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Classic #48
December 30, 2015, 11:53 PM
Beginner 1110 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 52|44 points
Inexperienced 1207 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 38|44 points

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1 - 2
36 - 29
1 - 3
264 - 143
Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[CkC`GreatProf] vamo kenga de poço
[TdC`Senator] n elite map
[TdC`Senator] hf
[ckc`tita] hf
[ckc`tita] tentarei
[ckc`tita] nunca perdi 2 hysterias seguidas
[CkC`GreatProf] kkkk
[ckc`tita] ja perdi 3,4 mais 2 nunca
[CkC`GreatProf] xDD
[CkC`GreatProf] até 10
[ckc`tita] vc trouxe ele p ca
[ckc`tita] me fudeu
[ckc`tita] x:
[CkC`GreatProf] era pro outro lado
[CkC`GreatProf] deusolivre
[CkC`GreatProf] oculos
[CkC`GreatProf] pra q
[ckc`tita] foda
[CkC`GreatProf] kkk
[CkC`GreatProf] 22
[CkC`GreatProf] vaqueame
[sDead-TdC] :/
[sDead-TdC] xd
[TdC`Senator] n open
[CkC`GreatProf] ninjao
[sDead-TdC] jajajaja
[sDead-TdC] athletic worm
[CkC`GreatProf] ..
[TdC`Senator] adasdas
[TdC`Senator] sg?
[ckc`tita] xD
[TdC`Senator] pressed f2..
[sDead-TdC] -.-
[TdC`Senator] noo
[TdC`Senator] thought grass would stop it
[CkC`GreatProf] thx
[ckc`tita] granada
[ckc`tita] tabela
[ckc`tita] xD
[sDead-TdC] uh
[ckc`tita] uiii
[ckc`tita] uhhhh
[ckc`tita] xD
[ckc`tita] ops
[CkC`GreatProf] buceta
[ckc`tita] )
[sDead-TdC] -.-
[CkC`GreatProf] eita
[CkC`GreatProf] boa
[ckc`tita] foda
[ckc`tita] xD
[TdC`Senator] dead is high
[sDead-TdC] xD
[CkC`GreatProf] he reaches the peak
[CkC`GreatProf] reached*
[ckc`tita] lol
[CkC`GreatProf] hell
[CkC`GreatProf] f2
[ckc`tita] caralho de velho broxa
[CkC`GreatProf] kkkkkk
[CkC`GreatProf] foda
[ckc`tita] gg
[CkC`GreatProf] me fu
[ckc`tita] xD
[sDead-TdC] im not high
[sDead-TdC] fu
[sDead-TdC] n die
[sDead-TdC] xD
[ckc`tita] afff
[ckc`tita] ele n matara
[ckc`tita] clariu
[CkC`GreatProf] burrao ele
[TdC`Senator] xDD
[TdC`Senator] shit
[CkC`GreatProf] ah meu na boa
[ckc`tita] xD
[CkC`GreatProf] que ridiculo isso mano
[CkC`GreatProf] kkkkkkk
[ckc`tita] tinha q ser chuá
[ckc`tita] ou qse isso
[CkC`GreatProf] vou migrar de hide
[ckc`tita] pqp
[ckc`tita] faz um telecow
[CkC`GreatProf] kkkk
[ckc`tita] xD
[CkC`GreatProf] mais ou menos isso
[ckc`tita] xD
[ckc`tita] lal
[CkC`GreatProf] lolz
[sDead-TdC] xD
[CkC`GreatProf] nao vai rolar
[ckc`tita] puta
[ckc`tita] mt tempo sem jogar classico scheme
[CkC`GreatProf] eu tb
[CkC`GreatProf] ae
[ckc`tita] boazinha
[ckc`tita] nao foi láaáaa essas coisas
[ckc`tita] xD
[ckc`tita] mais foi
[CkC`GreatProf] melhor que nothing
[CkC`GreatProf] xDDD
[ckc`tita] isso
[sDead-TdC] sadfsdf
[ckc`tita] lugar ruim
[ckc`tita] o meu
[ckc`tita] loko
[ckc`tita] ;D
[CkC`GreatProf] kkkk
[CkC`GreatProf] tu nao quer ficar sozinho?
