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Free #32
August 25, 2017, 12:18 AM
United States NBR S17
Sum: Absolute Beginner 1058 in Walk For Weapons before the game. Gained 31|29 points
Dr Abegod
Denmark CfR
Sum: Absolute Beginner 1058 in Walk For Weapons before the game. Gained 31|29 points
Germany UC dS Kf
Sum: Absolute Beginner 821 in Walk For Weapons before the game. Lost 33|29 points
United States Pn BrS S17
Sum: Absolute Beginner 821 in Walk For Weapons before the game. Lost 33|29 points

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Players history No players history is available for singles 2v2 or 3v3.
Information Game scheme: Walk For Weapons
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[NBRthewalrus] ok glhf
[Dr-Abegod`] damnit
[goom] n spawnz
[Dr-Abegod`] im teamed with a noob
[UC`Hurz`dS] biggest 1 around
[goom] this map is fast walk anywhere
[goom] tele -> tele
[UC`Hurz`dS] rl nab
[NBRthewalrus] noob apegod
[NBRthewalrus] wait
[NBRthewalrus] wtf
[NBRthewalrus] stop
[UC`Hurz`dS] heh+
[goom] sheep come on
[NBRthewalrus] whew
[UC`Hurz`dS] nabsheep
[goom] baad
[NBRthewalrus] thought it was coming for me
[goom] petrol OP
[Dr-Abegod`] nice
[goom] dare to use worm sel?
[NBRthewalrus] ooh smooth drop
[goom] gj
[UC`Hurz`dS] t
[goom] rnd place is def better
[goom] otherwise you can /afk
[UC`Hurz`dS] i never can decide where to put and regret it afterwards :D
[NBRthewalrus] random is whaotic
[NBRthewalrus] chaotic
[UC`Hurz`dS] playing with zwit quite often
[Dr-Abegod`] weird scheme
[NBRthewalrus] whew
[UC`Hurz`dS] btw we use to allow move after first shot sg
[UC`Hurz`dS] from box
[goom] shotgun only on shotgun ^ thats why there is 2 there
[UC`Hurz`dS] common rule, at least according to zwitter .D
[NBRthewalrus] damn
[goom] ya i know people are divided on that
[NBRthewalrus] i think as long as you take 1 shot from square
[NBRthewalrus] you can take a road trip
[NBRthewalrus] and use the second wherever
[goom] the map creator intended this one at least to be on square
[goom] but ya play as you want
[UC`Hurz`dS] ya wally thas how we use to do
[UC`Hurz`dS] but its not official i guess
[UC`Hurz`dS] agreement etc
[goom] pile time
[UC`Hurz`dS] gj
[NBRthewalrus] oi
[UC`Hurz`dS] 20 sec feels too long :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] no pressure
[UC`Hurz`dS] gj
[goom] shopper is worse, 30 sec come on
[goom] 15 sec the way to go
[goom] vn
[Dr-Abegod`] n
[NBRthewalrus] gj
[UC`Hurz`dS] t
[goom] worm sel ^^
[goom] its safe
[UC`Hurz`dS] i played my first shopper ever 3 weeks ago :D
[goom] lol
[NBRthewalrus] oooh
[NBRthewalrus] the old bitch
[goom] AFR is arbitrary noob barrier, i host shopper without it
[NBRthewalrus] cool a pile
[goom] 90% of time you want to AFR anyways and retreat, but if you want to do cool nade shot i'm not going to stop you
[goom] nt
NBRthewalrus..Dr-Abegod`: zook that fucki pile
[UC`Hurz`dS] darn
[goom] we can dombo
[goom] combo*
[UC`Hurz`dS] started wrong faced :D
[NBRthewalrus] zook that
[NBRthewalrus] what
[goom] he can't hit that shot no way
[NBRthewalrus] the other zook lol
[goom] from there maybe
[NBRthewalrus] ahahaha
[goom] ya
[goom] would have been fancy tho
[Dr-Abegod`] :DD
[goom] aw no plop
[NBRthewalrus] almost
[UC`Hurz`dS] nt
[UC`Hurz`dS] epic hide :D
[goom] ya
[goom] and yet
[UC`Hurz`dS] heh
[UC`Hurz`dS] now better
[goom] unpile pls
[NBRthewalrus] fucking
[goom] kill him
[goom] gj
[UC`Hurz`dS] hmm
[goom] dont stand in bad spot haha
[goom] aww
[NBRthewalrus] awwww
[UC`Hurz`dS] ofc :D
[goom] wfw with destruct map, break panel so they cant use
[NBRthewalrus] man wtf
[goom] would that be terrible
[NBRthewalrus] when it flew i said fuckyeah
[NBRthewalrus] to my computer
[UC`Hurz`dS] well need to add moves then
[NBRthewalrus] then it raped the ceiling
[NBRthewalrus] and i lost all boner
[goom] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] ay
[goom] ns
[goom] a real man
[NBRthewalrus] i remember we talked about that rule
[NBRthewalrus] so can we leave the square for shotgun
[NBRthewalrus] wttf
[goom] n sheep
[UC`Hurz`dS] hmm
[NBRthewalrus] fu sheep
[goom] literally
[UC`Hurz`dS] should have been more patient maybe
[goom] lol lg
[goom] where did he get lg?
