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May 21, 2016, 06:57 AM
Inexperienced 1192 in Elite before the game. Gained 30|30 points
Absolute Beginner 968 in Elite before the game. Lost 29|29 points

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Game Chat(s)
[pbc`adun] fun
[shui] hffffff
[Javier-AZ] hff
[shui] wey no te escondas asi
[shui] ahora te dan hacha y te bloquean
[shui] no dejes que te bloqueen ;x
[Javier-AZ] :O
[shui] buena xD
[Sliced] jaj
[pbc`adun] :o
[Sliced] XD PERO
[shui] nooooo se apilaron weyes xD
shui..pbc`adun: era mejor ponerla mas cerca del otro wey
pbc`adun..shui: si wey xd
shui..pbc`adun: asi moria xd
[shui] .O
[pbc`adun] xddd
[shui] mucha fe
pbc`adun..shui: que no te boten a la mina wey xd
[shui] omg xD
[Javier-AZ] jajaja xD
[shui] me salvaste el culo wey xD
[pbc`adun] xd
[pbc`adun] mierda
[shui] looooool
[shui] pinchi pendejoooo
pbc`adun..shui: suerte xd
shui..pbc`adun: XDDD
[shui] XD
[Javier-AZ] xDD
[shui] -.-
[pbc`adun] ctm xdddd
[shui] igual sirvio mamon xD
[pbc`adun] jajajaja
[Javier-AZ] jajaj xD
[shui] buuuuu se cayo uno
[Javier-AZ] Buta joaquin re culiao
[Javier-AZ] xd
[Sucio-Larry] partida coja
[shui] rh weyes
[shui] muy injusto ganar asi

pbc`adun..shui: estos weyes son duros igual
[shui] arriba
[shui] mas arriba wey xD
shui..pbc`adun: pero son el futuro :')
pbc`adun..shui: me refiero a que estan bien
[pbc`adun] wena
[Javier-AZ] :P
shui..pbc`adun: no jugaron mal el otro :o
pbc`adun..shui: nop
shui..pbc`adun: si son bien entrenados pueden llegar a ser buenos
pbc`adun..shui: si wey
[Sucio-Larry] XD
[Javier-AZ] jajajaskasj
shui..pbc`adun: que dulzura xD
[shui] buena
pbc`adun..shui: XDDD
[pbc`adun] vale wey
[shui] weyes uds hablan en privado para saber que hacer? xD
[shui] tienen que comunicarse todo el tiempo
[pbc`adun] uh
[shui] nooooooo
[Javier-AZ] buta la wea XD
[shui] xD
[shui] rh :x
[pbc`adun] si

[shui] hfff
[shui] mas al medio wey
[shui] siempre en el mejor lugar para atacar
[Javier-AZ] hff
[pbc`adun] arriba y al medio
[pbc`adun] asi agarran mas terreno
shui..pbc`adun: te quedo feo este :d
pbc`adun..shui: fue de ultimo momento :x
shui..pbc`adun: no hay excusas xD
pbc`adun..Sucio-Larry: alcanzo a saltar a la izq?
pbc`adun..shui: alcanzo a saltar a la izq?
pbc`adun..Sucio-Larry: srry
[shui] buenaaaa
[Javier-AZ] wena
shui..pbc`adun: no
[pbc`adun] wow
[pbc`adun] casi
[Javier-AZ] si xD
shui..pbc`adun: estos son nazis? xD
pbc`adun..shui: creo que si wey xd
shui..pbc`adun: mierda estoy bien bronceado :(
[pbc`adun] aaa
[shui] lol
pbc`adun..shui: yo tambien xd
[Javier-AZ] jajaja
[shui] que intentabas? XD
pbc`adun..shui: si no son nazis, son nerds nazilovers
[pbc`adun] saltar u.u
[shui] xD
[shui] con el enter wey
shui..pbc`adun: homing?
shui..pbc`adun: o eso xD
pbc`adun..shui: puta u.u
[shui] escondete wey
[shui] looool
[pbc`adun] best game ever
[shui] XDDDD
shui..pbc`adun: pueden tener palomas de nuevo
pbc`adun..shui: uh, es verdad
shui..pbc`adun: esta raro el juego
pbc`adun..shui: re flojo
[shui] :/
pbc`adun..shui: mejor pongamonos las pilas xd
pbc`adun..shui: si los presionamos se confundir��n
shui..pbc`adun: no se como con tus worms xD
shui..pbc`adun: bueno
shui..pbc`adun: te abro y vas por el
pbc`adun..shui: me tocar�� con skunk
shui..pbc`adun: no importa el tiene 2 worms
shui..pbc`adun: con sheep ayudame a subir con yellow
pbc`adun..shui: como?
[shui] uuuh
[Javier-AZ] :C
shui..pbc`adun: ropea y dina
[shui] bueeena
[pbc`adun] vale :d
[shui] dina lo mata
[shui] creo q si ponias la dina ahi moria
shui..pbc`adun: no te preocupes por goebbels
[shui] buena
pbc`adun..shui: nap?
shui..pbc`adun: o molotov
[shui] gg
[shui] XDDDDD
[pbc`adun] jajajajajja
[pbc`adun] gg
[Javier-AZ] GG
[Sucio-Larry] gg
[Javier-AZ] xdd

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