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Classic #34
September 13, 2013, 02:57 PM
Absolute Beginner 1044 in Roper before the game. Gained 37|37 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Roper before the game. Lost 37|37 points

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Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] wtf is this shit map xDD
[nS`TOMT] map not ok? ^^
[nS`TOMT] I made now
[nS`TOMT] xd
[nS`TOMT] easy map
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] njoy
[TheSixten2008] Roper always feels so closed in...
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] sixten is ur secret helper?
[TheSixten2008] No
[TheSixten2008] Not really :p
[ns-sirj] hf
[nS`TOMT] ^^
[nS`TOMT] hfhf
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] xD
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] where is my mines
[nS`TOMT] ^^
[sK`Alien`nlF] lol
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: try not to fall and don't do silly stuff ;p
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: if
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: like this one
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: ;D
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: they lose
[sK`Alien`nlF] rofl
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: they will never clanner again
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] ty crate
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] xD
[sK`Alien`nlF] f@#!
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] wasnt bad
[nS`TOMT] well damage + pile
[nS`TOMT] not bad
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] yea
[nS`TOMT] ;D
[sK`Alien`nlF] haha
[TheSixten2008] TOMT chill!
[TheSixten2008] Dayum
[nS`TOMT] ye im tomt
[nS`TOMT] xD
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] opsiee
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: attack alien and pile tuo
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: good
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: ^^ ty for tips
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: xD
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: no prob
[nS`TOMT] TOMT is sirJ btw
[nS`TOMT] sirj is tomt
[sK`Alien`nlF] hax!
[nS`TOMT] ye its hax
[nS`TOMT] ^^
[ns-sirj] ;D
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: I managed to disable vsync
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: its different now
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: how does it feel?
[sK`Alien`nlF] holy
[TheSixten2008] bye guys
[nS`TOMT] ;o
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] 4 my ass
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: lets zook
[sK`Alien`nlF] what's nS btw ?
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: lol
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] nice shot
[nS`TOMT] idk
[nS`TOMT] new skool maybe
[sK`Alien`nlF] nice shot ?
[nS`TOMT] or
[sK`Alien`nlF] xD
[nS`TOMT] national socialism
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] nazzii
[sK`Alien`nlF] :/
[nS`TOMT] wait now its
[nS`TOMT] unNaturalSelection
[nS`TOMT] ^^
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: ok don't pile tuo
[nS`TOMT] what you guys pick?
[nS`TOMT] wxw?
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: leave him for me
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: attack but don't pile
[sK`Alien`nlF] i would vote for t17
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] sure
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] whatever ali want
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] s
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: you tell me what to do xD
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: if they pick t17
[nS`TOMT] t17 sounds cool
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: i'm not really good at t17
[nS`TOMT] xD
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] oh dog
[nS`TOMT] ouuuuu
[sK`Alien`nlF] it's hard to play clanners when you never play clanners
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] sure is
[nS`TOMT] yeee
[nS`TOMT] tactical is different
[nS`TOMT] lets make warmer cup guys
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] omg
[nS`TOMT] nS vs sK
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: ok attack alien and pile him ;D
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: or not
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: or yeah
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: do it
[nS`TOMT] wee
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: gewd
[sK`Alien`nlF] lol
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: why did you pile
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: it is his turn now
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: could have found a hide instead ;p
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: im on the phone
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: :D
[nS`TOMT] yee
[nS`TOMT] gj
[nS`TOMT] ;D
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] aw wind :D
[ns-sirj] didn't take a look at it
[nS`TOMT] hard styrbord
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] oh god...
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] xD
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: attack tuo
[nS`TOMT] ^^^^^^
[ns-sirj] lol
[sK`Alien`nlF] lol
[nS`TOMT] no bounce
[nS`TOMT] how they do it?
[ns-sirj] damn
[nS`TOMT] surf*
[nS`TOMT] zooka surf
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: knock tuo if you can
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: well np
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] damn u tomt
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] :D
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: ty for tips again
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: xD
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: but cant read while already started
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: :D
[nS`TOMT] ^^
[nS`TOMT] if 1 gets too low hp its better to suicide
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] oh rly..
[sK`Alien`nlF] bah
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] bl
[nS`TOMT] ;o
[sK`Alien`nlF] and another clanner which i don't wanted to play xD
[nS`TOMT] its just fun man
[nS`TOMT] :D
[sK`Alien`nlF] no sry clanners are no fun for me
[nS`TOMT] I dont get it
[nS`TOMT] :p
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] its just the same as funner
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] only thing is that nS is gonna report our loss to newspapers
[sK`Alien`nlF] no in clanners it's the point to win the game and nothing else
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] why should it be lol
[sK`Alien`nlF] let's play our pick pls
[nS`TOMT] its fun to have a goal though
[nS`TOMT] instead of just warmer
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] well roping schemes are more fun in funners, but what about land schemes, I think they are far more fun in 2v2
[sK`Alien`nlF] you have a goal in warmer too tomt
[nS`TOMT] yea freestyle
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: damn i'm so fat lol
[nS`TOMT] here you can freestyle+ try to win
[sK`Alien`nlF] freestyle = good roping
[nS`TOMT] :D
[sK`Alien`nlF] i can't freestyle in ropers when i have only 15 secs to attack lol
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] but u couldnt freestyle in roperfunners even too much
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] cause its just the same 15sec
[ns-sirj] lag
[sK`Alien`nlF] that's why i never play ropers for warm
[ns-sirj] ;p
[nS`TOMT] ;D
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: i'm tired of being serious while you just have fun lol
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] u only helped me to test my very first clanner ever
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: try to win at least
ns-sirj..nS`TOMT: or kill yourself
nS`TOMT..ns-sirj: ok
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] I couldnt know what its like if neva teted x)
[sK`Alien`nlF] so you know now lol
[sK`Alien`nlF] it's hard as f@#!
[sK`Alien`nlF] if you want to win
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] I dont
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] neva did
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] in worms
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] xD
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] strategy things are fun imo
[nS`TOMT] alien youre just warmer I guess
[sK`Alien`nlF] gj
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] gj
[ns-sirj] thx
[nS`TOMT] yea
[nS`TOMT] gj
[nS`TOMT] :D
[nS`TOMT] ok ill try to pile correct worm :p
[sK`Alien`nlF] no i can play roper seriously too but mostly at nights when i am warmed enough lol
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] well piled right worm
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] xDD
[sK`Alien`nlF] grr
[nS`TOMT] yea heh
[nS`TOMT] ow
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] any noob clans we could win against? xDDD
[nS`TOMT] wow
[nS`TOMT] xD
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] gg
[ns-sirj] :D
[nS`TOMT] that was awesome
[nS`TOMT] hmm tuos question
[nS`TOMT] which clans are bad?
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] others than ns
[sK`Alien`nlF] lol
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] jk
[sK`Alien`nlF] sW maybe
[sK`Alien`nlF] xD
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] does it play clanners
[sK`Alien`nlF] gg
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] I dont think so
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] gg
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] well palyed
[ns-sirj] gg
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] played*
[ns-sirj] you too
[nS`TOMT] tx ;D
[nS`TOMT] you too
[sK`Alien`nlF] not really
[ns-sirj] host your pick?
[sK`tuomatz`nlF] ok
[sK`Alien`nlF] you host
[sK`Alien`nlF] lol
[nS`TOMT] here?

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