[ckc`tita] xD
[ckc`tita] n sei
[CkC`GreatProf] esse ai bebe agua da privada
[sDead-TdC] wait
[ckc`tita] é mt solidao
[sDead-TdC] brb
[CkC`GreatProf] lg mandou abraçao
[ckc`tita] n achei q caia
[TdC`Senator] damn
[TdC`Senator] tried to kill dead xD
[CkC`GreatProf] mato e me mato?
[ckc`tita] sim
[CkC`GreatProf] que meleva
[ckc`tita] ueheauhaeuhae
[CkC`GreatProf] aheauhehauea
[ckc`tita] boaaaa
[CkC`GreatProf] nem pra me matar
[CkC`GreatProf] eu sirvo
[CkC`GreatProf] kkkkkkk
[ckc`tita] kkkkk
[ckc`tita] foi boa
[ckc`tita] ]agora se mata msm
[sDead-TdC] -.-
[sDead-TdC] max
[ckc`tita] ele soh tem 2
[CkC`GreatProf] ok
[ckc`tita] uhhh
[CkC`GreatProf] uhh?
[ckc`tita] impossivel
[ckc`tita] xD
[CkC`GreatProf] uuu re crazy
[CkC`GreatProf] xD
[sDead-TdC] gg
[CkC`GreatProf] gg
[ckc`tita] kkkkk
[TdC`Senator] f@#!
[TdC`Senator] ..
[CkC`GreatProf] é contigo
[ckc`tita] to mal aqui
[CkC`GreatProf] gggggg
[CkC`GreatProf] dasdsada
[ckc`tita] cuase
[CkC`GreatProf] foi satanas
[ckc`tita] quero batle
[ckc`tita] xD
[ckc`tita] ahh
[CkC`GreatProf] xD
[ckc`tita] why not?:
[ckc`tita] caralho dava com lg
[ckc`tita] certinho
[ckc`tita] ahhhh
[ckc`tita] f@#!
[ckc`tita] poderia matar
[CkC`GreatProf] noob
[CkC`GreatProf] kkk
[ckc`tita] tenho q sair daqui
[CkC`GreatProf] ele vai mover
[ckc`tita] rapido
[CkC`GreatProf] olha ae
[ckc`tita] f@#!
[ckc`tita] lol
[CkC`GreatProf] que
[TdC`Senator] uu
[CkC`GreatProf] sacanage
[CkC`GreatProf] das miçanga
[CkC`GreatProf] o o loco
[TdC`Senator] petroll
[sDead-TdC] ?
[TdC`Senator] pressed f1 instead of f10 xD
[CkC`GreatProf] esse ai lambe sabao em barra
[sDead-TdC] loooong diferent key plces
[CkC`GreatProf] xDDD
[CkC`GreatProf] q isso
[CkC`GreatProf] ele nem tem como te acertar
[ckc`tita] calma peixe
[ckc`tita] xXD
[CkC`GreatProf] xDDD
[ckc`tita] by romario
[CkC`GreatProf] almostr
[ckc`tita] xD
[CkC`GreatProf] calango
[CkC`GreatProf] do mato
[sDead-TdC] now plop him
[sDead-TdC] <!
[sDead-TdC] senator god
[ckc`tita] rola de jumento dura arregalada
[CkC`GreatProf] and he plopped
[TdC`Senator] wtf
[TdC`Senator] xD
[TdC`Senator] gooder roller coming
[ckc`tita] gg
[CkC`GreatProf] gg
[TdC`Senator] gg
[TdC`Senator] cya
[ckc`tita] cu & rola

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