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Classic #53
November 07, 2016, 12:55 AM
Rookie 1270 in Elite before the game. Gained 37|31 points
Absolute Beginner 1072 in Elite before the game. Lost 30|31 points

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5 - 1
14 - 6
15 - 13
56 - 32
Information Game scheme: Elite
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[dt-Mablak] hf
[yanme-boo] hf
[dt-Mablak] hf
[dt-Mablak] oof those mines
[dt-knightz] this map sux mab
[dt-knightz] xD
[yanme-boo] just the mofo!
[dt-knightz] 1 left
[yanme-boo] weird then
yanme-boo..TheKomodo: lalo is busy to fix something on dainas car
[lales-boo] normal map knightz, not edited a lot as always ^^dif way to play it
[dt-Mablak] gotta get used to diff maps
[dt-Mablak] You can get those jumps every single time knightz
[dt-Mablak] I should show you later
[dt-knightz] just didnt use chute
[dt-knightz] ok
[yanme-boo] whee
[yanme-boo] weird bounce :D
[lales-boo] +s
yanme-boo..lales-boo: can you destroy the barrel next to you with SG and make a hide?
yanme-boo..lales-boo: we have to be careful because of skunk
[dt-Mablak] Maybe just homing
[yanme-boo] no, skip
[yanme-boo] bext choice
[yanme-boo] best*
[dt-knightz] f@#!
[lales-boo] he dont read in clanners
[yanme-boo] who?
[lales-boo] knight
yanme-boo..lales-boo: hmmm we have to get rid of that yozzle, but just after his turn
yanme-boo..lales-boo: then we will open
[lales-boo] damn,i should pin chat
[lales-boo] 5s reading ;p
yanme-boo..lales-boo: better aim with full power to reaim easily
lales-boo..yanme-boo: k
[dt-knightz] what lales
[lales-boo] mablak was talking to you and you didnt read it
yanme-boo..lales-boo: we are f@#!ed if the skunk comes in xD
lales-boo..yanme-boo: use sheep if u sure
yanme-boo..lales-boo: you made it easier for them to come to us with that girder :o why no nade?
lales-boo..yanme-boo: or skunk
[lales-boo] nah, realx
[dt-Mablak] vn
[dt-knightz] ty
[lales-boo] yw
lales-boo..yanme-boo: i will
[yanme-boo] hmm
[yanme-boo] xD
[lales-boo] lskdf
lales-boo..yanme-boo: happened? ;o
yanme-boo..lales-boo: at least the mine is above him xD
lales-boo..yanme-boo: opened, now we have to kill him
yanme-boo..lales-boo: i go for some action with rope
lales-boo..yanme-boo: we need some other move before
[dt-Mablak] um lol
[dt-Mablak] that landing
yanme-boo..lales-boo: i try to rope and skunk them, at least 2 100er
yanme-boo..lales-boo: when i have some blue wind
lales-boo..yanme-boo: xoxota will kill us
yanme-boo..lales-boo: nvm
[lales-boo] ok Yarvis
yanme-boo..lales-boo: one pixel less and 5 sec
[dt-knightz] wtffffffffff
lales-boo..yanme-boo: dont use air or hoimming, ty
[yanme-boo] phew
lales-boo..yanme-boo: napalm either ;) / lets save weapons
[lales-boo] no no
[lales-boo] no
[lales-boo] noo
lales-boo..yanme-boo: easy nade, u can do it ^^
yanme-boo..lales-boo: with a high risk to fail
yanme-boo..lales-boo: i changed my reso if you remember :/
lales-boo..yanme-boo: aw, right
[dt-knightz] f@#!
[dt-knightz] wtf am i doing lol
lales-boo..yanme-boo: chute/rope duyna
[lales-boo] ?
[yanme-boo] LOL
[lales-boo] 17 mins SD ?!
[yanme-boo] that reso is killing me, i was sure i can't walk through
[yanme-boo] holy shit xD
[dt-Mablak] 4 v 4 means we both played poorly
yanme-boo..lales-boo: you had same aim, why do you think it works this time?
lales-boo..yanme-boo: didnt work it
lales-boo..yanme-boo: napalm
yanme-boo..lales-boo: no, i said 1 pixel less and 5sec nade, then you would hit cu
[lales-boo] kill you
[yanme-boo] hi
[yanme-boo] synchro swimming!
[yanme-boo] like the old ladies
[dt-Mablak] er
[dt-Mablak] gj
[lales-boo] nt
[yanme-boo] nah gj
[dt-Mablak] but... needed to get higher first :0
[yanme-boo] oh god, how could i fail that dyna
[yanme-boo] damn that
[dt-knightz] =/
[dt-knightz] xD
[yanme-boo] move
[dt-knightz] lol
[lales-boo] hmm
[yanme-boo] oh c'mon lol xD
[dt-knightz] ah
[yanme-boo] next chance xD
[dt-Mablak] gg
[dt-knightz] ='(
[lales-boo] gg
[yanme-boo] YAAAA
[yanme-boo] gj
[yanme-boo] gg
[yanme-boo] xD
[lales-boo] ty
[lales-boo] ...
[dt-knightz] luck

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