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Classic #35
November 10, 2013, 05:52 PM
Fairly Competent 1678 in Elite before the game. Gained 19|12 points
Absolute Beginner 940 in Elite before the game. Lost 15|12 points

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11 - 4
Information Game scheme: Elite
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
Slacker`bfw wins gg
[AeF`HHC`] hf
[Slacker`bfw] yess
[WookaBFW] best partner ever
[Slacker`bfw] damn
[AeF`HHC`] pretty silly map, sorry about that
[WookaBFW] its ok
[AeF`HHC`] seemed bigger in preview
[WookaBFW] havent been playing enough to care :)
[Slacker`bfw] shit wtf am i doing
[WookaBFW] its suicide method
[Slacker`bfw] phew..
[WookaBFW] :D
[AeF`HHC`] lol
[Slacker`bfw] lol
[AeF`HHC`] bl
[Slacker`bfw] kinda not bad tho
[WookaBFW] piled u pretty good
[Slacker`bfw] but u still a nagger
[Slacker`bfw] live
[AeF`HHC`] phew
[Slacker`bfw] shit rope
[WookaBFW] smoking crack? :P
[Slacker`bfw] damnit
[Slacker`bfw] had win there
[Slacker`bfw] girder
[WookaBFW] oops
[AeF`HHC`] too far???
[Slacker`bfw] plz live
[Slacker`bfw] phew
[Slacker`bfw] i don wanna stop playin
[AeF`HHC`] afs
[WookaBFW] bl
[WookaBFW] damn
[AeF`HHC`] gj
[Slacker`bfw] shit
[WookaBFW] woah
[AeF`HHC`] nt
[AeF`HHC`] robben woulda curved it right into the tunnel
[PeJ`AeF] sadly you are vlaar
[AeF`HHC`] lol
[PeJ`AeF] some mixture between vlaar and boris diaw
[AeF`HHC`] that hurts
[Slacker`bfw] ffs
[WookaBFW] O_o
[WookaBFW] lol bl man
[WookaBFW] the backflip mightof worked
[Slacker`bfw] fucj
[AeF`HHC`] whew
[PeJ`AeF] phew
[Slacker`bfw] nt
[WookaBFW] oops
[Slacker`bfw] phew..
[WookaBFW] :x
[WookaBFW] thats.... bad
[Slacker`bfw] lol
[Slacker`bfw] bl
[Slacker`bfw] zook
[Slacker`bfw] fack
[Slacker`bfw] gg
[AeF`HHC`] oh gj
[WookaBFW] thx
[WookaBFW] hed better kill
[WookaBFW] or i will
[WookaBFW] ok
[WookaBFW] gg
[AeF`HHC`] gg
[Slacker`bfw] gg

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