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Classic #27
July 20, 2012, 04:41 PM
General 2156 in TTRR before the game. Gained 42|10 points
Novice 1323 in TTRR before the game. Lost 7|10 points

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5 - 0
41 - 9
23 - 15
293 - 125
Information Game scheme: TTRR
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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RRx47 by AZ01
1920 x 696, BIT, 0.69 KB, Downloaded 9559 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[l3x`Devilage`ea] hf
[l3x`Devilage`ea] nhjun+idnndndmb
[l3x`Devilage`ea] dmd
[l3x`Devilage`ea] nbd
[l3x`sm0k`sm] hfz
[l3x`Devilage`ea] f@#!ing mousepad
[l3x`Devilage`ea] sorry
[l3x`magic`rM] dumb xd
cfclalo..bof0: la cagaste y listo da igual
[l3x`sm0k`sm] rope to start^^
[l3x`Devilage`ea] ur moms dumb
bof0..cfclalo: si seguro lalo
[l3x`magic`rM] maan, dont cursin my mom
[l3x`Devilage`ea] for having ya born
cfclalo..bof0: asume una vez en tu vida?
[l3x`Devilage`ea] rope to start ?
bof0..cfclalo: viste tu p��rimer turno?
bof0..cfclalo: lo miraste? ke pena
[l3x`magic`rM] gtfo devilage :)
cfclalo..bof0: fue s��lo el primero el resto fueron buenos
[l3x`Devilage`ea] roper to start?
[l3x`sm0k`sm] or just rm with 1 worm if needed
bof0..cfclalo: y? un turno influyer
bof0..cfclalo: pierde rapido que seguro ni llegas
[cfclalo] 60
[l3x`sm0k`sm] 60
[l3x`Devilage`ea] 60
cfclalo..bof0: sin comments pa vos bofito
[l3x`Devilage`ea] ;o
[l3x`Devilage`ea] bl
[l3x`sm0k`sm] not bl , my eyes burned cot of cug xd
[l3x`sm0k`sm] cig*
[l3x`Devilage`ea] bad shit neways
[l3x`Devilage`ea] oi
[l3x`Devilage`ea] dos más?
cfclalo..bof0: puedes llegar xfa?
bof0..cfclalo: si pierdo sera 1-1
cfclalo..bof0: lol no seas bromista
cfclalo..bof0: sabes q cagaste el juego anterior
cfclalo..bof0: pero da igual get over it
bof0..cfclalo: si cmo tu digas
bof0..cfclalo: nh siempre
[l3x`sm0k`sm] f@#! this kb
[l3x`magic`rM] make a hole and f@#! him ;b
bof0..cfclalo: quedas solo y siempre jodes
[l3x`Devilage`ea] lol
cfclalo..bof0: llega puro extensed
[l3x`sm0k`sm] we just sux
[l3x`sm0k`sm] xd
[l3x`Devilage`ea] Im playing at my gf's
[l3x`Devilage`ea] so using her laptop
[l3x`Devilage`ea] even shittier than mine
[l3x`magic`rM] lol, why dont let me play?
[l3x`Devilage`ea] coz u suck more?
[l3x`Devilage`ea] lol
[l3x`magic`rM] lol trl?
[l3x`magic`rM] i pwn u
[l3x`Devilage`ea] yeh go find one
[l3x`magic`rM] i calling u
[l3x`Devilage`ea] me and sm0k are clanning
[l3x`Devilage`ea] u dont have my phone number
[l3x`Devilage`ea] 60
[l3x`magic`rM] haha.
[cfclalo] meh
cfclalo..bof0: buee a rezar
[l3x`sm0k`sm] gg
[cfclalo] gg
[l3x`Devilage`ea] oi
[l3x`sm0k`sm] 3rd?
[cfclalo] up to vofo
[cfclalo] bofo*
[bof0] que scheme
[cfclalo] he doesnt have so much time though
[l3x`sm0k`sm] roper / bng / elote?
[bof0] cmo quieras
[cfclalo] lo q quieras
cfclalo..bof0: q prefieres?
[l3x`Devilage`ea] another roper?
[bof0] otro roper lalo?
[cfclalo] ok
[cfclalo] surr then
[l3x`Devilage`ea] hostea
[l3x`Devilage`ea] i win
[l3x`Devilage`ea] .l

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