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January 09, 2018, 12:04 AM
Germany db dS Kf
Above Average 1627 in Darts before the game. Gained 33|15 points
Morocco HCP BrS PoC
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Darts before the game. Lost 15|15 points

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Information Game scheme: Darts
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Man on the Moon by TheKomodo
1920 x 2088, PNG, 212.57 KB, Downloaded 1398 time(s)

Flight of the snowflake by ksuh
3840 x 1200, PNG, 121.3 KB, Downloaded 1341 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[giJo`UC] ye, still want to
[UC`Hurz`dS] imma hurry finish roll :D
[giJo`UC] but can't xD
[UC`Hurz`dS] haha
[giJo`UC] just finished my game with audio
[UC`Hurz`dS] wanna test throw snake?
[Snake`BrS] nope
Snake`BrS 3
[UC`Hurz`dS] nice
[giJo`UC] wee
[Snake`BrS] ty
UC`Hurz`dS 5
[Snake`BrS] :o
[Snake`BrS] vn
[UC`Hurz`dS] phew
[UC`Hurz`dS] ty
[UC`Hurz`dS] i often suck here
[UC`Hurz`dS] prolly first try luck now miss :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw
UC`Hurz`dS 7
Snake`BrS 5
[UC`Hurz`dS] ae
UC`Hurz`dS 10
Snake`BrS 8
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw nt
[Snake`BrS] t :D
UC`Hurz`dS 13
Snake`BrS 11
[UC`Hurz`dS] pretty much same lol
[Snake`BrS] i wasted one :/
[UC`Hurz`dS] grr
UC`Hurz`dS 16
[UC`Hurz`dS] ya...
[UC`Hurz`dS] id mully that
Snake`BrS 14
[UC`Hurz`dS] haha i meant ur throws btw.
[UC`Hurz`dS] all same spoot :D
[Snake`BrS] lol
UC`Hurz`dS 19
[UC`Hurz`dS] me 3 each time after first tho, too lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] except 2nd
[UC`Hurz`dS] weee
[giJo`UC] !
[UC`Hurz`dS] nice
Snake`BrS 19
[Snake`BrS] ty
[UC`Hurz`dS] weee
UC`Hurz`dS 21
Snake`BrS 22
[Snake`BrS] :(
[Snake`BrS] gg
[UC`Hurz`dS] bl that 1
[UC`Hurz`dS] rofl
UC`Hurz`dS 23 gg
[Snake`BrS] lol
[Snake`BrS] wanted surr
[UC`Hurz`dS] throw that 1 while i finish roll :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] missed
[Snake`BrS] ok
[Snake`BrS] :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] lmao
[UC`Hurz`dS] whyyyy :D
[Snake`BrS] lol

[UC`Hurz`dS] funz
[UC`Hurz`dS] was like
[giJo`UC] funz
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol finally got the spinach ready :D
UC`Hurz`dS 9
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw
[Snake`BrS] I'll suck big time in this
UC`Hurz`dS 15
[UC`Hurz`dS] nah
[UC`Hurz`dS] youll have it after 3 tries :D
[Snake`BrS] awww
[UC`Hurz`dS] soft
[UC`Hurz`dS] well you went too soft and too strong now. just the middle :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] ieks
[Snake`BrS] ...
[UC`Hurz`dS] redo that
[UC`Hurz`dS] tele :D
[Snake`BrS] oh man
[UC`Hurz`dS] closer
[UC`Hurz`dS] aaaah
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] ufff
[UC`Hurz`dS] thought 0
UC`Hurz`dS 21
[UC`Hurz`dS] nice
Snake`BrS 10
[Snake`BrS] t
[UC`Hurz`dS] haha
[UC`Hurz`dS] awesome 1
[UC`Hurz`dS] ae
UC`Hurz`dS 31
[Snake`BrS] :o
[Snake`BrS] gj
[UC`Hurz`dS] t
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw
[Snake`BrS] this aint easy
[UC`Hurz`dS] pffff
[UC`Hurz`dS] said so :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] uhm
[Snake`BrS] still got 2 worms, so i officialy lost
[Snake`BrS] ggs
[UC`Hurz`dS] sry o chatting me bout his new weed :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] oh
[Snake`BrS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] ah well
UC`Hurz`dS 37 ggs
[UC`Hurz`dS] t for funz mate
[UC`Hurz`dS] u said u need go?
[UC`Hurz`dS] nicce
[Snake`BrS] yup
[Snake`BrS] t
[UC`Hurz`dS] looll
[UC`Hurz`dS] why not always like that :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] so good bulls
[Snake`BrS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] k :D
[Snake`BrS] ggs mate
[UC`Hurz`dS] cya
[Snake`BrS] pls report both games
[UC`Hurz`dS] hm k
[Snake`BrS] kaos and this
[Snake`BrS] ty for gosting
[Snake`BrS] gn

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