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TRL #8
March 29, 2012, 04:10 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: Hysteria before the game. Gained 40|40 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: Hysteria before the game. Lost 40|40 points

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2 - 1
Information Game scheme: TRL: Hysteria
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Game Chat(s)
[AQ`Kyho] hf
[Chelsea`eS] kurwa zly team ja pierdole
[AQ`Laczek] almost
[AQ`Kyho] combo
[AQ`Laczek] gangbang'
[eS`jot] ta, bdsm
[eS`jot] xd
[AQ`Kyho] gj
[AQ`Laczek] t
[eS`jot] o0
[AQ`Laczek] najpierw
[AQ`Kyho] lol
[Chelsea`eS] ja jebie
[AQ`Kyho] mehhehe
[AQ`Laczek] gj
[AQ`Laczek] xD
[Chelsea`eS] jaki bl
[AQ`Kyho] pr0
[Chelsea`eS] zal
[AQ`Kyho] ja wiedzialem
[AQ`Kyho] dlatego tam siebie walnalem
[Chelsea`eS] hahahhahahahhahahahaha
[AQ`Laczek] xD
[AQ`Laczek] fail
[AQ`Laczek] to jest zasadzka
[AQ`Laczek] gj
[AQ`Laczek] mowilem
[AQ`Laczek] ;]
[eS`jot] <3
[AQ`Laczek] dasdsadasdas
[eS`jot] wtf
[Chelsea`eS] gj
[eS`jot] lol
[Chelsea`eS] kurwa
[eS`jot] mmmiod....
[AQ`Laczek] gg
[AQ`Kyho] ok?
[AQ`Kyho] gg?
[AQ`Laczek] fuck
[AQ`Kyho] almost
[Chelsea`eS] taaak
[AQ`Kyho] almost
[Chelsea`eS] balem sie z emnie trafisz
[AQ`Laczek] gg
[AQ`Kyho] PRO
[eS`jot] aswww
[AQ`Laczek] hahahaha
[Chelsea`eS] no jasne
[AQ`Kyho] PRO
[eS`jot] :D
[Chelsea`eS] to sa jakies jaja
[Chelsea`eS] -__-
[AQ`Laczek] worst retreat bedzie xD
[Chelsea`eS] traf go !!!
[Chelsea`eS] kurwa
[AQ`Kyho] trafi
[Chelsea`eS] tekle
[Chelsea`eS] tele
[Chelsea`eS] tele
[AQ`Laczek] gj
[eS`jot] gg
[AQ`Laczek] gg
[Chelsea`eS] gj gg
[AQ`Kyho] gg
[Chelsea`eS] :D

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