September 20, 2018, 09:08 PM

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Classic #55
March 29, 2017, 07:57 PM
Novice 1370 in Roper before the game. Gained 50|46 points
Average 1510 in Roper before the game. Lost 38|46 points

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8 - 16
108 - 202
33 - 35
423 - 682
Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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THeDoGG new roper (6) by THeDoGG
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Game Chat(s)
[dt-ktz] hf guys
[VoK`TdC] hf
[TdC`Senator] hf
[TdC`Senator] epic elite after this
[dt`avirex`] me and aladdin were just playing some WR.. he was kicking my ass all over the maps
[dt-Aladdin] lol
[dt`avirex`] the most epic elite of w:a history, i reckon
[dt`avirex`] free, im happy to see you... i missed you very much.
[dt`avirex`] our bromance has suffered, being apart for so long.
[dt-ktz] lol
[dt-Aladdin] a shit
[dt-ktz] nt
[dt-Aladdin] dava tempo
[dt-free] me2 bufso
[dt`avirex`] eh.. nothing you could do with that cr8 alddin, dont worry about it.
[dt-free] gimme a sec, busy
[dt-ktz] tranquilo, vamo de boa, pra nao perder pra eles, agente anda perdendo muito =D
[dt-ktz] lol
<<dt-ktz>> se der tempo, me knocka pra dentro do mapa?
<<dt-ktz>> blz
<<dt-ktz>> tranquilo po,
[TdC`Senator] n
[dt`avirex`] ouch
[dt-ktz] ah c`mon
[dt-Aladdin] crl
[dt`avirex`] hahahah
[dt`avirex`] bad luck
[dt-Aladdin] lol
[dt-ktz] wtf
[dt`avirex`] priceless moments of worms! ;D
[dt-ktz] omg
[dt`avirex`] send putos to mines, aladding
[dt`avirex`] aladdin**
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: oho
[dt`avirex`] wtf you cr8 dicker!!!
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: en pilenny
[dt-ktz] WTF TDC
[dt-Aladdin] WTFF
[dt`avirex`] aladdin has been getting cr8 raped like a fothermucker
[dt`avirex`] lmao.... bl dt!! this is getting difficult to watch :DD
[TdC`Senator] it's the pressure cos so many spectators
[dt`avirex`] you guys will turn it around though!!! i believe!
[dt-ktz] damn scripts ae
[dt-ktz] jesus
dt`avirex` puts his hands over his eyes
[dt`avirex`] :DD
<<dt-ktz>> sei la mano
[dt`avirex`] im not concerned!!! still have faith in my team mates!!!
[dt`avirex`] nice turn sir.
[dt-ktz] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[dt-Aladdin] ...
[dt`avirex`] bad turn sir.
[dt-ktz] i want surrender
[dt`avirex`] no no no
[dt`avirex`] dt fights until death!!!
[dt-ktz] shamed
[dt`avirex`] dont give up, i still have faith in my team.... you should as well
[dt-ktz] TDC
[TdC`Senator] xD
[dt-ktz] no matter whay u have to do later, but I WANT REVENGE
[dt`avirex`] no matter how bad this looks.... its all a mirage!!! reality is... you guys have them RIGHT where u want them!!!
[dt-ktz] u should be shamed keep playing this game! xD
[dt`avirex`] gj ae
[dt-ktz] aff
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: mite tuonki voi kusta
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: helpoin osuus
[dt`avirex`] awww.. nice try aladdin... still good though
<<dt-ktz>> vc eh a unica esperanca xD
[dt-ktz] AEEEEEE
[dt`avirex`] gj k
[dt`avirex`] that first attack is the start of something beautiful
[dt`avirex`] i just know it
[TdC`Senator] ..
[dt`avirex`] see??
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: mit paskaa
[dt`avirex`] wtf aladdin is rly getting screwed with cr8s
[dt-free] aight im backskies
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ei muka ottanu rope mihnk
[dt-free] wtf
[dt`avirex`] damn... bad luck aladdin :( thats sad
[dt-ktz] DAMN LUKCY whores
[dt-free] how about next time we let roper of the year play
[dt`avirex`] vgj
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: -.-
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: oisin varmaa kerenny ku oisin venyttny yls
[dt-Aladdin] pilee
[dt`avirex`] i told him i think hide is better
[dt`avirex`] but with that cr8, pile would have been :XX never can know
[dt-ktz] i will win
[dt`avirex`] i have faith in my team!!!!
[dt-Aladdin] pilee lol
[dt`avirex`] aladdin, pile gives them easy hit
[dt`avirex`] he needs to save his dmg, rather then take a small amount from them with a pile
[dt`avirex`] save his HP*
[dt-ktz] =/
[dt`avirex`] nice try @ hide.. bl @ cr8 :XX
[dt-Aladdin] gg
[dt`avirex`] nah, knightz will survive
[dt`avirex`] hes a survivor
[dt-ktz] vn
[dt-ktz] blz
[TdC`Senator] t
[dt`avirex`] vnt at nade
[dt-ktz] =/
[dt-ktz] LOL
[VoK`TdC] xD
[dt-ktz] =x
[dt`avirex`] bad luck k
[dt-ktz] i just fucked up xD
[dt`avirex`] np, you did a hell of a job fighting :DD
[dt`avirex`] its cool
[TdC`Senator] lmao
[dt-ktz] i liiiiiiiveeeeeeee
[dt-ktz] uiahau
[TdC`Senator] wow
[TdC`Senator] almost screwed up that climb
[dt`avirex`] GOGOG
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: koita ny -.-
[dt`avirex`] not sure i seen a cr8 rape this bad in a while ;DDD
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: oot ny kolme kertaa feilannu finish
[dt`avirex`] vn return
[dt`avirex`] gj k
[dt-ktz] ty
[dt-ktz] ae gg
[VoK`TdC] gg
[TdC`Senator] gg
[dt`avirex`] gg guys
[HussarTDC] gg

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