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Classic #27
June 26, 2012, 08:55 PM
Above Average 1671 in TTRR before the game. Gained 47|22 points
Rookie 1271 in TTRR before the game. Lost 14|22 points

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73 - 43
Information Game scheme: TTRR
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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RR-10 by NAiL
1920 x 696, BIT, 0.5 KB, Downloaded 8743 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[xLo`roH] hf.
[CKC`Dub-c] Ah shit, I played this map last night
[CKC`Dub-c] WE can change if you want roh
[RoH`Desetroyah] hf
IRwlzCKC..CRASH: my ancenstors are from poland :)
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] lol, dont be too fair
[RoH`Desetroyah] YES PLS
[RoH`Desetroyah] xd
[RoH`Desetroyah] hah, np
[CKC`Dub-c] Just dont want to be called a map whore
CRASH..IRwlzCKC: ancenstors?
[CKC`Dub-c] I just scrolled and clicked
[RoH`Desetroyah] xd
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] you will be
[CKC`Dub-c] Didn;t look
[RoH`Desetroyah] np heh
IRwlzCKC..CRASH: ancestors = father's father's father, 3rd generation
[RoH`Desetroyah] too mnay polaks for one host
[RoH`Desetroyah] many
CRASH..IRwlzCKC: ah :D
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] too many greeks you mean
[RoH`Desetroyah] maybe so
[IRwlzCKC] and one lonely american, what is this world coming to
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] dub dont forget you have keylogger
[xLo`roH] lol
[RoH`Desetroyah] bl
[CKC`Dub-c] hah lies coste
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] i can copy p[aste your taps
[CRASH] 45
[RoH`Desetroyah] no finish :P
[CKC`Dub-c] Close enough
[RoH`Desetroyah] not really :/
[RoH`Desetroyah] u must touch the word
[CKC`Dub-c] lol
[RoH`Desetroyah] dont think anyone here objects to that
[IRwlzCKC] he can piss on the word if you want
[CRASH] haha
[CKC`Dub-c] 50
[xLo`roH] 50
[RoH`Desetroyah] 50
[IRwlzCKC] 50.769
[CKC`Dub-c] I'm getting retarded lags again
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] coz virus!
CRASH..CKC`Dub-c: with biggest lags we cudnt lose this
[CKC`Dub-c] They are like herpes, can flare up at any time
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] get rid of miranda nao
[CKC`Dub-c] 54
[xLo`roH] 54
[CRASH] lol
[CRASH] oo
[IRwlzCKC] 49
[xLo`roH] 49
[RoH`Desetroyah] 49
[CKC`Dub-c] lol f@#!ing habbits
[IRwlzCKC] almost tripped up there :)
[xLo`roH] f@#!, lol
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] aw
[IRwlzCKC] bl
[xLo`roH] what was the time ?
[CKC`Dub-c] It happens
[IRwlzCKC] didnt touch :b
[xLo`roH] i see Dub
[IRwlzCKC] heh
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] could be 50 again
[xLo`roH] ye
[xLo`roH] ah k np then
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] ot 49
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] if lucky
[xLo`roH] 2 falls tho
[CKC`Dub-c] 48
[xLo`roH] 48
[xLo`roH] 48, 50 / 49, x
[RoH`Desetroyah] my tus rr sucks xd
[CKC`Dub-c] 44
[xLo`roH] 44
[IRwlzCKC] 44 nr
[CRASH] ty
[CKC`Dub-c] sonova
[CRASH] bl
CKC`Dub-c..CRASH: :/
CKC`Dub-c..CRASH: 49 is a really bad time lol
CRASH..CKC`Dub-c: they cant do better
[xLo`roH] :x
CKC`Dub-c..CRASH: k phew
[xLo`roH] f@#! im slow
[xLo`roH] 43 to draw
[xLo`roH] gg
[CKC`Dub-c] gg
[RoH`lacoste`b2b] gg
[CKC`Dub-c] roh hosting elite/
[CKC`Dub-c] Guess so
[CRASH] ..

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