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Rope #4, Allround #3
October 05, 2017, 07:32 PM
Absolute Beginner 650 in WxW before the game. Gained 42|57 points more
Absolute Beginner 1064 in WxW before the game. Lost 55|57 points more

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4 - 4
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5 - 17
Information Game scheme: WxW
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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1 by Hussar
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Game Chat(s)
[cfc`kaleu`ea] hf
[kins`dP] now it is csoniga's dick size map
[csongi``dEEpEE] indeed
[kins`dP] bls go to tower
[csongi``dEEpEE] sry, now tower race
[csongi``dEEpEE] no*
[csongi``dEEpEE] I wonder how my rope will look ;o
[kins`dP] when was our last clanner?
cfc`kaleu`ea has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm ( <Version for>.
[kins`dP] wherever it was, it was my last roping game xd
[kins`dP] is my kb even work? XD
[csongi``dEEpEE] at least we'll lose because of u ;d
[cfc`kaleu`ea] btw when u will pay us
[cfc`kaleu`ea] for ur tournaments
[kins`dP] gj
[cfc`kaleu`ea] ?
[kins`dP] do u have smt else than paypal?
[kins`dP] skrll neteller bitcoin?
[kins`dP] actually my paypal is zero, but np i remember
[kins`dP] i have payd everyone, so sure i will pay u
[cfc`kaleu`ea] I sent u my btc adress
[csongi``dEEpEE] a lannister always pays his depts xDD
[kins`dP] YEAH xd
[kins`dP] ok i will pay after game
[csongi``dEEpEE] and kinGslayer is a know as Sir jamie
[kins`dP] just pm again kaleu if u cant
[kins`dP] *can
[cfc`kaleu`ea] ok
[cfc`kaleu`ea] afterwards
[csongi``dEEpEE] he'll pay 5$ extra if u let us win
[kins`dP] u will pay ur ass
[kins`dP] if we loose
[kins`dP] xd
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[cfc`kaleu`ea] xd
[cfc`kaleu`ea] im sure u touched the worm last worm xd
[cfc`kaleu`ea] not the wall
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] vn
[kins`dP] t
[kins`dP] nice fd, and bad pile xd
[daiNa`cfc] ye lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[kins`dP] close xd
[cfc`kaleu`ea] haha
[daiNa`cfc] wtf xD
[csongi``dEEpEE] looked stilish tho xd
[csongi``dEEpEE] 45?\
[cfc`kaleu`ea] 42
[kins`dP] poor
[kins`dP] xd
[kins`dP] 35
[kins`dP] hahaha
[csongi``dEEpEE] 66 'p
[kins`dP] i know how to use it mofos
[kins`dP] tho it was lie 66
[kins`dP] evil lie
[kins`dP] thx
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[cfc`kaleu`ea] funny
[csongi``dEEpEE] burn them asses
[daiNa`cfc] nt xD
[kins`dP] w/e
[kins`dP] strong red wind and he will fall
[kins`dP] ok ok
[csongi``dEEpEE] knew
[csongi``dEEpEE] bl
[kins`dP] triple kill
[csongi``dEEpEE] triple shit dmg, u mean ? :D
[cfc`kaleu`ea] lost game
[kins`dP] wth
[kins`dP] lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] ??????
[kins`dP] dunno i closed eyes and pressed enter
[csongi``dEEpEE] fking open them next time
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] enter?????????????????????//
[daiNa`cfc] bl
[csongi``dEEpEE] gj
[cfc`kaleu`ea] thx
[csongi``dEEpEE] fucking zooka or nade
[csongi``dEEpEE] ffs
[csongi``dEEpEE] wasted 2 sheeps alrady
[kins`dP] i had a plan
[csongi``dEEpEE] aha
[kins`dP] see? he failed mine ;p
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[daiNa`cfc] :(
[cfc`kaleu`ea] u can fail ths turn too
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] n
[csongi``dEEpEE] he said he has a crazy plan :((
[csongi``dEEpEE] need to close my eyes for this one
[csongi``dEEpEE] wtf was crazy plan in that?
[kins`dP] XD
[csongi``dEEpEE] wasted another strong weap for nothing xd
[kins`dP] lol i can sell u for 5 dollars csongi to cfc
[kins`dP] wanna tranfser him?
[daiNa`cfc] XD
[kins`dP] i had 80% attacks this game, u just 60%
[kins`dP] and i had 0% fall, what is big surprise :D
[daiNa`cfc] why arent u failing
[kins`dP] but game is not over yet, heh
[csongi``dEEpEE] 60% of those 80% were wasted weapons
[cfc`kaleu`ea] wtf.
[csongi``dEEpEE] just go safe for mary
[csongi``dEEpEE] bad crate
[kins`dP] hard crate
[csongi``dEEpEE] fking newb]
[kins`dP] but maybe 5 sec was enough.. hmmm
[kins`dP] i think it was
[csongi``dEEpEE] we will lose cause of ur incompetence :(
[kins`dP] but when i hear that sound of 5 4 3 2 1 i am goin crazy and fall in 99% situations
[kins`dP] maybe i should play withouth sound
[csongi``dEEpEE] play with muted sound
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[kins`dP] yee
[daiNa`cfc] xD
[kins`dP] kill at least marty now
[cfc`kaleu`ea] haha
[kins`dP] gj ^^
[kins`dP] go safe and do as i learned u
[kins`dP] *teached
[cfc`kaleu`ea] wtf
[cfc`kaleu`ea] tap tap tap
[kins`dP] yes he has spacebar
[csongi``dEEpEE] my hands are literally cold
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] no heating yet
[kins`dP] when i had gf yet, i puted ice fingers to hot pussy, it helped immidiatelly
[kins`dP] u just dong fall now
[csongi``dEEpEE] time to fall once? :D
[kins`dP] *donttttttt
[cfc`kaleu`ea] gg
[cfc`kaleu`ea] the game went closer than I thought anyway
[kins`dP] did u use same practices with lalo, daina?
[kins`dP] nice
[kins`dP] gg
[daiNa`cfc] gg
[cfc`kaleu`ea] gg
[csongi``dEEpEE] gg
[kins`dP] 1 more?
[daiNa`cfc] ag

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