[UC`Hurz`dS] ye :o
[UC`Hurz`dS] maybe he thinks lg anywhere too
[goom] he cheats left and right
[Dr-Abegod`] i sux
[UC`Hurz`dS] wake up abe
[Dr-Abegod`] yes
[Dr-Abegod`] sry
[NBRthewalrus] wasnt lg
[UC`Hurz`dS] u did lg without box
[NBRthewalrus] his worm just more athletic
[Dr-Abegod`] oh
[UC`Hurz`dS] spinach etc
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw
[goom] your worm had helium for dinner
[Dr-Abegod`] im thinking about girl
[Dr-Abegod`] and worms
[goom] old woman?
[goom] nvm
[goom] this guy is a pro
[goom] aw
[UC`Hurz`dS] bad eyes :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] thought i couldnt cross bob
[NBRthewalrus] fucvk
[goom] :P
[NBRthewalrus] fucking
[UC`Hurz`dS] bye hobbes?
[goom] half color nades are either
[UC`Hurz`dS] oho
[UC`Hurz`dS] ye
[goom] i really would like collab wfw map
[NBRthewalrus] aww
[Dr-Abegod`] ;o
[goom] smart placement is hard
[NBRthewalrus] man we are not lucky with plops apegod
[goom] if you stand on wally grave you can use sheep
[goom] ^^^^
[UC`Hurz`dS] hm
[UC`Hurz`dS] slow ass
[goom] bungeeeeee
[UC`Hurz`dS] ouchie
[NBRthewalrus] omg
[Dr-Abegod`] au
[UC`Hurz`dS] :o
[NBRthewalrus] you amateur
[NBRthewalrus] the fuck was that
[NBRthewalrus] now ur dead
[goom] awww
[goom] LOL
[UC`Hurz`dS] ehh
[NBRthewalrus] whew
[goom] how did you not die
[Dr-Abegod`] ofc not
[Dr-Abegod`] it was planned
[Dr-Abegod`] this wass
[UC`Hurz`dS] bad angle ;D
[goom] sure
[goom] i should have used db
[goom] if you can even make that
[goom] walk off db?
[Dr-Abegod`] db?
[Dr-Abegod`] what is that
[goom] dragonball
[Dr-Abegod`] kkkkkkkkkkkk
[goom] vn
[UC`Hurz`dS] t
[NBRthewalrus] damn
[goom] makes up for my shot
[goom] better not go for me
[goom] you cant hit
[UC`Hurz`dS] ground it is
[UC`Hurz`dS] yer
[NBRthewalrus] proper form
[NBRthewalrus] very nice
[Dr-Abegod`] t
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[goom] sticky worm
[UC`Hurz`dS] oh riofht
[UC`Hurz`dS] no lg :D
[NBRthewalrus] you will lose this war of attrition goom
[goom] yes
[UC`Hurz`dS] hmm
[NBRthewalrus] where is it going
[NBRthewalrus] ns
[UC`Hurz`dS] n
[goom] ty
[Dr-Abegod`] wtf
goom [i am no threat, ignore meeee]
[goom] my last one :(
[UC`Hurz`dS] gj
[goom] gg
[NBRthewalrus] awwww
[NBRthewalrus] so close
[Dr-Abegod`] almost vvn
[UC`Hurz`dS] gg
[goom] now hurz will destroy you
[goom] all alone
[UC`Hurz`dS] neh
[NBRthewalrus] kill it
[goom] damian needs to die
[NBRthewalrus] it fails too much
[NBRthewalrus] it needs to die
[UC`Hurz`dS] ;o
[Dr-Abegod`] WTF
[UC`Hurz`dS] tefuck
[NBRthewalrus] holy
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[Dr-Abegod`] yees
[UC`Hurz`dS] somehow i thought that ways your last :D
[Dr-Abegod`] still a chance
[UC`Hurz`dS] this is not funny
[UC`Hurz`dS] :D
[NBRthewalrus] nade next to ren
[NBRthewalrus] plops
[UC`Hurz`dS] nah
[UC`Hurz`dS] comes back from homing box
[NBRthewalrus] yeah
[UC`Hurz`dS] gj
[goom] gg
[goom] old woman him
[goom] backflip
[goom] good
[NBRthewalrus] ok
[UC`Hurz`dS] gg
[NBRthewalrus] there game is afoot
[Dr-Abegod`] go walrus
[Dr-Abegod`] u can jew it
[goom] pray
[NBRthewalrus] damn
[Dr-Abegod`] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] wut
[goom] aqua sheep
[NBRthewalrus] noob sheep
[Dr-Abegod`] basic error
[UC`Hurz`dS] woah
[UC`Hurz`dS] weak :D
goom crosses fingers
[goom] nope
[goom] wally can't handle his sheep
[NBRthewalrus] FU
[goom] runaway!
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[NBRthewalrus] yeah right
[goom] watch out for petrol
[goom] its tight shot but i think possible
[UC`Hurz`dS] rofl
[Dr-Abegod`] zook
Dr-Abegod`..NBRthewalrus: zoooooka
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] forgot what i wanted to do :D
[Dr-Abegod`] zook
[UC`Hurz`dS] n hide ;)
[Dr-Abegod`] right
[UC`Hurz`dS] hmm
[UC`Hurz`dS] plop with lg?
[Dr-Abegod`] yeee
[UC`Hurz`dS] gj gg
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[Dr-Abegod`] n
[Dr-Abegod`] gG
[UC`Hurz`dS] ma fail ;)
[UC`Hurz`dS] sry goom
[goom] gg

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