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September 30, 2012, 03:04 AM
Fairly Competent 1748 in Elite before the game. Gained 33|17 points
Inexperienced 1204 in Elite before the game. Lost 15|17 points

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Information Game scheme: Elite
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[eS'OonkeR'rM] hf gl
[cfc-okei] hfhf
[eS-Carlos] que onda
[cfc-okei] q pedo
[cfc-okei] wey no se fue la luz el jueves que llovio ?
[cfc-bof0] p
[eS-Carlos] a ca no
[cfc-okei] en mi casa si , se fue en toda la calle xD
[eS-Carlos] jaja
[cfc-okei] hasta lo pasaron en la tele
[cfc-okei] en el 4
[cfc-okei] xD
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: dale y no apiles
[eS-Carlos] no veo la tele
[eS-Carlos] xd
[cfc-okei] xd
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: yo te blokeo jej
[eS'OonkeR'rM] bofo
[eS'OonkeR'rM] utd de donde es?
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: sin pile jaj
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: atento wey
[eS-Carlos] nah
[eS'OonkeR'rM] ???
[eS'OonkeR'rM] xD?
[eS-Carlos] no pasa nada xd
[eS-Carlos] que onda bofo como estas?
[cfc-okei] block mas malo wey xD
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: solrac dale mofeta
[eS-Carlos] bad hide easy
[cfc-bof0] perdon , telefono
[cfc-bof0] dina??
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: ke mierda
[eS'OonkeR'rM] bofo utd de donde es?
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: ropea y dale hacha al omsare
[eS-Carlos] es de mexico
[eS'OonkeR'rM] ah
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: no lo piles
[eS'OonkeR'rM] gracias xD
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: yo lo terminare
[eS-Carlos] jaja
[eS-Carlos] :(
[cfc-okei] XD
[cfc-bof0] u
cfc-bof0..cfc-okei: si
[eS-Carlos] ....
[eS'OonkeR'rM] xD
[eS-Carlos] proteje a iron man
[eS-Carlos] eso xd
[eS-Carlos] 23
[eS-Carlos] :(
[cfc-okei] gg xD
[eS'OonkeR'rM] gg
[eS-Carlos] oye oky y que has hecho? jaja
[cfc-okei] clannear wey xD
[cfc-okei] y jugar trl's
[cfc-okei] entre a las po de trl, solo falta que tenga ganas de jugarla xD
[eS-Carlos] jaja fuera de wa
[eS'OonkeR'rM] wuena
[eS'OonkeR'rM] gj
[eS-Carlos] yo ya voy a cosechar
[eS-Carlos] xD
[cfc-okei] cosechar que?
[eS-Carlos] tomates ya coseche
[cfc-okei] xd
[cfc-okei] en tu xcasa o como?
[eS-Carlos] si
[eS-Carlos] buena easy
[eS'OonkeR'rM] gj
[cfc-okei] jaja q vergas
[eS-Carlos] ponle otra igual
[cfc-okei] en micasa hjace poco que plantamos calabaza
[eS-Carlos] buena
[cfc-okei] se hicieron bien grandes xd
[eS`Easy`HoN] aah
[eS-Carlos] jaja
[eS-Carlos] ahorita es tiempo para sembrar brocoli
[eS-Carlos] xd
[eS'OonkeR'rM] carlos
[eS'OonkeR'rM] tu trabajas en eso?
[eS-Carlos] en que?
[eS-Carlos] cosechando? xd
[eS'OonkeR'rM] si
[cfc-okei] de agricultor xD
[eS-Carlos] jaja algo asi
[eS'OonkeR'rM] si
[eS'OonkeR'rM] vendes lo que siembras?
[eS-Carlos] pero solo por autoconsumo
[eS-Carlos] no
[eS'OonkeR'rM] ah
[eS'OonkeR'rM] no vives de eso?
[eS-Carlos] no
[eS'OonkeR'rM] ah
[eS-Carlos] osea si
[eS-Carlos] pero no obtengo dinero de eso
[eS'OonkeR'rM] ah xD
[eS-Carlos] aun vivo con mis papas
[eS-Carlos] y estudio
[eS'OonkeR'rM] ah entiendo
[eS'OonkeR'rM] cuanto años tienes?
[eS-Carlos] 20
[eS'OonkeR'rM] ah
[cfc-okei] neta 20?
[eS'OonkeR'rM] y que estas estudiando
[eS-Carlos] Ing Ambiental
[eS'OonkeR'rM] =o
[eS'OonkeR'rM] wuena
[eS'OonkeR'rM] nose que mierda es pero si es ing es bueno
[eS'OonkeR'rM] xD
[eS-Carlos] jajaja
[cfc-okei] xD
[eS-Carlos] si oky 20
[eS-Carlos] pensabas que era mayor? xd
[cfc-okei] si wey haha
[cfc-okei] en tus fotos te vez mayor,
[eS-Carlos] gg
[cfc-okei] gg
[eS`Easy`HoN] gg
[cfc-bof0] orale
[eS'OonkeR'rM] gg
[cfc-okei] buena xD
[eS-Carlos] jaaja
[cfc-bof0] jaja
[eS`Easy`HoN] lol at holy

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