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Free #21
October 03, 2014, 03:20 AM

Fairly Competent 1697 in Mole Shopper before the game. Gained 24|15 points
FMA Brazil

Absolute Beginner 1062 in Mole Shopper before the game. Lost 15|15 points

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Brazil FMA
1 - 0
Brazil FMA
1 - 0
Brazil FMA
1 - 0
Brazil FMA
1 - 0
Information Game scheme: Mole Shopper
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[FMA] hf
[FMA] weird
[ZaL0] hf
[FMA] I think it's a trap
[FMA] but let's go
[FMA] xd
[ZaL0] ok bow
[ZaL0] hmmmm
[FMA] damn
[FMA] hate these show-off weaps :P
[FMA] lucky weap xd
[ZaL0] ye
[ZaL0] : d
[ZaL0] I got lucky there
[ZaL0] It's sad
[ZaL0] I gotta play like I can
[ZaL0] and at the same time
[ZaL0] I support u
[ZaL0] ^ ^
[FMA] xd
[FMA] so
[FMA] in order to be good
[FMA] you have to cut off these luck based teleports huh
[ZaL0] I dunno
[ZaL0] what I would do
[ZaL0] situation changes all the time depending on stuff u got
[ZaL0] I would be still optimistic about winning this game if I were you man
[FMA] reason why I'm not is because holes seem so far xd
[FMA] damn
[FMA] drunk
[FMA] brb
[FMA] my dinner arrived xd
[ZaL0] aww ok
[ZaL0] I would mole to left
[ZaL0] cuz entrance
[ZaL0] and Blair is helpless
[FMA] I'm actually glad you're killing me very fast xd
[ZaL0] aww
[ZaL0] my heart is breaking =)
[FMA] no I mean
[FMA] I wanna eat this fast xd
[ZaL0] ye...
[FMA] gj
[FMA] xd
[ZaL0] damn hipster :P
[FMA] xd
[ZaL0] now u are having
[ZaL0] very nice tactics
[FMA] still
[FMA] can't do anything really xd
[ZaL0] since I got cluster
[ZaL0] u should dig and dig and dig underground
[ZaL0] till u will meet a miracle or sth
[FMA] gg
[ZaL0] I did that
[ZaL0] well
[ZaL0] I feel bad...