September 23, 2018, 09:22 AM

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Classic #28, HAL #1
October 05, 2012, 02:51 AM
Reasonable 1588 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 29|21 points more
Inexperienced 1157 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 17|21 points more

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4 - 0
50 - 23
14 - 1
154 - 40
Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[cfcdaiNa] hf
[cfclalo] ya nadie usa pc tower =P
[cfc-okeii] hf
[cfcdaiNa] el oky sin su teclado juega como lalo
[cfclalo] pro?
[cfcdaiNa] seguro xd
[cfc-okeii] eh.. si
[cfclalo] hoy al menos sí!
[cfc-okeii] cuantas juegos ya cagaste lalo? xd
[cfcdaiNa] cuantas cagadas le tuve ke salvar mejor pregunta
[cfc-okeii] nah si ya se q a la nube hay que estarla salvando xdd
[cfcLeroy] a mi tmb :$
[cfcLeroy] ñalsd
[uI`guuuria] Oo
cfcdaiNa..cfcLeroy: keria a shia
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] f1 ?
[uI`guuuria] 2 erros em uma jogada
[cfcdaiNa] uy bl ahi
[uI`guuuria] atack e pouso
[cfcLeroy] lol
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] ):
[cfcdaiNa] zhe
[cfcdaiNa] casi
[cfcLeroy] ,,l,.
[cfcdaiNa] mierda xd
[cfclalo] eww
[cfcLeroy] aww
[cfclalo] tu mami zlllllllloro
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] aiai
[cfcdaiNa] lalo ql molesto
[uI`guuuria] que passa contigo?
[cfcdaiNa] bl
[uI`guuuria] eu hem
[cfcdaiNa] me re jodieron xd
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] suicide ?
[cfcdaiNa] yes
[cfclalo] yes
[cfc-okeii] lol ya estan perdiendo xd
[cfcLeroy] jajajj
[cfcdaiNa] callate vo xd
[cfcLeroy] tengo la misma sensacion q en el bng anterior
[cfclalo] sabías q guuria es la madre de daina?
[cfc-okeii] guuria es mujer? xddd
[cfclalo] sí y parece q está mejor q daina
[cfc-okeii] lololo
[cfclalo] buee cualquier ser humano es mejor q daina
[uI`guuuria] :OOO
cfcdaiNa..cfcLeroy: dale a ese? xD
[uI`guuuria] f2
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] sem comentários
[uI`guuuria] f2
[uI`guuuria] efe dois
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] irritado
[uI`guuuria] aew
[uI`guuuria] maza
[cfc-okeii] ae
[uI`guuuria] madre?
[uI`guuuria] qu eres madre?
[cfc-okeii] mother
[cfcdaiNa] puta no encontre hide
[uI`guuuria] jaja
[cfcdaiNa] ignore lalo. he is a troll lolol
[uI`guuuria] np ^^
[cfcdaiNa] and he sux xD
[cfcLeroy] me cago en todo
[cfcLeroy] puto raton
[cfc-okeii] uuh gj!
[cfcdaiNa] zuy
[cfcLeroy] weeeee
[cfcLeroy] gj
[cfcdaiNa] gj
[uI`guuuria] ta
[cfc-okeii] te hicieron mierda towa xd
cfcdaiNa..cfcLeroy: me asuste xD
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] era melhor ir ver o pelé
cfcdaiNa..cfcLeroy: mata a ese y kedemonos por aki xd
[uI`guuuria] OMG
[uI`guuuria] nela
[cfcLeroy] n1
[uI`guuuria] !
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] irritado, faço td errado
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] enfim
[cfcLeroy] podria haberme ido contigo
[cfcLeroy] cerca
cfcLeroy..cfcdaiNa: no?
cfcdaiNa..cfcLeroy: si. igual kreo ke pudo haber apilado
[cfcdaiNa] kjfñkljs
[uI`guuuria] ]asdasd
[cfcdaiNa] damn..
[cfclalo] oky
[cfclalo] ahora verás xq guuria es la madre de daina
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] calate
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] please
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] look
[cfcdaiNa] callate ql xd
[cfcdaiNa] viste , nadie te soporta lalo XDDDD
[cfclalo] hueheuheuhe
[cfclalo] en realidad es un cumplido para guuria xD
[cfclalo] aunque quizás no xq cualquiera odiaría tener una hija tan fea
[uI`BaNcA`FsR] shut up please
[cfclalo] just ignore me banca
[cfcdaiNa] block lalo everyone xd
[cfcdaiNa] nt
[cfcLeroy] banca is a gurl???
[cfcLeroy] blanca?
[cfcdaiNa] bleh
[cfclalo] blanca xD
[cfcdaiNa] hice la misma
[cfcdaiNa] :(
[cfclalo] me recordó street fighter
[uI`guuuria] sdasd
[cfcLeroy] jajajj a mi tmb
[cfclalo] me parto la caja xd
[cfclalo] y ambos son zillians
[cfcLeroy] si por eso xD
[cfcdaiNa] lol
cfcLeroy..cfcdaiNa: uii, a la mina rebote :<
[uI`guuuria] omg
cfcdaiNa..cfcLeroy: no puedo xdd aver
[cfcdaiNa] ;x phew
[uI`guuuria] f2 tia
cfcLeroy..cfcdaiNa: buenaaaa gg
cfcLeroy..cfcdaiNa: reportando ambos

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