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Free #30
December 28, 2016, 12:44 PM
Croatia HCP alCo
Highly Competent 1838 in Boom Race before the game. Gained 28|9 points
Absolute Beginner 991 in Boom Race before the game. Lost 10|9 points

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Information Game scheme: Boom Race
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Anatomato7 by GuampaTorta
1920 x 696, PNG, 140.64 KB, Downloaded 96 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Sensei`hcp] hf!
[Sensei`hcp] ooooh
[St`J0e] xD
[St`J0e] hf
[Sensei`hcp] shit, this is so tight haha
[Sensei`hcp] i guess jpr is better scheme on this map.
[Sensei`hcp] bl m8.
[St`J0e] gj
[Sensei`hcp] t
[St`J0e] woo
[Sensei`hcp] wow
[Sensei`hcp] great turn
[St`J0e] cool map
[Sensei`hcp] yes, n artwork
[St`J0e] vn
[Sensei`hcp] thx
[Sensei`hcp] well, sorry, this map is quite a challenge even for boom race freaks
[Sensei`hcp] if i knew i wouldn host it
[St`J0e] its ok, it was an automatic loss as soon as you chose boom race xD
[Sensei`hcp] hahah
[St`J0e] ive only played this one other time, with you xD
[Sensei`hcp] wow? we played boom and big rr?
[Sensei`hcp] i can't remember this stuff.
[St`J0e] and golf i believe
[Sensei`hcp] golf and boom are underrated.
[Sensei`hcp] maybe not golf, but boom for sure
[St`J0e] i had only tried unanchored boom race, on lex's maps
[St`J0e] its all nade jumps
[Sensei`hcp] unanchored, that doesn't sound right
[St`J0e] different skill set
[Sensei`hcp] ah, nade jumps. ye, i've seen some old replays
[Sensei`hcp] some guys were pretty skilled.
[St`J0e] pretty crazy how far u can fly with a standard nade
[St`J0e] if timed perfectly
[Sensei`hcp] yeah, it was amusing to watch
[Sensei`hcp] oooh, map need fixing
[Sensei`hcp] there's a black pixel there, worm can't pass :/
[Sensei`hcp] hmm maybe
[St`J0e] haha the end is a turd
[Sensei`hcp] lol
[St`J0e] u can report at any time if ur bored
[Sensei`hcp] only if you wave a white flag!
[St`J0e] :P
[St`J0e] i have no self respect

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