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TRL #24
June 13, 2015, 12:35 AM
United Kingdom ICB a2a TUTE
Inexperienced 1218 in TRL: Darts before the game. Gained 31|31 points
Absolute Beginner 1023 in TRL: Darts before the game. Lost 31|31 points

Information Game scheme: TRL: Darts
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Game Map(s)

Sonic the Hedgehog - Labyrinth Zone by TheKomodo
3840 x 2088, PNG, 336.89 KB, Downloaded 1316 time(s)

Luigi Remix by MeTonaTOR, Hurz
2800 x 800, PNG, 50.01 KB, Downloaded 781 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[cfc`Komito`dS] Hf
[bfw`hollow] hf
[bfw`hollow] you said you got confused with files
[bfw`hollow] but if you make the game "3 wins"
[bfw`hollow] then they are numbered for you
[cfc`Komito`dS] THis map annoys me lool
[cfc`Komito`dS] Ah right
[cfc`Komito`dS] Good point
[cfc`Komito`dS] I'll try to remember that in future
bfw`hollow 20
[cfc`Komito`dS] I like this map but it annoys me I casn never get 30
[bfw`hollow] maybe just save it as your default scheme
cfc`Komito`dS 20
[bfw`hollow] 10!
bfw`hollow 30
[cfc`Komito`dS] Imma copy the scheme and put Bo3 at end
[bfw`hollow] also an idea
cfc`Komito`dS 40
[cfc`Komito`dS] Nice
bfw`hollow 60
[bfw`hollow] ty
[cfc`Komito`dS] How the f@#! people do that lol
cfc`Komito`dS 55
[cfc`Komito`dS] That's what happens when I try it god dammit
bfw`hollow 90
[cfc`Komito`dS] f@#! u
[cfc`Komito`dS] :(
cfc`Komito`dS 75
bfw`hollow 110
[bfw`hollow] haha i dunno man, 2 is my pb XD
[bfw`hollow] 2 x 30
[cfc`Komito`dS] FINALLY!
cfc`Komito`dS 105
cfc`Komito`dS 135
[cfc`Komito`dS] I think I have it figured out now, thanks to you lol
cfc`Komito`dS 155
cfc`Komito`dS..bfw`hollow: Btw the f@#! u :( was a joke :/ Sorry for making you quiet
[cfc`Komito`dS] WHat's your score now?
[bfw`hollow] 110
[cfc`Komito`dS] Eh?
[bfw`hollow] ggs, you win
cfc`Komito`dS 175
[cfc`Komito`dS] You have more than that
[cfc`Komito`dS] What was your score
[bfw`hollow] 140
[cfc`Komito`dS] You had 2x30
[bfw`hollow] or 120
[cfc`Komito`dS] I thought you maybe had 180
[bfw`hollow] 155
[cfc`Komito`dS] Eh
[cfc`Komito`dS] SUre you had more than that...
[bfw`hollow] nope
[cfc`Komito`dS] Ok then :/ gg
[bfw`hollow] x2 10, 15

[cfc`Komito`dS] Hf
[cfc`Komito`dS] A-A
[cfc`Komito`dS] I keep forgetting about my culture online
[cfc`Komito`dS] People don't get it the way it's intended
[bfw`hollow] hgaha well if i could hear ya talk it wouldn't matter
[bfw`hollow] type is different
[cfc`Komito`dS] Yah I know :/
[cfc`Komito`dS] I have ventrilo
[bfw`hollow] i don't think i have that installed
cfc`Komito`dS 7
[cfc`Komito`dS] I just bought a new headset it's great xD
bfw`hollow 5
[cfc`Komito`dS] Razer Kraken
[bfw`hollow] hmm
[bfw`hollow] not green :(
[cfc`Komito`dS] I'll have to check replay that was borderline
cfc`Komito`dS 7(16)
bfw`hollow 12
[bfw`hollow] i think it was above
cfc`Komito`dS 14(23)
[bfw`hollow] but ya check
bfw`hollow 21
[cfc`Komito`dS] Gj
[bfw`hollow] ty
cfc`Komito`dS 23(32)
bfw`hollow 26
cfc`Komito`dS 32(41)
[bfw`hollow] wee gj
[cfc`Komito`dS] Ta
[bfw`hollow] hmm
[cfc`Komito`dS] That was possibly in
[bfw`hollow] now THAT was borderline
[cfc`Komito`dS] DO brakcets like me
bfw`hollow 26(31)
cfc`Komito`dS 41(50)
bfw`hollow 33 (38)
cfc`Komito`dS 50(59)
[cfc`Komito`dS] That's a 5 btw
[cfc`Komito`dS] YOur last worm
[bfw`hollow] lmfao gg
cfc`Komito`dS 57(66)
[bfw`hollow] schala isn't 5
[cfc`Komito`dS] gg
[cfc`Komito`dS] magus is 5
[bfw`hollow] this one?
[cfc`Komito`dS] Yeah
[cfc`Komito`dS] magus
[bfw`hollow] ic
[bfw`hollow] ok

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