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November 22, 2017, 08:33 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Gained 39|39 points more
Absolute Beginner 996 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Lost 40|39 points more

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Information Game scheme: Normal/Intermediate
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] hf
[TdC`Senator] hf
[sX`Sir-J] damn
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: baseball bat
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: go ahead
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] ops
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: what now..
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> cows form I do S ?
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> yeah
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> n
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: t :>
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: horza next
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: skunk?
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> sg?
[sX`Sir-J] wtf
[TdC`Senator] :D
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] lol
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] bl
[TdC`Senator] punch
[TdC`Senator] from jump
[TdC`Senator] like u planned
[TdC`Senator] :D
[sX`Sir-J] wtf?
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: nade from jet?
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: risky but
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: or that
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: yeah cool
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: -2 coming
[TdC`Senator] wtf
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] vbl
[TdC`Senator] would have killed 2 :x
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> we have almost all utilities
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: hard to lose now
[VoK`TdC] gg
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] gg
[sX`Sir-J] gg
[TdC`Senator] gg

[sX`Sir-J] hf
[TdC`Senator] hf
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: maybe use sw
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: and kill I
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: good
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> thx
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> best f next
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: yep ok
[TdC`Senator] lol
[TdC`Senator] n pile
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] ^^
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: maybe knock worm3 and dyna worm4 but too much waste
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: also need to escape somehow
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: thats enough
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] party time
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: didnt even need dyna
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> I trusted your idea too much xD
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> paniced when I couldnt find dyna
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: damn
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] insane move coming
[TdC`Senator] ^^
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: i will block too
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: or not..
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: A is next
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> block maybe anyway
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> gj
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: lol they can use napalm soon
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: it will deal a lot of damage
[TdC`Senator] lol
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] xD
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: ok cool
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: antho up is next
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: he'll hit and pile you
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: so i cant attack
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: or kill me
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: air strike?
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> maybe tele up?
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: like here?
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> yeah
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> yeah
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> better
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> we have sw
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> try a cluster?
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> or sg + open?
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: you decide
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: im bad at this xD
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: they have air strike i will place a girder above you
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: or.. do they actually have it?
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: im not sure
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> dont remember
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> I think they do
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: yes they do
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: what was i think
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: ing
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> can it work?
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: i dunno :<
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: cool
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> now this blocked worm
sX`Sir-J..TOMT`sX`nlF`tr: what to do
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> maybe axe?
<<TOMT`sX`nlF`tr>> from left is possible
[sX`Sir-J] WTF
[sX`Sir-J] holly dolly
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] 29
[sX`Sir-J] phew
[VoK`TdC] gg
[sX`Sir-J] gg
[TOMT`sX`nlF`tr] gg
[TdC`Senator] hm could rope knock into pile?

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