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Classic #55
March 26, 2017, 05:26 PM
Novice 1354 in Elite before the game. Gained 22|21 points
Absolute Beginner 922 in Elite before the game. Lost 19|21 points

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Not rated yet
Players history
19 - 10
148 - 183
33 - 35
423 - 682
Information Game scheme: Elite
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[dt-sock] hf guys
[dt`avirex`] me too, sock
[dt`avirex`] thats next :DD
[TdC`Senator] hf
[dt`avirex`] we have to get throough this one first tho huhahuah
[dt-sock] hauh
[dt-sock] ;D
[dt-sock] n1
[dt`avirex`] gj
[dt`avirex`] whew!! :P
[dt`avirex`] heheh
[dt-sock] had to much raisen bran
[dt`avirex`] lol
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: osunkoha nadel 23
[dt`avirex`] lolz
[dt-sock] :(
[dt`avirex`] that sux.. bad luck man
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: mm
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: aattelin ekaks blokkia
[dt`avirex`] hahaha
[dt`avirex`] i belong down here, like the rat that i am
[dt-sock] xDD
[dt`avirex`] lmao
[dt-sock] ops
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: miksei rope dyna
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: -.-
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: no ois ollu ss napalm missile j��lel vikaa matoo varte
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: olis ehottomasti pit��ny tappaa se ropel
[dt`avirex`] huahuaha
[dt-sock] lol
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ei ole airia
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: hereille ny
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: nyt sitte pit��s 2 matoo tappaa ilman ropee
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: j��rki ?
[dt-sock] man
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: miks tarvis p����st�� hy��kk���� 100 ku voi plopata sen lopussa ellei tee napalmil sit�� enne damagee
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ss:l lopussa
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: zook
[dt-sock] nvm i dead
[dt-sock] xD
[dt`avirex`] lol
[dt-sock] lol
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ss ?
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: no sama oottaa
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: kuhan et tapata ittees ni iha sama
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ss
[dt`avirex`] gg
[dt`avirex`] ooooooooooooooooooo
[dt-sock] oh
[VoK`TdC] :D
[VoK`TdC] gg
[dt`avirex`] f@#!
[dt-sock] that last flame
[dt`avirex`] :DDDDD
[dt`avirex`] TRHAT ONE FLAME
[dt-sock] ;D
[dt`avirex`] f@#!ERSSSSS
[TdC`Senator] n fly xd
[dt`avirex`] hahahha
[dt-sock] gg
[dt`avirex`] vgg :D
[TdC`Senator] gg

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