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Allround #3, Default #4
November 16, 2017, 10:30 PM
United Kingdom dF dS NfBX
Beginner 1101 in BnG before the game. Gained 37|36 points more
Brazil STF ea rrX
Absolute Beginner 1035 in BnG before the game. Lost 36|36 points more

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Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Chris] hf
[cfc`kaleu`ea] hf
[cfc`kaleu`ea] we could play wxw afterwards
[Chris] wxw is cool
[Chris] i don't mind ttrr but i suck hard so waste of time lol
[cfc`kaleu`ea] but ttrr is fast
[cfc`kaleu`ea] gs
[Chris] ty
[Chris] how's clan recruiting goin ?
[cfc`kaleu`ea] hmm noone interesting at all
[cfc`kaleu`ea] interested*
[Chris] yeah not many leauge players active atm and ones who are have been in same clan for years
[cfc`kaleu`ea] yeah true
[cfc`kaleu`ea] n
[Chris] ty
[cfc`kaleu`ea] oo
[Chris] xD
[Chris] n if i was there
[cfc`kaleu`ea] exactly my thoughts
[cfc`kaleu`ea] can I try again
[cfc`kaleu`ea] or move
[Chris] try then get hit if miss or move
[Chris] nt
[cfc`kaleu`ea] t
[Chris] ew
[cfc`kaleu`ea] uff
[cfc`kaleu`ea] I could plop you
[Chris] yeah if good lg nade
[Chris] but hard
[Chris] lol aim is off today
[cfc`kaleu`ea] heh
[cfc`kaleu`ea] aw
[Chris] was getting too close with the 5 lg xD
[cfc`kaleu`ea] I was aiming oldskoolers to read that thread and join us
[cfc`kaleu`ea] damn
[cfc`kaleu`ea] really xd
[Chris] damm i suck
[Chris] missed every zooka
[cfc`kaleu`ea] asfdasfraer54354
[Chris] lol
[cfc`kaleu`ea] n
[Chris] ty
[cfc`kaleu`ea] minimized
[Chris] was a zook
[cfc`kaleu`ea] vn then
[Chris] ah my gem
[cfc`kaleu`ea] hahah
[Chris] ah
[cfc`kaleu`ea] almost time to meet your maker
[Chris] almost
[cfc`kaleu`ea] i only got 1 good wind whole game
[Chris] woops
[Chris] bit much
[cfc`kaleu`ea] np
[cfc`kaleu`ea] o0
[Chris] ;)
[cfc`kaleu`ea] there
[Chris] gj
[cfc`kaleu`ea] ty
[Chris] now repeat xD
[cfc`kaleu`ea] NO
[cfc`kaleu`ea] u too
[Chris] lol
[cfc`kaleu`ea] awkward
[cfc`kaleu`ea] end my suffering
[Chris] 3.5 needed
[Chris] vnt
[cfc`kaleu`ea] ty
[cfc`kaleu`ea] haha
[cfc`kaleu`ea] unbelievable
[Chris] i have voodoo forcefield enabled
[cfc`kaleu`ea] xDdddddddddD
[Chris] ^^^
[cfc`kaleu`ea] i Will never doubt
[Chris] gg ;)
[cfc`kaleu`ea] gg
[cfc`kaleu`ea] join

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