July 22, 2018, 09:05 AM

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Classic #55
March 29, 2017, 08:07 PM
Absolute Beginner 958 in Elite before the game. Gained 55|53 points
Rookie 1264 in Elite before the game. Lost 53|53 points

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10 - 19
183 - 148
35 - 33
682 - 423
Information Game scheme: Elite
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[dt-ktz] SO SMART FREE
[dt-ktz] hf
[VoK`TdC] hf
[dt-free] i know right
[dt`avirex`] free is the smartest guy i know
dt-ktz..dt`avirex`: GO OWN NOW PORRA
[dt-Aladdin] more after ?
[dt-Aladdin] tdc
[VoK`TdC] ask senator
dt`avirex`..dt-free: maybe my head can help you up
dt-ktz says to dt'blitz'LR heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy
dt`avirex`..dt-free: petrol might be nice os msciw
dt`avirex`..dt-free: on msciwoj**
dt`avirex`..dt-free: not sure if you wanted me to tele over with you <<<< or not... sorry if you did :XX
dt-ktz..dt`avirex`: ur last worm u could go close the grapes in the middle for skunk nigga
dt`avirex`..dt-free: whatever u think is best. do it up
dt`avirex`..dt-free: shoudl be ok.... astleast u stayed up.. lol
<<VoK`TdC>> i go rope dyna kaksi worm ?
dt`avirex`..dt-free: guh..
[dt-Aladdin] nt
dt`avirex`..dt-free: my bad :X
dt`avirex`..dt-free: u will live i believe
dt`avirex`..dt-free: oooo drop looks nice
dt`avirex`..dt-free: damn....
[dt-ktz] n
[VoK`TdC] t
[dt`avirex`] damn
[VoK`TdC] gg :D
[dt-free] omg
[VoK`TdC] se oli nopeeta
[dt`avirex`] vbl
[dt-ktz] vittu
[dt-ktz] kurwa
[dt-free] i thought i had sheep
<<VoK`TdC>> kill
[dt`avirex`] its ok, u live
[dt`avirex`] :DDDD
dt`avirex`..dt-free: why the fuck would they let u live?? haha
dt`avirex`..dt-free: ahh shit
dt`avirex`..dt-free: maybe u should pile this puto thats going now, and gird that guy for me
dt`avirex`..dt-free: the low hp
dt`avirex`..dt-free: so he dont come skunnk me
dt`avirex`..dt-free: hmmm.... well...good move.. but i might be fucked here
dt`avirex`..dt-free: thats last rope, we are fucked
<<VoK`TdC>> open or block pile ?
[VoK`TdC] ok
dt`avirex`..dt-free: if i kill grom, then msc fucks me up
dt`avirex`..dt-free: maybe u tele <<
dt`avirex`..dt-free: ??
dt`avirex`..dt-free: leave him stuck in there
[dt`avirex`] too kind
[dt-ktz] =p
dt`avirex`..dt-free: i think we might be ok too
dt`avirex`..dt-free: axe and block with worm?
dt`avirex`..dt-free: will the block work tho??
dt`avirex`..dt-free: yeah, should
dt`avirex`..dt-free: gj
[dt-free] ye
dt`avirex`..dt-free: we are fucking them up softly
[dt-Aladdin] o0
[dt`avirex`] OMG MINE
[dt`avirex`] BULL SHIT
[dt-Aladdin] ye
[dt-free] nice
[dt`avirex`] whatevezz.... thats was good neough
[dt-free] i approve
[dt-ktz] was good
[dt`avirex`] ty free
dt`avirex`..dt-free: napalm????
dt`avirex`..dt-free: shit
dt`avirex`..dt-free: open up urself, i suppose
[dt-Aladdin] cami xddd
dt`avirex`..dt-free: ahh... good thinking here tooo
dt`avirex`..dt-free: gj
dt`avirex`..dt-free: what u think about an air strike to open you???
dt`avirex`..dt-free: all though.... guess its not that good....... cuz no rope
[dt-Aladdin] ss xd
[dt-Aladdin] n
[dt-free] nice
[dt`avirex`] thnx
[dt-ktz] nice
dt`avirex`..dt-free: whos ur bufso?
[dt-ktz] i sux with homing =DDDD
dt`avirex`..dt-free: kami ftw
dt`avirex`..dt-free: nvm, he too strong
dt`avirex`..dt-free: thought he was lower
dt`avirex`..dt-free: come tele with me
dt`avirex`..dt-free: ???
dt`avirex`..dt-free: bah
dt`avirex`..dt-free: dont
dt`avirex`..dt-free: :XXX
dt`avirex`..dt-free: u dont think staying there is a bit risky???
dt`avirex`..dt-free: any thought on what i should do
dt`avirex`..dt-free: i think hes stuck anyway lol
dt`avirex`..dt-free: shit.......
dt`avirex`..dt-free: hope u some how live :X
dt`avirex`..dt-free: gg
[dt-free] ffs
dt`avirex`..dt-free: yeah, wish you did :X
dt`avirex`..dt-free: its ok, im gonna spank em
dt`avirex`..dt-free: shit.. hide
dt`avirex`..dt-free: ahh, he stuck anyway
[dt`blitz`LR] what happened 50 hp worm?
[dt`blitz`LR] blue
[VoK`TdC] napalm
dt-ktz..dt`avirex`: u still have gird?
dt`avirex`..dt-free: wtf he doing in therre??? lol not even trying to open himself
dt`avirex`..dt-free: oop, there he goes
dt`avirex`..dt-free: i have shot locked
dt`avirex`..dt-free: ill be able to do some dmg next at least... even if its small
dt`avirex`..dt-free: and im wrong
dt`avirex`..dt-free: ok.. just gotta get the inbetween power.... i got this
[dt-ktz] non-bng player
dt`avirex`..dt-free: maybe its time to ss???
dt`avirex`..dt-free: if he cant get back down....
[dt-Aladdin] o0
dt`avirex`..dt-free: i dunno... ;X
[dt-ktz] lol xD
dt`avirex`..dt-free: i think i have a nice hide here...... i think its safer to wait.. dont think i would have killed
dt`avirex`..dt-free: i just need to land this nad before he gets a hit
[dt`avirex`] are you kidding?
[VoK`TdC] :D
[dt-ktz] rly?
[dt`avirex`] i thought for sure im changing power.... but same fucking spot each time
[dt-ktz] u did 3 same shots in a row
[dt`avirex`] you noticed?
[dt-ktz] every onde does
[dt`avirex`] whew :XXX
[dt-ktz] everyone did*
[dt-free] -k
dt`avirex`..dt-free: am i a beast??
dt`avirex`..dt-free: :DDD
[VoK`TdC] phew
[VoK`TdC] gg
dt-Aladdin..dt`avirex`: go
[dt-free] yessssss
[dt-ktz] bng is far away from you guys xD
dt`avirex`..dt-free: yes i am
dt`avirex`..dt-free: can u dig it?
[dt-ktz] gg
[dt-Aladdin] gg
dt`avirex`..dt-free: yes u can
[dt`blitz`LR] gg
[dt-free] omg
[dt`avirex`] gg
[dt-free] XD
[dt-free] XDS
[HussarTDC] gg

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