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October 05, 2017, 06:01 PM
Absolute Beginner 1074 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Gained 41|38 points more
Absolute Beginner 1038 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Lost 36|38 points more

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5 / 5
Total Members Voted: 1
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3 - 2
7 - 12
Information Game scheme: Normal/Intermediate
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Random generated map by the game.
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Random generated map by the game.
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[dPxKorydex] gl hf
[csongi``dEEpEE] hf
[cfc`kaleu`ea] hf
[daiNa`cfc] hf
[csongi``dEEpEE] bad
[csongi``dEEpEE] ull push houd to the mine
[csongi``dEEpEE] phew
[cfc`kaleu`ea] uff
[daiNa`cfc] bat
[csongi``dEEpEE] mine
[dPxKorydex] fp!
[csongi``dEEpEE] hmmm
[kins`dP] xd
[dPxKorydex] ow
[csongi``dEEpEE] at leasta u killed him lol
[kins`dP] it is okay, they are all blocked
[kins`dP] we cant loose that
[kins`dP] or can we!?
[csongi``dEEpEE] all blocked? lol
[dPxKorydex] we must keep concentration
[kins`dP] i think houdini not block
[csongi``dEEpEE] OFC not, he is a magician
[kins`dP] it was time for cows but not really good place to use them
[dPxKorydex] ya
[csongi``dEEpEE] u've got ss, newb
[csongi``dEEpEE] its korys team weap :(
[dPxKorydex] lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] block 50
kins`dP [knocks allowed?]
[csongi``dEEpEE] ja
kins`dP [no]
[dPxKorydex] damn
[csongi``dEEpEE] lies
[kins`dP] i could try bungee knock and then cows
[kins`dP] but nt anyway
[kins`dP] cows are mine, i am user of them, remember korydex
[kins`dP] or i will need to kick ur ass from dp xd
[dPxKorydex] lol ok
[csongi``dEEpEE] kins is the lord of the cows
[csongi``dEEpEE] a true cowboy from poland
[kins`dP] yes
[csongi``dEEpEE] he was milking cows even before his mother was milking him
[csongi``dEEpEE] long girder
[csongi``dEEpEE] go mroe right
[csongi``dEEpEE] shit
[csongi``dEEpEE] nvm
[kins`dP] ye blocked
[cfc`kaleu`ea] what a game
[cfc`kaleu`ea] very tactical
[kins`dP] maybe it is goin to sd
[kins`dP] poland 1:4
[kins`dP] czech republic 1:1
[cfc`kaleu`ea] 49 for the boys
[cfc`kaleu`ea] oh
[dPxKorydex] just 50 :)
[kins`dP] for what boys :D
[dPxKorydex] good open i guess
[cfc`kaleu`ea] xD
kins`dP..dPxKorydex: dont open them, lets wait sd . 3vs 2 is ok
[cfc`kaleu`ea] awkward
kins`dP..dPxKorydex: or open?
[kins`dP] open girder with bazuka or missle
[kins`dP] dont miss :D
[dPxKorydex] fuck missed it
[dPxKorydex] sry
[kins`dP] yep missle would be better, np
[kins`dP] manowa should be alive
[kins`dP] lets see
[dPxKorydex] last rope
[kins`dP] alive
[csongi``dEEpEE] 71
[dPxKorydex] woah
[csongi``dEEpEE] go ape shit on them kins
[kins`dP] sd next turn?
[kins`dP] how recognize?
[kins`dP] no letters "hurry up?
[dPxKorydex] ya
[dPxKorydex] it could come next go
[daiNa`cfc] gg
[cfc`kaleu`ea] bah
[csongi``dEEpEE] kami
[cfc`kaleu`ea] 1 turn wrong read
[csongi``dEEpEE] lucker
[kins`dP] lol
[dPxKorydex] well that was close xddd
[csongi``dEEpEE] rifk
[csongi``dEEpEE] rofl
[kins`dP] almost fail of the life
[dPxKorydex] ye
[dPxKorydex] gg
[cfc`kaleu`ea] gg

