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Game #101457, Reported by Chelsea, Viewed 594 Time(s)

TEL #8
February 22, 2012, 07:46 PM
Absolute Beginner 994 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 32|34 points
Absolute Beginner 872 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 38|34 points

Game Rate
4 / 5
Total Members Voted: 3
Players history
2 - 0
2 - 0
Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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Downloaded 302 time(s).
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1920 x 696, BIT, 3.62 KB, Downloaded 19 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[RoH`Tony] hf
[RoH`lales] hf
[rApDoG`KwP] je fais koi apres m'etre inscrit ?
[rApDoG`KwP] glhf
[RoH`lales] well we were looking 2on2 but u both same clan,.. dunno :p
[rApDoG`KwP] tonyyyyyyyyy je fais koi apres ?
[Mr-Nab```] roh,sry can't in-game :D
[RoH`Tony] :(
[Mr-Nab```] don't have that prog :P
[RoH`Tony] coz he's annoying
[rApDoG`KwP] je fais koi apres tony ?
[RoH`Tony] thx.
[Mr-Nab```] i didn't do anything :D he just left :D
[RoH`Tony] yes i know but it's good too :)
[dPxChelsea] ^^
[Mr-Nab```] lol n
[RoH`lales] woha ! n1
[dPxChelsea] thx :D but yesterday against lales i had better one :D
[dPxChelsea] Lales do you remember which ?
[RoH`lales] cant now, but u got somes :)
[dPxChelsea] one bounces from flower and wall and ideal at you 44 hp ^^
[RoH`lales] yaw !
[RoH`lales] ns
[dPxChelsea] thx
[Mr-Nab```] gg
[RoH`Tony] phew
[RoH`Tony] xD
[RoH`Tony] ty
[dPxChelsea] gj
[Mr-Nab```] t
[Mr-Nab```] gg
[RoH`lales] gg
[RoH`lales] strange fail, bl
[Mr-Nab```] why strange ? :o
[RoH`lales] hmmm
[RoH`lales] hmmm
[Mr-Nab```] he placed the target in wrong place :D
[RoH`lales] shotgun forever
[RoH`Tony] xD
[RoH`lales] well i dont wanna say that he failed :)
[RoH`Tony] ye
[dPxChelsea] ^^
[Mr-Nab```] :)) n
[dPxChelsea] t
[Mr-Nab```] notch that shit again :D
[RoH`lales] no notch me this waaaaayyy, oh oh hhh (8)
[dPxChelsea] ^^
[RoH`Tony] wow
[RoH`lales] take that
[Mr-Nab```] weee
[dPxChelsea] o_0
[RoH`lales] ahhhhhhhh
[RoH`lales] smell a mine
[RoH`lales] damn mines today ....
[RoH`lales] IF
[RoH`lales] >OF
[RoH`lales] omg ... pixel ,,,
[RoH`lales] 1 mm !!!!
[RoH`lales] falied 1 mmmmm
[RoH`lales] ....
[RoH`lales] phew?
[RoH`Tony] .
[RoH`lales] .........
[Mr-Nab```] :P
[RoH`lales] shhh puto
[RoH`lales] xD! say me nt at least
[Mr-Nab```] nice try ! :D
[RoH`lales] THX
[dPxChelsea] c'man ploop
[Mr-Nab```] ffs
[Mr-Nab```] n throw at least :D
[dPxChelsea] thx :<
[RoH`lales] gj
[RoH`Tony] thx
[dPxChelsea] where tha fuck is Obscure xd i wanna bng clanner xd
[dPxChelsea] gg
[RoH`lales] gg
[Mr-Nab```] nvm. gg
[dPxChelsea] :P
[RoH`lales] cu around
[RoH`Tony] gg
[RoH`Tony] cu
[Mr-Nab```] cya

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Offline Chelsea

Game #101457, Reported by Chelsea
« on: February 22, 2012, 07:51 PM »
probably my bets elite ever xD

I won 1 vs 3 :D

I had 4 nice nades 1 good zook and nice super sheep ^^ :D