August 20, 2018, 10:10 PM

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Rope #3, Allround #2
August 25, 2017, 08:45 PM
Beginner 1079 in Shopper before the game. Gained 38|34 points more
Absolute Beginner 964 in Shopper before the game. Lost 36|34 points more

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4 - 0
7 - 1
22 - 6
Information Game scheme: Shopper
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[VoK`TdC] hf
[daiNa`cfc] hf
[TdC`Senator] hf
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: remember u can attack without rope
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: shouldnt be hard, its shoppa xd mostly luck
[ryan`cfc] whoa that is an underpowered dyna :O
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: get R?
[daiNa`cfc] ye i think dyna takes 65 max here xd
[ryan`cfc] looks it
[ryan`cfc] that looked underpowered too
[ryan`cfc] ;o
[TdC`Senator] yeah dynas sheeps etc are 2 stars here
[TdC`Senator] same in wxw
[ryan`cfc] cool
[ryan`cfc] i am out of touch with it all
<<daiNa`cfc>> if bad weap u can get O with drill
[TdC`Senator] kinda stupid to have different weapon powers in different schemes
<<daiNa`cfc>> nade? xD
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: thought u wanted the bird hehe
[TdC`Senator] they had standard power in FB league's scheme
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: ye , lets keep big weaps for big guys
[TdC`Senator] but FB league's scheme had also cows, holy etc
[ryan`cfc] was very unbalanced
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: ye me too
[TdC`Senator] yeah the max damage varied between 30 and +100
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: do u like big rr? just curious xD
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: haha ok
[daiNa`cfc] geez
[daiNa`cfc] i thought about getting stuck but didnt look like it
[daiNa`cfc] XD
[daiNa`cfc] wow
[ryan`cfc] whew
[daiNa`cfc] we are anti fd today
[TdC`Senator] i think this scheme isnt good either
[TdC`Senator] has only a few different weaps
[TdC`Senator] kinda boring
[ryan`cfc] lacks wep strategy a bit
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: we can win this in 4 turns
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: kill O
[TdC`Senator] aw
[daiNa`cfc] wtf
<<daiNa`cfc>> or R
daiNa`cfc..ryan`cfc: he has to try knock kill on u xd
[TdC`Senator] awawd
[TdC`Senator] sddsfe
[TdC`Senator] gg
[VoK`TdC] bah gg
[daiNa`cfc] gg
[ryan`cfc] gg

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