``] And thanks ledge
[BLACK`Laczek] thx
[madøg|b2b] there
[BLACK`Laczek] vn
[BLACK`Kyho`] ns
[BLACK`Kyho`] !
[``Komito``] Vfns xD
[BLACK`Laczek] perfect
[madøg|b2b] 3rd trys a charm
[madøg|b2b] :P
[``Komito``] Mine will work now too xD
[madøg|b2b] i got lg and right fuse this time
[``Komito``] Lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] aww
[BLACK`Laczek] nt
[madøg|b2b] eeeeeee
[BLACK`Kyho`] ty
[madøg|b2b] lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] less power I think
[madøg|b2b] ns
[BLACK`Kyho`] ns lol!
[``Komito``] COuldn't reach him so push him
[BLACK`Laczek] vn
[``Komito``] Ta
[BLACK`Kyho`] suicide?
[madøg|b2b] could be
[BLACK`Kyho`] or not
[BLACK`Laczek] eh v nooby
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[``Komito``] Almost tranny rofl
[madøg|b2b] ya
[madøg|b2b] unintentional tho lol
[``Komito``] Lol
[madøg|b2b] what u up to komito this eve
[``Komito``] I hate missing pwoer
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe
[BLACK`Laczek] ;p
[``Komito``] Nothing mate
[``Komito``] Just got back
[``Komito``] Was out at a mates house all day
[``Komito``] Vnt
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[BLACK`Kyho`] yea
[madøg|b2b] bit too much
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[BLACK`Kyho`] bad pixel
[``Komito``] Gotcha xD
[madøg|b2b] nah lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] :(
[madøg|b2b] missed
[madøg|b2b] :D
[``Komito``] No i didn't lol
[madøg|b2b] why not go for hit
[``Komito``] This is tactically better
[``Komito``] We are winning by at least 3 shots
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[BLACK`Kyho`] push
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[``Komito``] Think ahead son
[``Komito``] I'll hit him next turn lol
[BLACK`Laczek] vnt
[BLACK`Kyho`] nt lol
[``Komito``] Wrong hole
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
``Komito`` [AHAHA]
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[``Komito``] MWUhauhauA
[BLACK`Kyho`] :(
[``Komito``] Oops pwoer
[BLACK`Kyho`] hiehiehiehi
[BLACK`Laczek] lol Gaz has a lot of defence, we always hit him about 5-15
[BLACK`Kyho`] lov tree
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] opened
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] open to plop
[``Komito``] Ns
[BLACK`Kyho`] gj!
[madøg|b2b] meh
[BLACK`Laczek] n
[madøg|b2b] could have been better
[madøg|b2b] im gonna get zooked lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[``Komito``] Eh?
[BLACK`Kyho`] deja vu?
[``Komito``] That looked like I done more lol
[madøg|b2b] get to specsavers mate
[BLACK`Kyho`] lal
[madøg|b2b] faaaaaaaaaaurck
[``Komito``] Mmmm Triple belgian chocolate cookies xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[``Komito``] Nt
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe
[BLACK`Kyho`] lets try again with bounce lol
[BLACK`Laczek] missed or that was tactical hehe xD
[BLACK`Laczek] Joke ;p
[BLACK`Laczek] vn
[BLACK`Kyho`] lol luck but thx
[BLACK`Laczek] or just luck
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe
[BLACK`Kyho`] why
[BLACK`Kyho`] :<
[BLACK`Laczek] i will tango down you
[BLACK`Laczek] Gaz
[BLACK`Laczek] eh
[``Komito``] Wrong hole !
[BLACK`Kyho`] wrong hole hole
[BLACK`Kyho`] lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
``Komito`` [THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID !]
