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Free #27
March 01, 2016, 01:17 AM
Germany RoH NfBX
Below Average 1439 in Bungee Race before the game. Gained 59|43 points
United Kingdom dP dS NfBX
Average 1522 in Bungee Race before the game. Lost 28|43 points

Information Game scheme: Bungee Race
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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CharLyhustle by CharLyhustle
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Game Chat(s)
[RoH`chakkman] hf
[xSniperX] i play him bng alot
[xSniperX] hf
[RoH`chakkman] k
[xSniperX] gl
[RoH`chakkman] suckx
[xSniperX] aw
[xSniperX] bl
[RoH`chakkman] hm
[RoH`chakkman] gg i think
[xSniperX] aww
[RoH`chakkman] aw
[xSniperX] nah i get stuck at few jumps here
[RoH`chakkman] hopefully :P
[xSniperX] like this one -~D
[xSniperX] gj
[RoH`chakkman] thx
[xSniperX] cmon
[xSniperX] ok concentrate time
[RoH`chakkman] yeah, i'm coning^^
[RoH`chakkman] gj
[xSniperX] ty
[xSniperX] felt i had to move forwarrd =D
[RoH`chakkman] aw
[xSniperX] aw vbl
[xSniperX] ewww
[RoH`chakkman] bl
[xSniperX] oh cmon
[xSniperX] noooob
[RoH`chakkman] yay
[xSniperX] gj
[RoH`chakkman] thx
[xSniperX] urgh
[xSniperX] hi
[RoH`chakkman] damn
[xSniperX] aw
[RoH`chakkman] hi
[xSniperX] copy fail
[RoH`chakkman] :P
[RoH`chakkman] gj
[xSniperX] ergh
[xSniperX] ty
[RoH`chakkman] lol
[xSniperX] almost fell back hgaha
[xSniperX] gj vnb
[RoH`chakkman] thx
[RoH`chakkman] that's the only way i can do that one
[RoH`chakkman] aw
[RoH`chakkman] hm
[xSniperX] oof
[xSniperX] cmon
[xSniperX] can;t afford any more fails
[xSniperX] lucky if i get draw at this rate
[RoH`chakkman] lol
[RoH`chakkman] we'll see
[RoH`chakkman] n
[xSniperX] ty
[xSniperX] maybe took longer than normal way thow -D
[xSniperX] like so
[RoH`chakkman] hehe
[xSniperX] hi
[RoH`chakkman] hi
[RoH`chakkman] thought my turn was ended aftert he big jump
[RoH`chakkman] lucky
[xSniperX] fdga
[xSniperX] dg
[xSniperX] as
[xSniperX] fda
[xSniperX] sfd
[RoH`chakkman] aaaw
[xSniperX] fffs
[xSniperX] what a noob
[xSniperX] meh gg!
[xSniperX] wp
[RoH`chakkman] ffs
[RoH`chakkman] that was bad :(
[RoH`chakkman] aw
[xSniperX] lol
[xSniperX] i give up
[RoH`chakkman] ya, gg i think
[xSniperX] lol ye finish is v easy
[RoH`chakkman] gg
[xSniperX] gg
[xSniperX] man dno how i lost this
[xSniperX] lol
[RoH`chakkman] yeah

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