November 24, 2017, 03:01 PM

Game #220172, reported by Alien, Viewed 129 Time(s)

Free #32
June 17, 2017, 03:40 PM
Germany sK dS FoS
Absolute Beginner 922 in Parachute Race before the game. Gained 37|40 points
United Kingdom dP dS NfBX
Absolute Beginner 936 in Parachute Race before the game. Lost 43|40 points

Information Game scheme: Parachute Race
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Downloaded 32 time(s).
Game Awards
This game hasn't been nominated for any awards.
Game Map(s)

argonatinpast Parachute race by argo
1920 x 696, PNG, 65.45 KB, Downloaded 5743 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[sK`Alien`nlF] gl hf
[A`xSniperx`DS] hf gl
[A`xSniperx`DS] bah
[sK`Alien`nlF] bl
[A`xSniperx`DS] gj
[sK`Alien`nlF] ty
[A`xSniperx`DS] amg
[sK`Alien`nlF] nooo
[sK`Alien`nlF] aw
[A`xSniperx`DS] xD
[sK`Alien`nlF] LOL
[A`xSniperx`DS] wow
[A`xSniperx`DS] lol
[sK`Alien`nlF] ffs
[A`xSniperx`DS] bl
[A`xSniperx`DS] how did it happen
[sK`Alien`nlF] wasn't prepared for that
[sK`Alien`nlF] didn't pay attention
[A`xSniperx`DS] gj
[sK`Alien`nlF] back xD
[A`xSniperx`DS] aw
[A`xSniperx`DS] forgot how to do it xD
[sK`Alien`nlF] aw vbl
[sK`Alien`nlF] no wind !!!!
[sK`Alien`nlF] evil part there
[sK`Alien`nlF] bl
[sK`Alien`nlF] jump to left if you have red wind
[sK`Alien`nlF] gj
[A`xSniperx`DS] t
[sK`Alien`nlF] wb xD
[A`xSniperx`DS] hai
[sK`Alien`nlF] ops
[A`xSniperx`DS] aw
[sK`Alien`nlF] omg
[A`xSniperx`DS] xd
[A`xSniperx`DS] n
[sK`Alien`nlF] t
[A`xSniperx`DS] bahhh
[A`xSniperx`DS] too greedy
[sK`Alien`nlF] lmao
[sK`Alien`nlF] me too
[A`xSniperx`DS] amg vbl
[sK`Alien`nlF] bl lol
[sK`Alien`nlF] evil dot
[A`xSniperx`DS] ah i see
[A`xSniperx`DS] it's trickory
[sK`Alien`nlF] n1
[A`xSniperx`DS] t
[A`xSniperx`DS] blue wind pzz
[A`xSniperx`DS] nm
[sK`Alien`nlF] xD
[sK`Alien`nlF] luck factor
[sK`Alien`nlF] damn
[A`xSniperx`DS] aw
[A`xSniperx`DS] hI
[sK`Alien`nlF] hey
[A`xSniperx`DS] the horrow
[A`xSniperx`DS] horror @@
[A`xSniperx`DS] xD
[sK`Alien`nlF] xD
[A`xSniperx`DS] max bluewind maybe i can get a draw
[A`xSniperx`DS] gj there
[sK`Alien`nlF] ty
[sK`Alien`nlF] lucky no wind for me
[A`xSniperx`DS] fdhsd
[A`xSniperx`DS] gg xD
[sK`Alien`nlF] gg
[sK`Alien`nlF] was close
[A`xSniperx`DS] aha
[sK`Alien`nlF] cya mate
[sK`Alien`nlF] break
[A`xSniperx`DS] ggz
[A`xSniperx`DS] bb
[sK`Alien`nlF] ggs

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