``Komito`` [AHAHAHAHA]
[madøg|b2b] tooo much
madg|b2b [lal]
[BLACK`Laczek] Why i am aimed by You
[BLACK`Laczek] kill Yoh
[BLACK`Kyho`] Im suck in zooka
[BLACK`Laczek] Kill kyho
[madøg|b2b] i need music for gods sake
[BLACK`Kyho`] daspodasodsadasokj
[BLACK`Laczek] nt
[BLACK`Laczek] or not
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] i tak ladnie gramy
[``Komito``] Push :)
[BLACK`Laczek] n
[BLACK`Kyho`] :(
[madøg|b2b] g1
[BLACK`Kyho`] gj
[``Komito``] n2
[madøg|b2b] eep
[BLACK`Kyho`] opened more lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] :D
[BLACK`Laczek] ok now try to plop
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[madøg|b2b] damn
[``Komito``] Tbh it's a shit map lol
[madøg|b2b] god damn mongolians
[BLACK`Kyho`] lal
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] worst try ever
[BLACK`Laczek] not
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[BLACK`Laczek] Ok no i attack Gaz
[BLACK`Laczek] eh
[BLACK`Laczek] powa
[``Komito``] Bank?
[madøg|b2b] fack
[madøg|b2b] same
[BLACK`Kyho`] aww
[``Komito``] Nt
[BLACK`Kyho`] wind why
[BLACK`Laczek] So which are is Komito?
[madøg|b2b] who knows
[BLACK`Laczek] Lol. ;D
[BLACK`Kyho`] ns
[``Komito``] Ns madog xD
[madøg|b2b] ns
[madøg|b2b] lol
[madøg|b2b] thd
[BLACK`Kyho`] lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] hahaahha
[madøg|b2b] thx
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] aww lol
[BLACK`Laczek] LOl
[``Komito``] Oh vnt
[BLACK`Laczek] vnt
[BLACK`Kyho`] vnt
[BLACK`Laczek] i thought this is attack on Fish
[BLACK`Kyho`] awww
[BLACK`Kyho`] less pwoer I think
[BLACK`Laczek] bl
[BLACK`Laczek] backbounce ;s
[BLACK`Kyho`] :(
[madøg|b2b] lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] ns
[madøg|b2b] seen that before
[madøg|b2b] deja vu
[``Komito``] Ta
[BLACK`Kyho`] ns madog lol xD<
[``Komito``] Nah
[``Komito``] Was diff height/hide etc
[``Komito``] Less pwoer also
[``Komito``] :P
[madøg|b2b] impossibru
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[madøg|b2b] my worms is real laggy i dunno why ;d
[``Komito``] Trapshot xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] lol space
[BLACK`Laczek] lol
[BLACK`Laczek] Try
[madøg|b2b] de ja vu
[``Komito``] Woah rofl
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe
[BLACK`Kyho`] awww
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] bl
[madøg|b2b] lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] was perfect lol
[``Komito``] I moved
[``Komito``] xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] not that hide
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] die pixel
[``Komito``] DAI PIXEL !
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe
[``Komito``] :O
[BLACK`Laczek] hehe nice, you lied that you will attack pepper and you attacked Gaz
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[madøg|b2b] lovely
[BLACK`Laczek] push
[BLACK`Kyho`] ns :<
[``Komito``] Ta
[madøg|b2b] i hate this hide but nowhere to go ;d
[``Komito``] Lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] middle
[``Komito``] 2 right of me mate
[BLACK`Kyho`] want to kill wind
[``Komito``] LOL
[madøg|b2b] faaaaaaaack
[BLACK`Kyho`] lal
[BLACK`Laczek] lol i tak cie Komito pushnie
[BLACK`Laczek] xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] dont kill me :< :) :D
[``Komito``] Double transfer
[``Komito``] Damn
[``Komito``] Almost
[madøg|b2b] oohj
[BLACK`Kyho`] nt la
[BLACK`Laczek] loool
[BLACK`Kyho`] 4.3s :D
[``Komito``] 5s would hit
[BLACK`Kyho`] lol
[``Komito``] Ah wtf
[BLACK`Laczek] :/
[BLACK`Kyho`] skip?
[``Komito``] Umm
[BLACK`Laczek] skipo
[BLACK`Laczek] skip*
[``Komito``] Have to rehost and just remember scores
[BLACK`Laczek] Lol kill us
[BLACK`Kyho`] ya
[``Komito``] Nah
[BLACK`Laczek] Show must go on
[BLACK`Laczek] why
[``Komito``] Just rehost and kill whatever left
[BLACK`Kyho`] ok
[``Komito``] Wait though
[BLACK`Laczek] k
[``Komito``] OI'll write down HPO'#s
[``Komito``] WHo is niko?