[csongi``dEEpEE] hf
[csongi``dEEpEE] brb, pee&smoke&beer
[kins`dP] kinda sux positios
[dPxKorydex] ye stupid map :(
[dPxKorydex] huh
[kins`dP] ok
[dPxKorydex] only -1
[cfc`kaleu`ea] hf
[kins`dP] he could low gravity 1 bow 2 kill
[dPxKorydex] and down worms
[kins`dP] not bad xd
[dPxKorydex] really strange
[kins`dP] wtf
[dPxKorydex] oh noes
[dPxKorydex] bl there
[kins`dP] sr, i was 2 kms from explosion and still fucked
[daiNa`cfc] dyna :o
[kins`dP] uff lol
[cfc`kaleu`ea] gj/nt
kins`dP [whisper]
[cfc`kaleu`ea] lol
kins`dP..dPxKorydex: maybe i will try mine rust to bounce from cactus to water??
dPxKorydex..kins`dP: hmm
dPxKorydex..kins`dP: I doubt it will work
[cfc`kaleu`ea] pls dont xd
[kins`dP] lool
[kins`dP] it will not work
[cfc`kaleu`ea] then use something else
[kins`dP] or
[dPxKorydex] ah vn
[daiNa`cfc] n
[kins`dP] t
[kins`dP] now i think fp daina and plop too? XD
[kins`dP] or figure it out
[csongi``dEEpEE] 1-5 and 1-2
[csongi``dEEpEE] I've put 2 and +2.5 gaols on both xd
[kins`dP] yep, i knew czech gonna do it
[kins`dP] fp i think good
[csongi``dEEpEE] punch?
[kins`dP] mine will bring him back :D
[dPxKorydex] shit
[dPxKorydex] ye
[dPxKorydex] i thought fp wouldnt plop
[csongi``dEEpEE] maybe mine, but to his right side
[csongi``dEEpEE] not on the head,, nt anyway
[dPxKorydex] oh ye could be true
[csongi``dEEpEE] easy to analyze from the chair xd
[cfc`kaleu`ea] no
[csongi``dEEpEE] nade in the middle
[csongi``dEEpEE] on the higher pixel
[csongi``dEEpEE] ye
[csongi``dEEpEE] awww
[kins`dP] fuck
[kins`dP] i should sheep
[dPxKorydex] bl
[csongi``dEEpEE] bl
[dPxKorydex] torch block ne1?
[kins`dP] it will not work
[dPxKorydex] ew
[csongi``dEEpEE] then dont do it ;d
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[kins`dP] xd
[kins`dP] hope for napalm but of course blue wind ;p
[kins`dP] lol
[dPxKorydex] woot
[kins`dP] hahahaha
[daiNa`cfc] what
[csongi``dEEpEE] weird
[cfc`kaleu`ea] shit
[kins`dP] that was too funny
[daiNa`cfc] kami was better
[cfc`kaleu`ea] I just wanted to make a hole
[cfc`kaleu`ea] not kill at al
[kins`dP] even if it go thruth it couldnt plop him
[kins`dP] hmm ok
[daiNa`cfc] yeah it wouldnt do nothing xD
[cfc`kaleu`ea] it could be used later
[cfc`kaleu`ea] u cant
[cfc`kaleu`ea] xd
[kins`dP] he can!
[cfc`kaleu`ea] walking yes
[csongi``dEEpEE] she *
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[kins`dP] xd
[kins`dP] u sure?
[csongi``dEEpEE] looked pretty feminie to me on the tus pics
[csongi``dEEpEE] but it can all be a big conspiracy and turn out like the flowingwater/franz saga xd
[kins`dP] block just pikachu
[kins`dP] i am gonna plop 100 hp
[kins`dP] xd
[kins`dP] w/e
[csongi``dEEpEE] feminine *
[kins`dP] blowtorch to right? hmm
[cfc`kaleu`ea] block how?
[csongi``dEEpEE] sg 100
[csongi``dEEpEE] from left
[kins`dP] maybe i should kamikaze 35
[kins`dP] it is sd soon
[kins`dP] petrol?
[kins`dP] hmm 2 x sg
[kins`dP] kamikaze and draw?
[kins`dP] go go
[daiNa`cfc] how kami? xD
[kins`dP] aawwww sheet
[kins`dP] if he go there
[cfc`kaleu`ea] vnt
[csongi``dEEpEE] gg bl
[kins`dP] then 2 explopsions
[kins`dP] nt
[dPxKorydex] ye petrol was safer
[cfc`kaleu`ea] i would try the grave too
[cfc`kaleu`ea] gg
[kins`dP] ye but even petrol wouldnt help much there
[daiNa`cfc] lol
[dPxKorydex] gg
[daiNa`cfc] gg

[daiNa`cfc] hf
[kins`dP] hf
[cfc`kaleu`ea] hf
[kins`dP] gj
[cfc`kaleu`ea] maybe we should rm this
[kins`dP] XD
[cfc`kaleu`ea] those were some unfair start postions
[dPxKorydex] we had pretty bad positions in last round too
[cfc`kaleu`ea] well game was 1-0
[cfc`kaleu`ea] host ur pick
[kins`dP] nice
[dPxKorydex] t

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