January 22, 2019, 10:03 PM

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Free #33
June 13, 2018, 04:05 PM
Russian Federation S3 BrS
Sum: Absolute Beginner 1028 in Mole Shopper before the game. Gained 37|37 points
Sum: Absolute Beginner 1028 in Mole Shopper before the game. Gained 37|37 points
Belarus NOOBs
Sum: Absolute Beginner 980 in Mole Shopper before the game. Lost 37|37 points
Sum: Absolute Beginner 980 in Mole Shopper before the game. Lost 37|37 points

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Information Game scheme: Mole Shopper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Scully-V] hf
[koci] gl
Scully-V..koci: now it'll be serious
Scully-V..koci: :>
koci..Scully-V: well
koci..Scully-V: im warmed up
Scully-V..koci: maybe just blow him up?
Scully-V..koci: with crate
[TnL`MazingerZ] 3 worms?
[TnL`MazingerZ] :D
Scully-V..koci: i'll block him
[Scully-V] yeah, that's the rule
[TnL`MazingerZ] ah ok
Scully-V..koci: well
Scully-V..koci: np
Scully-V..koci: we need to go out now
Scully-V..koci: or...
Scully-V..koci: let's try
Scully-V..koci: NICE!
Scully-V..koci: take crate and open yourself to us
Scully-V..koci: we got this
Scully-V..koci: ...cave
[TnL`MazingerZ] :/
Scully-V..koci: yeah
Scully-V..koci: block?
[TnL`MazingerZ] :D
[koci] awww
[koci] btw why its weak
[koci] ?
Scully-V..koci: that's the result
[Scully-V] it's ok
koci..Scully-V: leif for crates?
[TnL`MazingerZ] aw
[koci] ))
Scully-V..koci: ok
Scully-V..koci: but be sure you'll be able to take them
[Scully-V] gj
[TnL`MazingerZ] -.-
koci..Scully-V: 2 for them its much beter then 4
koci..Scully-V: block?
Scully-V..koci: ye!
[Scully-V] oh
[koci] sorry
[Scully-V] np
Scully-V..koci: now you can cluster chocolate
koci..Scully-V: plan was without knock u
koci..Scully-V: y
koci..Scully-V: dont kill 109hp
koci..Scully-V: !!!!
Scully-V..koci: damn me
koci..Scully-V: shit happens
Scully-V..koci: show them
Scully-V..koci: gravity
Scully-V..koci: and take crates
Scully-V..koci: crate*
Scully-V..koci: hurry up
Scully-V..koci: just cluster with lg
koci..Scully-V: cant walk on his head
koci..Scully-V: for crates and clust
Scully-V..koci: who is next?
koci..Scully-V: and we will need lg
koci..Scully-V: top 200
Scully-V..koci: he won't do that
[TnL`MazingerZ] n1
Scully-V..koci: i'll napalm them 2 times
koci..Scully-V: make way up for never and hide>>>>
koci..Scully-V: i will use cluster for 200
Scully-V..koci: china and canuto are opened
koci..Scully-V: torch<<< and hide back
Scully-V..koci: bad idea
Scully-V..koci: he is first one
Scully-V..koci: and i still have "up"
Scully-V..koci: we need to play dark side when we're able to
Scully-V..koci: nice
Scully-V..koci: he wasted lg
[KAPTOWKA] very slow
Scully-V..koci: well
Scully-V..koci: i guess now i'll open
koci..Scully-V: u can shot gun up, and try to kil that 22 hp
koci..Scully-V: or block that 2 worms by 2 shots
[TnL`MazingerZ] :D
koci..Scully-V: gun up
Scully-V..koci: but i\ll need lg
koci..Scully-V: no
[koci] trust me
Scully-V..koci: :\
koci..Scully-V: nice any way
Scully-V..koci: he can plop me now
[TnL`MazingerZ] aw
[KAPTOWKA] fkkf)
Scully-V..koci: try to open yourself
Scully-V..koci: you're only the onw
Scully-V..koci: ok
Scully-V..koci: we can't do mistakes now
[koci] y
Scully-V..koci: nade china
koci..Scully-V: know
Scully-V..koci: who is next?
koci..Scully-V: nade 77?
[TnL`MazingerZ] nooo
Scully-V..koci: sorry
koci..Scully-V: relax))
Scully-V..koci: wait
[koci] kind a hist
koci..Scully-V: go on top
koci..Scully-V: i need u
Scully-V..koci: we're done without good wind
Scully-V..koci: phew
koci..Scully-V: if wind will be shity just use nada ore cluster
Scully-V..koci: he could kill me
[TnL`MazingerZ] n1
[TnL`MazingerZ] gg
[koci] gg
koci..Scully-V: why not from the top?
Scully-V..koci: and where should i hide on the top?
koci..Scully-V: and hide on 56?
Scully-V..koci: nah, one shot
[TnL`MazingerZ] shit
[koci] YEA
[koci] gj
[Scully-V] t
[TnL`MazingerZ] gg
Scully-V..koci: that mistake saved our game
[Scully-V] in 30 mins
[TnL`MazingerZ] try holy
[koci] i cant
[koci] maby later
[Scully-V] ok
[TnL`MazingerZ] :/
[koci] maybe*
[Scully-V] pm me in snooper
[koci] kk
[Scully-V] nt
[TnL`MazingerZ] almost...
[TnL`MazingerZ] :D
[koci] gg
[Scully-V] gg
[TnL`MazingerZ] gg

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