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HAL #5
July 17, 2015, 06:04 PM
Saudi Arabia Pn ae WG`
Absolute Beginner 795 in HAL Hysteria before the game. Gained 51|53 points
Romania UC PCMR dS
Beginner 1104 in HAL Hysteria before the game. Lost 53|53 points

Information Game scheme: HAL Hysteria
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] now you win xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Funx
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] gl,hf
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Let's get some party
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 60
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ew 60
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ok,53
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] almost
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ae telecow,now I see
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] traitor-nana xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] nan*
[Mega`Adnan`UC] oO
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] Judas
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 90 degress
[Mega`Adnan`UC] LOL
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Judas Jeweleries
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ae
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] phew wrong way
[Mega`Adnan`UC] slap
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ae
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] damn hide
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ew shorts
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] lol
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] orly
[Mega`Adnan`UC] n haircut?
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] sticky
[Mega`Adnan`UC] oo
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ok,gtg after this game
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] dad :/
[Mega`Adnan`UC] CONQUER!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] oops' caps
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] oops,forgot caps
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] EW
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] rekt
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] hax
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] wrong one!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ns ns
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ty ty xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] wtf..
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ew high
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ew low
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] oh cmon
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] I'm noober than taner
[Mega`Adnan`UC] edge
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] traitor!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Traitor-nan!
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ok,the fat one and skinny one
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ae
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] nt
[Mega`Adnan`UC] tae
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] tea
[Mega`Adnan`UC] mummy
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] should have done that from start lol
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] mmm,heat
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] nt
[Mega`Adnan`UC] tae
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] arrow didn't work,wtf
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Lordy
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] *gulp*
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] die piece of land
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] u no worthy to stay
[Mega`Adnan`UC] not high
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ai caramba
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] fu piece of crap
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] I mean land
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] hmm
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] oioioi
[Mega`Adnan`UC] aimed
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] don't scare me
[Mega`Adnan`UC] okey far
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] poor mine
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] oh,.cmon
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ok
[Mega`Adnan`UC] lol
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] not you
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ok,this is getting annoying
[Mega`Adnan`UC] oO
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] lol
[Mega`Adnan`UC] I hate my family
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ..
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] and rofl
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] what have I don
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] wasted
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] biggest
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] chance
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ever
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] !
[Mega`Adnan`UC] slow ass
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ok,wtf...
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] twice
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] mango man :(
[Mega`Adnan`UC] cmon
[Mega`Adnan`UC] !
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] argh,failed
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] and had great wind
[Mega`Adnan`UC] lol dodge
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ok,now what
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Thats what I ve been doing 6-7 turns ago
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] pls red for you only xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] !fail?
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] fu wind
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] pls
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] omg lol
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] lol?
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] so pathetic...
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] can't believe it myself
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] hmm
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] worst game ever
[Mega`Adnan`UC] gg.
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] fu wind
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] gg
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] gtg,cya
[Mega`Adnan`UC] cu

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