March 24, 2019, 10:11 AM

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Allround #1, Default #1
April 07, 2017, 08:35 PM
Absolute Beginner 1040 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Gained 38|38 points more
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Lost 38|38 points more

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2 - 0
4 - 3
13 - 5
36 - 20
Information Game scheme: Normal/Intermediate
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Random generated map by the game.
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Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 0 time(s)

Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 0 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[VoK`TdC] hf
[TdC`Senator] :DDD
[dt-free] elite nubs
[TdC`Senator] n
[ZaLo] :d
[dt`blitz`LR] bl
[TdC`Senator] better than my turn at least
[dt-free] should try on the closer object, knew its a funny angle
[dt`blitz`LR] jump.
[dt-free] biss
[dt`blitz`LR] :(
[dt-free] boss
[dt-free] still 52, so its actually not bad :D
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: meneek
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ku ropellakaa ei menny
[dt-free] hah
[dt-free] u coming with me
[TdC`Senator] :(
[dt-free] :DDDDD
[dt`blitz`LR] nice
[dt-free] cowsz
[dt-free] from razor
[dt-free] left
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: cowit?
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: mm ollaa tuhlattu kaikki
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: sui?
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: se kyl varmaa kytt selectin
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: air?
[TdC`Senator] aw
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: jaa nii ois voinu laittaa sulle gird
[dt-free] ugh
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: oho kvi sk
[TdC`Senator] shud have girdered vok
[TdC`Senator] got away with it
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ideoita?
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: avaan yls?
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: mit vittua
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: oliko tossa nyt jrkee
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ja nyt ei oo mit jlell en
[dt-free] nice
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ne vissii venaa vaa et hp:t laskee 1
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: pakko sst ku se on ainut toivo
[TdC`Senator] gg
[dt-free] its bo3 right?
[dt`blitz`LR] gg
[dt-free] gg
[TdC`Senator] ye
[dt-free] ye

[TdC`Senator] hf
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: vhemmn shlinki nyt
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: lhti lapasesta se eka ku kusi eka vuoro totaalisesti
[dt-free] :DDDDDD
[dt-free] like a boss
[dt-free] haha
[dt`blitz`LR] hehe
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: bat neli?
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: oho
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: oliki pile mahis
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: katoin ettei jrkee lhtee tuhlaa ropeja
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: pile
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: vasemmalta puoeltla
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: vh kyseenalane.D
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: oisit voinu knockata the bossin ja tappaa 3
[dt-free] wohoo
[dt`blitz`LR] niceness
[TdC`Senator] n
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: niihn se bowi toimii
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: eks tienny :D
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: madon sislt saa lenntettyy pisimmlle
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: A
[dt-free] bah
[dt-free] total fail
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: otan helpon tapon t
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ei pssy air suojaa
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: jos oisin heittny naden nii ois menny ehk pileen 100 kans
[TdC`Senator] lolz
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: oo taas mit jlel
[dt-free] bah
[dt`blitz`LR] i was gonna say dont jump
[dt`blitz`LR] lol
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: no s vedit tn tokan perseen lpi
[dt-free] :D
[dt-free] there was a couple of shots but i was sure i can land on the top grass xD
[dt-free] didnt pump up my jordans
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: tai sit tapat skunkatun
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ei oo liikkumisvleint
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: tai sit blokkaat ..
[dt`blitz`LR] o0
[dt-free] :D
[dt-free] wooo
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: blokki ois ollu jees
[dt-free] triple kill
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: free ois blokannu ehk multa madon nii oisin kyttny selectin
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: niin?
[dt-free] hahah
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: m oisin kyttny selectin jos se ois blokannu mun madon
[dt-free] ffs
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: nii katoin
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: mith niil on jlel
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: liikkumisvlineit
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: telee vaa pois
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: vaikka tonne prynlle
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: pia sd:ki
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: tlt psee ampuuki
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ku ei oo mit mill psee yls tuolta
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: parempi tappaa toinen jos helpompi
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ku sd kohta nii 100 menee 1 hp
[dt`blitz`LR] bah
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: kyt aika ja tapa 33
[dt-free] now
[dt`Aladdin`LR] xd
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ei pse mill liikuu .D
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ei ees chutee
[dt-free] u can sg open kill
[dt-free] but sd comes now anyways :/
[dt-free] whaaaaaaat
[dt`Aladdin`LR] after this xd
[dt`blitz`LR] soz
[dt`Aladdin`LR] i think
[dt-free] weird
[dt-free] usually it comes right after messages stop
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: vittuko ei tii mit
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: mit jlel
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: tss tytys kirjottaa paperille aina mit vihu kytt :D
[VoK`TdC] gg
[dt-free] gg
[dt`blitz`LR] gg
[TdC`Senator] gg
[dt`Aladdin`LR] gg
[TdC`Senator] ugly game

[TdC`Senator] hf
[dt-free] hf
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: alhaal plop
[dt-free] aww
[dt-free] nt
[TdC`Senator] näin vittu
[TdC`Senator] ainoo tehtävä oli saada nade oikeelle puolel :D
[VoK`TdC] ao
[TdC`Senator] ois pitäny vierittää
[VoK`TdC] ainoo tehtävä oli pikata se vitun elite
[VoK`TdC] muttako ei mee jakeluu
[TdC`Senator] eikä heittää noi lujaa
[TdC`Senator] :D
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: nyt joudun kytt selectin et saa pelastettuu 2 matoo -.-
[dt-free] 22 bro
[dt`blitz`LR] ye sry
[dt-free] 22 broski
[dt`blitz`LR] im bad shoot
[dt`blitz`LR] er
[TdC`Senator] ?
[TdC`Senator] miksei pystympään
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: kyttik ne sheepin jo
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: saa sheepin tosta
[dt-free] cmon
[dt-free] 1-1
[dt-free] karma
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: nii joutuu tuhlaa dynan tai sheepin
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: :D
[dt-free] yup
[dt-free] ugg
[dt-free] u used cows yet puto
[dt-free] noo
[TdC`Senator] munkilla
[TdC`Senator] eikö se ois kuollu jos oisit räjäyttäny pään päällä
[dt-free] affffffffffff
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: menee taas kaikki vlineet
[dt-free] with barrerl
[dt-free] aw :DD nt
[dt`blitz`LR] damn
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: pit vissii rope kytt
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ellen ved kamia
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: kumpi
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: sit saa helposti tapettuu 2
[dt`blitz`LR] fancy more inters all?
[dt-free] wtf?
[dt-free] WTF?
[dt-free] what happened lol
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: pn p
[dt-free] lmfao
[dt`blitz`LR] XD
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: pn plt
[dt`blitz`LR] 36
[dt`blitz`LR] then other
[TdC`Senator] huehue
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: mite onnistuitkaan...
[dt-free] puto
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: onko jrkee vet kami
[dt-free] oho
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: nyt ei oo mit mill psee sen tyk
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: se voi rauhassa tappaa sut ja sit kituutella sd:lle
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: ja tappaa 2 1 hp matoo
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: paitsi et se tekee jotai hlm nyt
[dt-free] gg
[VoK`TdC] gg
[TdC`Senator] gg

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