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Classic #26
May 06, 2012, 06:12 PM
Veteran 1923 in Roper before the game. Gained 36|11 points
Beginner 1143 in Roper before the game. Lost 8|11 points

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Not rated yet
Players history
3 - 0
20 - 3
11 - 5
90 - 44
Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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This game hasn't been nominated for any awards.
Game Map(s)

new roper (3) by THeDoGG
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.78 KB, Downloaded 8465 time(s)

new roper (7) by THeDoGG
1920 x 696, BIT, 3.08 KB, Downloaded 8463 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[cfc`okei] hf
[sm0k`eS] hf
[eS`DioZ`nlF] hf
[Krezo] hf
[cfc``bofo] hff
<<cfc`okei>> ya wei ganemos xd
[Krezo] oi
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ;o
[cfc`okei] lelel
[cfc`okei] x
[Krezo] damn maxi :D

[sm0k`eS] hf
[Sir-J] hf
[cfc`okei] hf
[cfc``bofo] hfff
[eS`DioZ`nlF] hf
[cfc`okei] ow I'm not first xdd
[eS`DioZ`nlF] no crash no lag no lame ty xD
[cfc`okei] lol I'm last xD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] aeee
[eS`DioZ`nlF] tasten gehen mal mal nicht
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xD
<<cfc`okei>> ganemos weu xd
[sm0k`eS] bl xd
[eS`DioZ`nlF] morgen geh ich mir ne neue holen
<<cfc`okei>> ve tranqui
[sm0k`eS] alles klar
<<cfc`okei>> no tan tranqui XDD
[cfc`okei] lol
[cfc``bofo] :)
[cfc`okei] xd
[cfc``bofo] es dificil jugar despues de un largo tiempo sin
<<cfc`okei>> :s
[Sir-J] lol
[cfc``bofo] bL
[cfc`okei] what a game xd
[eS`DioZ`nlF] you got to be kidding me
[sm0k`eS] nd dioz :
[sm0k`eS] ;)
[eS`DioZ`nlF] the thing is i had my bday party yesterday and im still not sober xD
<<cfc`okei>> desactivala :U
[cfc``bofo] bng nezt game?
[sm0k`eS] nah
<<cfc`okei>> despues de este me voi wey
<<cfc`okei>> tengo que hacer un trabajo xd
[eS`DioZ`nlF] haha nd ae auch
[sm0k`eS] xd
[sm0k`eS] ich chill voll mein leben grad
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ich versuch gegen mein kater zu kämpfen
[eS`DioZ`nlF] hahaha
[cfc`okei] this map is to hard for us i think xD
[sm0k`eS] klappt nicht so
[sm0k`eS] we are just not in form ;)
[cfc`okei] lool
[sm0k`eS] n1
[eS`DioZ`nlF] i have headache of darkness
[eS`DioZ`nlF] n xD
[cfc`okei] buena jajaj
[cfc`okei] loele
[sm0k`eS] hi
[cfc`okei] ello :)
[eS`DioZ`nlF] srsly?
[sm0k`eS] nd again xd
[cfc`okei] it's something. xd
[Krezo] better then nothing :D
<<cfc`okei>> pf yo igual0
[sm0k`eS] sg gonna be interesting
[sm0k`eS] sd*
[cfc`okei] xD gonna be endless
[eS`DioZ`nlF] indeed
[cfc`okei] :d
[sm0k`eS] go dioz go dioz )
[sm0k`eS] =)
[Krezo] nd
[sm0k`eS] looooool
[Sir-J] vnd
[cfc``bofo] n
[sm0k`eS] n
[eS`DioZ`nlF] thats for fixing my bad drops xDD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ha
[sm0k`eS] thats a drop lol
[sm0k`eS] haha ye
<<cfc`okei>> q mierda de pile XD
<<cfc`okei>> neta lalo y daina te cagarian xdd
[Krezo] n run smok
[sm0k`eS] tx
[eS`DioZ`nlF] n piling a
[eS`DioZ`nlF] e
[eS`DioZ`nlF] walldrop
[eS`DioZ`nlF] srsly
<<cfc`okei>> ponte hide top wei
[sm0k`eS] bl man
[eS`DioZ`nlF] nah just sucksage x)
[eS`DioZ`nlF] rofl
[cfc`okei] que haces? XD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] show off x)
<<cfc`okei>> cajas de mierda
[cfc``bofo] bah a la verga
[Krezo] 11
[Krezo] :(
[Krezo] aw
[cfc``bofo] no mms
[sm0k`eS] pff
[cfc`okei] q hueva xD
[sm0k`eS] rh i guess

