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Classic #47
October 09, 2015, 03:13 PM
Brazil TdC CWC
Absolute Beginner 935 in Roper before the game. Gained 61|63 points
Chile TaG ea FGM
Reasonable 1528 in Roper before the game. Lost 42|63 points

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8 - 10
Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Roper 3 by THeDoGG
1920 x 696, BIT, 3.32 KB, Downloaded 9035 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[seBaTaG] hF
[dt-sbaffo] gl
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] hf
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] weird... :s
[seBaTaG] f@#!
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] bl
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] bah
[seBaTaG] that is bl
[seBaTaG] :C
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] xD
[seBaTaG] >:
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] that shadow...
[seBaTaG] yea :(
[seBaTaG] 3 years whitout play is soooo much
[seBaTaG] xd
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] xD
[seBaTaG] DX
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] xd
[seBaTaG] well im getting better
[seBaTaG] xd
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] aah
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] f@#! it
[dt-sbaffo] nt
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] thx for u fair play xD
[seBaTaG] faspjdfkg}adffpa DFASSDFA
[seBaTaG] DAS
[seBaTaG] xd
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] xD
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] :)
[seBaTaG] XD
[seBaTaG] ok
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] are we warming? xD
[dt-sbaffo] pendeho
[seBaTaG] jajaj
[seBaTaG] aah
[seBaTaG] aaah f@#!ing fingers
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] dont kill urself m8
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] lol
[seBaTaG] xd
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] xD
[seBaTaG] ooh damm xd
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] after this game ill delete the replay
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] xD
[seBaTaG] please
[seBaTaG] xd
[dt-sbaffo] lol
[seBaTaG] xd
[dt-sbaffo] 18 minutes and skorpuz is at 307 hp
[seBaTaG] shit happends
[seBaTaG] xd
[dt-sbaffo] i see
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] we are warming, cant u see?
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] the real match gonna be after this
[seBaTaG] close
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] zook n1?
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] ns
[seBaTaG] tyy
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] haa
[seBaTaG] uh bl
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] :p
[dt-sbaffo] maaaan
[dt-sbaffo] :o
[seBaTaG] intro ne1 ?
[seBaTaG] xd
[dt-sbaffo] intro
[dt-sbaffo] intro tu ano
[seBaTaG] XDDD
[dt-sbaffo] wow
[dt-sbaffo] that was cool
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] xD
[seBaTaG] weee
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] oh
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] bl
[seBaTaG] f@#!ing shadow
[seBaTaG] xd
[seBaTaG] gg man
[dt-sbaffo] gg wp
[TdC`skOrpuz`cOc] gg
[seBaTaG] ?
[dt-sbaffo] join me sebito
[seBaTaG] okkk

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