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Game #194419, reported by MarianRV, Viewed 1015 Time(s)

HAL #5
July 07, 2015, 12:43 PM
Romania UC PCMR dS
Absolute Beginner 980 in HAL Hysteria before the game. Gained 65|65 points
Israel pH ea
Above Average 1627 in HAL Hysteria before the game. Lost 64|65 points

Information Game scheme: HAL Hysteria
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Downloaded 172 time(s).
Game Awards
Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan has nominated this game for Shot of the season (Addional note)
Russian Federation XanKriegor has nominated this game for Shot of the season (Addional note)
Game Map(s)

Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 7 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[ea`Spoon-Head] hf
[UC`MarianRV`pH] :/
[ea`Spoon-Head] hehe
[UC`MarianRV`pH] stop your aimbot pls? xX
[UC`MarianRV`pH] xD*
[ea`Spoon-Head] deleted it xD
[ea`Spoon-Head] noqw i'm useless
[UC`MarianRV`pH] 79
[ea`Spoon-Head] now*
[UC`MarianRV`pH] +10
[ea`Spoon-Head] i see ur good in math
[UC`MarianRV`pH] well
[UC`MarianRV`pH] I studied in mathematics-informatics class
[UC`MarianRV`pH] I know stuff way more complicated than this xD
[ea`Spoon-Head] nice
[UC`MarianRV`pH] argh
[UC`MarianRV`pH] what can I say,first game always sux
[UC`MarianRV`pH] xD
[ea`Spoon-Head] ns :D
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ty
[UC`MarianRV`pH] n wind
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ow,forgot about Randy
[UC`MarianRV`pH] nt
[ea`Spoon-Head] t
[UC`MarianRV`pH] pretend you didn't see that
[ea`Spoon-Head] see what?
[UC`MarianRV`pH] nvm xD
[ea`Spoon-Head] :D
[UC`MarianRV`pH] 43
[ea`Spoon-Head] hehe g1
[UC`MarianRV`pH] knew it
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ty
[ea`Spoon-Head] the best at math i guess xD
[UC`MarianRV`pH] xD
[UC`MarianRV`pH] well,I wasn't really nr.1 in my school
[UC`MarianRV`pH] but I was in the upper half of good ones in maths :)
[UC`MarianRV`pH] maths in UK is too easy xD
[ea`Spoon-Head] ops
[UC`MarianRV`pH] here 9-year old kids barely know 2+2 :/
[UC`MarianRV`pH] while at 9 yrs old in Romania you do like 2938+2372-3948+9384 xD
[ea`Spoon-Head] true :)
[ea`Spoon-Head] lol
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ok,not really like that
[UC`MarianRV`pH] but we did like 2938+4839
[ea`Spoon-Head] that's 7777
[UC`MarianRV`pH] hmm
[UC`MarianRV`pH] roflmao
[ea`Spoon-Head] ain't bad at math either
[UC`MarianRV`pH] and I chose rnd numbers xD
[ea`Spoon-Head] hehe don't lie to me
[UC`MarianRV`pH] really
[UC`MarianRV`pH] xD
[UC`MarianRV`pH] It really was rnd
[ea`Spoon-Head] whyyy
[UC`MarianRV`pH] cuz karma?
[UC`MarianRV`pH] now telecow xD
[ea`Spoon-Head] soon, so soon
[UC`MarianRV`pH] well,I'm not that noob
[UC`MarianRV`pH] lol
[ea`Spoon-Head] vns
[ea`Spoon-Head] gg
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ty
[UC`MarianRV`pH] not
[ea`Spoon-Head] wow
[UC`MarianRV`pH] 2
[ea`Spoon-Head] gg
[UC`MarianRV`pH] wow
[UC`MarianRV`pH] gg
[ea`Spoon-Head] vn dude
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ty xD

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Game #194419, reported by MarianRV
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Last shot,so lucky xD

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Re: Game #194419, reported by MarianRV
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Vns! :)

Adnan, you are Mega, not Micro and not even faint  :D So fight till the end please.

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Re: Game #194419, reported by MarianRV
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Gj haha