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Allround #1, Rope #1
April 10, 2017, 04:46 PM
Absolute Beginner 999 in Roper before the game. Gained 41|41 points more
Absolute Beginner 1041 in Roper before the game. Lost 41|41 points more

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Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Roper 28 by THeDoGG
1920 x 696, BIT, 3.24 KB, Downloaded 9040 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Oo`lales] Hf.
[TdC`Senator] hf
[Oo`lales] there was some members from Colombia in LW ^^ LigaWorms, latin league
[TdC`Senator] oh
[Oo`lales] Dunno where gone all of there
[Oo`lales] u could shot o
[TdC`Senator] thought i had time for knock
[Oo`lales] btw 1 mexican only, in past there was 4-8 around
[Oo`lales] imagine .. all in decrease
[Oo`lales] at 1st poland spanish and chileans rocks;p
[Oo`lales] polish*
[Oo`lales] clan AwE, clan OLE, wQw clan, wL
[Oo`lales] well well well
[Oo`lales] aaaaaa
[TdC`Senator] a few players from finland always around ^^
Oo`lales [18:07:18 Oo`Asbest`LR`Kf: im ready]
[Oo`lales] lets say we can rm ;p
[VoK`TdC] lol
[Oo`lales] we started and winning ;)
[Oo`lales] nvm xD
[Oo`Schw] wow
[Oo`Schw] nice
[TdC`Senator] t
[TdC`Senator] ops
[TdC`Senator] pile
[TdC`Senator] or maybe a trap?
[TdC`Senator] run lales
[Oo`lales] lets see ^^
[Oo`lales] if VoK took his pills then gg
[TdC`Senator] bl
[Oo`lales] pills = no rage ( indeed maybe can play 1 TTRR )
[TdC`Senator] LOL
[Oo`lales] weee
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: tuli vedettyy l��ysin rantein :D
[Oo`lales] f@#! ;D
[Oo`lales] cmon VoK smile !
[Oo`lales] it coast 0$
[TdC`Senator] this is serious now
[Oo`lales] ?
[Oo`lales] relajate tio !
[Oo`lales] riete entre turnos y te quitas el stress
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: jaa nii :D
TdC`Senator..VoK`TdC: muistin et t��n vuoro
Oo`lales [voodoo Oo]
[Oo`lales] killo
[Oo`lales] ya que?
[Oo`lales] yatecomo?
[Oo`lales] anda ya
[Oo`lales] yatekomo* perdon ;p
Oo`lales..TdC`Senator: now is a trpa
Oo`lales..TdC`Senator: trap*
TdC`Senator..Oo`lales: ok
[Oo`lales] no time, bl
[Oo`lales] 12 would be good
[Oo`lales] gj
Oo`lales..TdC`Senator: another trap
[TdC`Senator] el loco
[Oo`lales] lets see el creisi
[Oo`lales] crazy sounds creisi
[Oo`lales] PP
Oo`lales..TdC`Senator: ^^
[Oo`lales] suicidate colega
[Oo`lales] dijo uno ... xD
[Oo`lales] ole tus cojones
[Oo`Schw] xD
[Oo`lales] jajaja
[Oo`lales] esto va ser malo no ... peor
[Oo`lales] aos a ver
[Oo`lales] woot
[VoK`TdC] lol
[Oo`lales] evil
[TdC`Senator] good hustle
[TdC`Senator] another trap?
[Oo`lales] no
[Oo`lales] one gg
[Oo`lales] damn
[Oo`lales] its like yesterday,wont play more till check better chance then GG u ;p
[Oo`lales] no f2 in ur KB?
[Oo`lales] puto spanish ;D
[Oo`lales] mejor pasamos al plan B
[Oo`lales] exacto
[Oo`lales] viste el juego de ayer?
[Oo`Schw] cual
[TdC`Senator] poor Schw
[Oo`lales] DAFUK
[Oo`lales] ops VoK sorry
[Oo`lales] wrong whisper
[Oo`lales] 2 turns more
[Oo`lales] fallo
[Oo`lales] sui denied
[VoK`TdC] gg
[TdC`Senator] gg
[Oo`lales] gg
[Oo`lales] hyst for us u host

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