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February 25, 2017, 08:56 AM

Above Average 1642 in Battle Race before the game. Gained 55|27 points

Novice 1366 in Battle Race before the game. Lost 17|17 points

Information Game scheme: Battle Race
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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1920 x 696, BIT, 10.64 KB, Downloaded 14,751 time(s)
Game Chat(s)
[KorY] goodest mapa
[KorY] XD
[NBRthewalrus] its good
[KorY] gargy <3
[KorY] n mine activation m8
[NBRthewalrus] like a boss
[KorY] hard mapa
[KorY] almsot tranquility xD
[NBRthewalrus] wtf
[KorY] bad luck m8
[NBRthewalrus] never saw it
[NBRthewalrus] haha
[KorY] asdf
[KorY] is that even possible to get yp there
[NBRthewalrus] damn
[NBRthewalrus] now it is
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[KorY] goddamn
[NBRthewalrus] damn
[KorY] LOL
[NBRthewalrus] dunno how
[NBRthewalrus] seems possible
[KorY] WTF
[NBRthewalrus] sheepy
[KorY] wat
[KorY] why did it activate
[NBRthewalrus] goodminejob
[KorY] weirddd
[KorY] nh :)
[NBRthewalrus] jaja
[KorY] so many plops on this map
[KorY] allowed? xD
[NBRthewalrus] almoist
[NBRthewalrus] moist
[NBRthewalrus] very moist
[KorY] what the
[KorY] cmon man
[KorY] oof
[NBRthewalrus] well good
[NBRthewalrus] jesus
[NBRthewalrus] should have just shot you
[KorY] ahahahahha
[KorY] f@#!
[NBRthewalrus] but wanted to save for mine
[NBRthewalrus] well
[NBRthewalrus] gona run this next part fast
[NBRthewalrus] might lunk
[KorY] noononon
[KorY] be careful
[KorY] lol
[NBRthewalrus] f@#!
[KorY] bl
[KorY] gg
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[NBRthewalrus] bl