[sm0k`eS] hf
[eS`DioZ`nlF] hf again xD
[cfc`okei] hf
[cfc`okei] xD
[Sir-J] hf
[eS`DioZ`nlF] lol crates
[eS`DioZ`nlF] x)
[sm0k`eS] gj space
[sm0k`eS] dafür hast du es leichter
[eS`DioZ`nlF] leave my crate!
[cfc`okei] neva :d
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ap
[eS`DioZ`nlF] skdpüak
[eS`DioZ`nlF] dak
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xD
[sm0k`eS] bl xd
[cfc`okei] lol xdd
[sm0k`eS] f2
[cfc`okei] :o
[cfc`okei] xdd
[cfc``bofo] bL wey
[cfc`okei] ya me chingaron
[cfc`okei] que juego mas mierda jja xD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] haha
[eS`DioZ`nlF] srsly
[eS`DioZ`nlF] i should go to bed
[eS`DioZ`nlF] and end this day haha
[cfc`okei] wee no fd xd
[eS`DioZ`nlF] job? D
[sm0k`eS] i sux xd
[eS`DioZ`nlF] oh cmon
[eS`DioZ`nlF] that crate
[sm0k`eS] xdddd
[cfc`okei] there u got xd
[sm0k`eS] ydxvclfövbnadfyönd o-idyl
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xD
[cfc`okei] aw
[eS`DioZ`nlF] bl ae
[cfc``bofo] nice game jajaja
[eS`DioZ`nlF] best clanner game indeed xD
[sm0k`eS] ye xd
[cfc`okei] XD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] w��r nicht der dc w��rden wir winnen :<
[sm0k`eS] stimmt aber egal
[sm0k`eS] xdddd
[eS`DioZ`nlF] drop
[cfc`okei] not bad.
[cfc``bofo] `pile jaja
[cfc`okei] xd
[cfc`okei] for what hahah
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] for fun
[cfc`okei] ;d
[sm0k`eS] wir können noch schaffen
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ja das sowieso
[sm0k`eS] welcome to my hide m8 ;)
[cfc`okei] :d thx!
[cfc``bofo] bL
[sm0k`eS] follow the drop!
[eS`DioZ`nlF] wanted to knock
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xXD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] mine knock in the air with backflick
[eS`DioZ`nlF] *flip
[eS`DioZ`nlF] drop ae
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xD
[sm0k`eS] nk
[eS`DioZ`nlF] traitor
[cfc`okei] get out of my hide wuahah
[sm0k`eS] haha
[eS`DioZ`nlF] sd
[sm0k`eS] sd
[sm0k`eS] xd
[sm0k`eS] n job
[eS`DioZ`nlF] XD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ahahah
[cfc`okei] XD
[sm0k`eS] lol
[cfc`okei] hjahaha
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ahahah
[eS`DioZ`nlF] D
[eS`DioZ`nlF] daf@#!
[eS`DioZ`nlF] srsly
[cfc``bofo] viste jaja
[eS`DioZ`nlF] job
[cfc`okei] xD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] stay
[eS`DioZ`nlF] stay
[eS`DioZ`nlF] go back! xD
[cfc`okei] xD
[sm0k`eS] tap? ^^
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ae xD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] no fd?
[cfc`okei] yep
[sm0k`eS] ouch#
[eS`DioZ`nlF] rofl!
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xDD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] tüt
[sm0k`eS] bl
[eS`DioZ`nlF] press f6 xD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] gg
[eS`DioZ`nlF] or not
[eS`DioZ`nlF] gg
[eS`DioZ`nlF] x)
[cfc`okei] ;0
[sm0k`eS] kann so nicht spielen
[sm0k`eS] xd
[sm0k`eS] gg
[Sir-J] gg
[cfc`okei] gg
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ill win this brb
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] ye
[eS`DioZ`nlF] gj
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xD
[cfc`okei] XD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] hi
[cfc``bofo] toma!
[eS`DioZ`nlF] xD
[cfc`okei] loli
[sm0k`eS] :D
[eS`DioZ`nlF] yD
[eS`DioZ`nlF] g9
[cfc`okei] gg XD
[sm0k`eS] gg
[eS`DioZ`nlF] hahah
[eS`DioZ`nlF] gg
[Sir-J] gg
[eS`DioZ`nlF] srsly lol game
[cfc`okei] jaja

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