[BLACK`Laczek] Laczek
[BLACK`Laczek] me
[``Komito``] K
[``Komito``] I rehost

[``Komito``] Hf
``Komito`` [madog dies on 2hp, komo dies on 72hp, kyho dies on 150hp and Laczek dies on 161hp]
[BLACK`Kyho`] gl again
[TdC`Pejote] hf
[madøg|b2b] oops
[madøg|b2b] bad hide lol
[``Komito``] Actuall ybetter than previous
[``Komito``] Now you have more angle
[madøg|b2b] nah more plopable
[BLACK`Laczek] TDC do you want TRL 2vs2 or clanner TRL after this?
[``Komito``] Thought you wanted 2 TRLs with us?
[BLACK`Laczek] aaah ok
[``Komito``] If you wanna play TDC it's cool
[TdC`Pejote] i would prefer watching komo
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[BLACK`Laczek] die clouds
[madøg|b2b] ah i think my lappy is overheating
[madøg|b2b] hence crash
[madøg|b2b] fixed now
[``Komito``] Bollux
[BLACK`Kyho`] sitter
[madøg|b2b] open
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD
[BLACK`Laczek] sitter
[BLACK`Laczek] haha
[``Komito``] Didn't sit? lol
[``Komito``] It was max bounce rofl
[BLACK`Kyho`] it was joke ;d
[``Komito``] I know lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] xD!
[``Komito``] But it was on max it didn't stop lol
[``Komito``] NS
[BLACK`Laczek] lol we're joking
[madøg|b2b] fnx
[BLACK`Kyho`] like me lol
[BLACK`Laczek] we like jokes. ;p
[``Komito``] Best BnG Player 2012 - madog xD
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[BLACK`Kyho`] I knew this
[BLACK`Kyho`] ;/
[BLACK`Laczek] gg?
[madøg|b2b] lol
[``Komito``] Ah vbl :O
[BLACK`Laczek] or not
[madøg|b2b] fnx
[BLACK`Laczek] i forgot he dies on 150 hp
[BLACK`Kyho`] just wanna try with nade
[``Komito``] You know it's slightly frustrating when i've already destroyed their hides on purpose, then gotta do it again lol
[BLACK`Laczek] yea
[BLACK`Kyho`] gj
[BLACK`Laczek] push
[``Komito``] Ns/t
[BLACK`Laczek] thx
[BLACK`Kyho`] ok so we can play 2nd game?
[BLACK`Laczek] gg 4me?
[``Komito``] Vns/t
[BLACK`Kyho`] NS
[BLACK`Laczek] vn
[BLACK`Kyho`] xd
[BLACK`Kyho`] ya was very very nice
[``Komito``] Hmm
[BLACK`Laczek] gg
[``Komito``] Gg
[BLACK`Kyho`] ns gg
[madøg|b2b] ns
[madøg|b2b] gg?
[``Komito``] Was thinking which one to kill
[``Komito``] I guess YOH easier to hit
[``Komito``] Ah
[BLACK`Laczek] lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] ah comeon
[``Komito``] Lol
[``Komito``] Just play on lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] ok kill me
[BLACK`Laczek] ok
[``Komito``] Only need liek 12 damage lol
[BLACK`Kyho`] aw
[BLACK`Laczek] So we vs b4b or we vs TDC?
[``Komito``] cFc lol
[``Komito``] Me and madog are cFc
[BLACK`Laczek] sry cfc
[``Komito``] xd
[BLACK`Kyho`] XD
[BLACK`Laczek] gg
[BLACK`Laczek] or not ;p
[BLACK`Kyho`] fff
[``Komito``] We said we'd do 2 TRL's, so it's your choice
[BLACK`Kyho`] we can play
[BLACK`Kyho`] IF you and lacek want
[``Komito``] Im easy
[BLACK`Kyho`] ok try the bounce again
[BLACK`Kyho`] awww
[BLACK`Kyho`] want to push
[BLACK`Laczek] gg
[``Komito``] Gg
[BLACK`Kyho`] ns
[BLACK`Laczek] gg
[BLACK`Kyho`] gg
[TdC`Pejote] gg
[``Komito``] You guys host now?
[``Komito``] We hosted 1st
[BLACK`Laczek] ok
[BLACK`Kyho`] ok
[BLACK`Kyho`] come to me
[``Komito``] K

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