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Classic #49
March 29, 2016, 11:52 PM
Russian Federation tS tgH
Absolute Beginner 1044 in Team17 before the game. Gained 59|61 points
Australia AUS pH ae
Reasonable 1573 in Team17 before the game. Lost 45|61 points

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Information Game scheme: Team17
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[z0rk] hf
[z0rk] ouch
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] hf
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] im down low ;/
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] very drummy map
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] o0
[Sensei`hcp] good save there.
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] bl
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] fatttty
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] lay of the vodka and potatoes xD
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] fattttttty
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] oh no !
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] g1
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] o0
[z0rk] thx
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] dammit
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] double kill
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] knew it
[Sensei`hcp] g1
[z0rk] ty
[Sensei`hcp] tables have turned
[z0rk] this game doesn't forgive mistakes
[z0rk] that' why i love it
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] dont we all
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] but there is always an escape plan
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] ;)
[z0rk] i saw yours x)
[z0rk] scales
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] heheh
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] no u didnt xD
[Sensei`hcp] wish i knew more about this scheme.
[Sensei`hcp] don't know wtf you2 are talking about
[Sensei`hcp] nt
[z0rk] thx
[z0rk] scales of justice we were talking
[Sensei`hcp] ooh that scales haha
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] ha
[Sensei`hcp] now, before sd, is girder time?
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] maybe
[z0rk] depends
[Sensei`hcp] 70
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] 63
[Sensei`hcp] pheww
[Sensei`hcp] maybe better he stayed alive right?
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] maybe......
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] but if u kill all worms
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] u win
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] ;)
[Sensei`hcp] who would have thought.....
[z0rk] nice
[Sensei`hcp] i smell draw here
[z0rk] gj
[Sensei`hcp] yep, quality petrol :)
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] freeze is weak weapon when i have petrol xD
[Sensei`hcp] i would have telecid on shittalker :/
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] u would have lost
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] bl rope
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] plop
[Sensei`hcp] any1 wanna bng after this?
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] hahah no
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] we agreed to play any scheme except bng
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] because it boring
[z0rk] :)
[Sensei`hcp] :) everyone is entitled to their opinion i guess.
[z0rk] i dont think it's boring, it's just not for me
[Sensei`hcp] it's far from boring.
[Sensei`hcp] that's like i said team17 is shit scheme, just cause i'm not good at it :)
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] gg ?
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] i dont know
[Sensei`hcp] hmm
[Sensei`hcp] what's roofing? sending pigeon or missile above the map?
[z0rk] no
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] its getting on the roof
[z0rk] roofing is whem u climb on the roof wit proper wind and chute
[Sensei`hcp] oh.
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] you dont know how to get onto roof sensi ?
[Sensei`hcp] eeh :) i played maybe 5 team 17 games
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] its forbidden
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] gg ?
[Sensei`hcp] ik, thought it's forbidden to shot weapons on top
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] nah
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] thats the goal
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] u want to shop for those weapons in t17
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] they are the best
[z0rk] homing pigeon aquasheep are game makers
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] and shotguns
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] dammit
[Sensei`hcp] yeah, cause 2 shots
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] why did u do that before
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] gg
[Sensei`hcp] gg
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] i had nothing
[z0rk] i had to be sure
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] nice
[Sensei`hcp] wp guys.
[bfwPIZZASHEETae] t sensi

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