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Classic #46
September 30, 2015, 04:14 PM
Rookie 1268 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 38|28 points
Absolute Beginner 1007 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 31|28 points

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Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[dt-sbaffo] gl
[spleen17`bfw] hf
[BreastFedWalrus] my zooker
[BreastFedWalrus] is not zooking
[dt-sbaffo] nt
[BreastFedWalrus] ooh bl
[dt`Nivman] lags again
[dt-sbaffo] lag
[BreastFedWalrus] maybe it was spleen all along
[spleen17`bfw] maybe
[dt`Nivman] maybe we shall try diffrent host
[dt`Nivman] n
[BreastFedWalrus] ns
[dt-sbaffo] ty
[BreastFedWalrus] dick
[BreastFedWalrus] confusion tactics
[spleen17`bfw] lol
[dt-sbaffo] did i skip any turn?
[BreastFedWalrus] ya
[dt-sbaffo] cool...
[BreastFedWalrus] i skipped too
[BreastFedWalrus] refused to play without the gufo
[BreastFedWalrus] lol
[BreastFedWalrus] f@#! off
[dt-sbaffo] oh god
[dt-sbaffo] i didn't know it
[dt-sbaffo] sorry
[dt-sbaffo] i'll surrender
[BreastFedWalrus] thats a good idea
[BreastFedWalrus] surrender your aimbot to me
[BreastFedWalrus] holy shit
[BreastFedWalrus] that was an exciting teleport
[spleen17`bfw] lol
[spleen17`bfw] YES
[spleen17`bfw] WALLY TELE'D
[BreastFedWalrus] shuttup
[BreastFedWalrus] you arent supposed to let them know i cant tele more than 10 feet
[BreastFedWalrus] aww
[BreastFedWalrus] nt spleen
[dt`Nivman] where is baffo lol
[spleen17`bfw] lol
[spleen17`bfw] n1
[BreastFedWalrus] you can tele on him
[spleen17`bfw] of course
[BreastFedWalrus] bomb the gufo
[dt-sbaffo] ffs my father is just annoyng me
[dt-sbaffo] stupid asshole
[dt-sbaffo] useless
[dt-sbaffo] piece
[dt-sbaffo] of
[dt-sbaffo] shit
[spleen17`bfw] he doesnt realise how important worms is
[dt-sbaffo] motherf@#!ing grandpa of my f@#!ing cojons
[dt-sbaffo] you either don't realise how f@#!ing retarded he is
[BreastFedWalrus] what is he on about
[dt-sbaffo] he can't see me plany this game
[dt-sbaffo] reason? he doesn't have reasons, he an italian conservator, he doesn't need reasons.
[dt-sbaffo] *he is
[BreastFedWalrus] damnit
[BreastFedWalrus] hmmmm
[dt-sbaffo] f@#! OFF
[spleen17`bfw] [perfect
[dt-sbaffo] i'm too pissed now
[BreastFedWalrus] NO
[spleen17`bfw] lol all these skipped turns
[spleen17`bfw] SD
[dt`Nivman] LOL
[BreastFedWalrus] aww
[BreastFedWalrus] should have flown to me
[spleen17`bfw] yea
[BreastFedWalrus] i had to tele up last turn
[BreastFedWalrus] but i f@#!ing hit arrow by accident
[spleen17`bfw] gogo touchpad
[spleen17`bfw] ok jetpack
[spleen17`bfw] safe option
[dt`Nivman] SHIT LOL
[dt-sbaffo] lawl
[spleen17`bfw] woah
[BreastFedWalrus] nade spleener
[BreastFedWalrus] spleeeeen
[BreastFedWalrus] oi oi
[dt-sbaffo] vgh
[dt-sbaffo] vgj
[BreastFedWalrus] f@#!ing hell
[dt`Nivman] BAD HIDE THO
[BreastFedWalrus] in a hole
[BreastFedWalrus] f@#!
[dt-sbaffo] good nade
[spleen17`bfw] not bad
[BreastFedWalrus] ns
[dt-sbaffo] ns
[BreastFedWalrus] spleen f@#!ing kill him
[dt`Nivman] GG THO
[dt-sbaffo] my bad
[dt-sbaffo] i take all the responsability for this shitty game
[dt-sbaffo] being afk for like 6 turns
[spleen17`bfw] now it drops? xD
[BreastFedWalrus] spleens gonna lag out
[BreastFedWalrus] now?
[dt`Nivman] lol
[BreastFedWalrus] goddamn
[BreastFedWalrus] its a cake shot
[BreastFedWalrus] just poop out the nade
[BreastFedWalrus] POOP IT
[spleen17`bfw] lol
[spleen17`bfw] f@#!
[dt-sbaffo] oh yeah
[dt-sbaffo] gg wp
[BreastFedWalrus] WHAT
[dt`Nivman] gg
[BreastFedWalrus] WHY
[spleen17`bfw] gg
[dt`Nivman] xD
[dt-sbaffo] guf never lose
[BreastFedWalrus] why petrol

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