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December 26, 2008, 05:21 AM
Absolute Beginner 979 in Elite before the game. Gained 40|40 points
Beginner 1080 in Elite before the game. Lost 21|21 points

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Information Game scheme: Elite
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Game Chat(s)
[cfc-shui] hff
xPRxDjflow..cfc-shui: aora q no entremos en panico xD
[cfc-shui] jhahjaok
[cfc-shui] lero lero
[xPRxDjflow] lo tienes bonito :D
[xPRxDjflow] y no ablo de tu pene
[cfc-shui] jhajha
[cfc-shui] sucio xD
[cfc-shui] ponle el zorrillo
[sebi-tag] ponem la zorra de tu hermana
[cfc-shui] andale sopenko
[cfc-shui] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[cfc-shui] pinche mamon
[xPRxDjflow] pf
[cfc-shui] aa no te kombiene mi hermana
[cfc-shui] es un puta, yo ya me la kogi :D
[xPRxDjflow] no lei wei
[cfc-shui] aunke tiene wena nalga todavia
[cfc-shui] lero ero jhhjaa
[xPRxDjflow] yo ni loko la cojo tiene cida
[xPRxDjflow] wena wey
[xPRxDjflow] ajaja
[sebi-tag] *.*
[xPRxDjflow] eso es trabajo en ekipo
xPRxDjflow..cfc-shui: f@#! un napal kedaria a toda madre
[cfc-shui] si pendejote
[sebi-tag] puta xDD
[xPRxDjflow] jajaja
[sebi-tag] no me funciono el space
[sebi-tag] xD
[cfc-shui] mata a guatonidas
[cfc-shui] uh!
[sebi-tag] lol
[sebi-tag] xD
[cfc-shui] ya wey
[cfc-shui] pelos
xPRxDjflow..cfc-shui: napal pa q se muere xD
[cfc-shui] mmm
[cfc-shui] ke pendejo toi
[sebi-tag] xDD
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] xdddd
[cfc-shui] epale
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] bl
[xPRxDjflow] ai?
[xPRxDjflow] xD
[cfc-shui] ya pene
[cfc-shui] aslo
[xPRxDjflow] no ai pedo no ai pedo
[cfc-shui] no e digas
xPRxDjflow..cfc-shui: wei cuida tu worm q no quiero kedarme solito xD
[cfc-shui] okei
[xPRxDjflow] bien
[sebi-tag] -.-
[cfc-shui] usa cuerda si kieres
[cfc-shui] leeme a la verga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[xPRxDjflow] jajajaj
[cfc-shui] ya muerete
xPRxDjflow..cfc-shui: wei si le enpujas con f7 no lo matas al de 22?
[xPRxDjflow] somplete*
[cfc-shui] no
[xPRxDjflow] ok ok
[cfc-shui] opegale a ese
[cfc-shui] pegale
[cfc-shui] abre arriba de la pera y pegale
[cfc-shui] =X
[cfc-shui] ,....
[sebi-tag] xDD
[cfc-shui] ke verga haces
[xPRxDjflow] no mames ya me puse nerviozo
[cfc-shui] no hagas nada
[cfc-shui] nomas skipea
[cfc-shui] si no sabes, no atakes
[cfc-shui] skipea
[xPRxDjflow] no se gastan las granadas wei
[cfc-shui] pero te puedes pegar
[xPRxDjflow] jajajaj
[xPRxDjflow] no mame
[xPRxDjflow] jejej
[xPRxDjflow] lero lero
[cfc-shui] ai ya matabas a yaayy
[sebi-tag] oso
[sebi-tag] XD
[xPRxDjflow] xD
[xPRxDjflow] jajajajj
[cfc-shui] o onle dina o el zorro a ese
[cfc-shui] a yaayy
[sebi-tag] no sale
[sebi-tag] wena
[xPRxDjflow] q puta madre!!
[xPRxDjflow] aaaah!
[cfc-shui] ta bn
[cfc-shui] xD
[sebi-tag] mierda
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] ;o
[cfc-shui] ponle dina o no se
[cfc-shui] algo
[cfc-shui] xd
[cfc-shui] brinka
[cfc-shui] apilate
[cfc-shui] bueno
[cfc-shui] ...
[cfc-shui] xD
[cfc-shui] kaajhajha
[xPRxDjflow] no alcanse jajaj
xPRxDjflow..cfc-shui: ya mori :D
[xPRxDjflow] iiiiijijijiji
[cfc-shui] siento ke fallare
[cfc-shui] jahahja
[xPRxDjflow] no wei :(
[xPRxDjflow] wena
[cfc-shui] :)
[cfc-shui] kon 5 apenas xDD
[cfc-shui] jhahja
xPRxDjflow..cfc-shui: avientale una de 4
[cfc-shui] juas
[sebi-tag] D:
[xPRxDjflow] gg
[sebi-tag] 13
[cfc-shui] aa pense ke no lo mataba
[sebi-tag] ctmre
[sebi-tag] xD

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