February 23, 2019, 07:49 AM

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Free #33
August 09, 2018, 08:48 PM
United States NBR S17
Competent 1758 in Aerial before the game. Gained 37|15 points
Italy FUB bui
Beginner 1144 in Aerial before the game. Lost 14|16 points

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1 - 1
1 - 1
1 - 1
7 - 3
Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Random generated map by the game.
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[NBRthewalrus] wheres ur buds?
[FUB`Sbaffo] gl
[NBRthewalrus] i thought you would be chopping down some trees about now
[FUB`Sbaffo] kinda can't do that
[FUB`Sbaffo] my mum is very ill, i can't leave the house
[FUB`Sbaffo] if something happens, i gotta be here.
[NBRthewalrus] aww shit
[NBRthewalrus] whats happening with her
[FUB`Sbaffo] she has breast cancer
[FUB`Sbaffo] nt
[NBRthewalrus] dieeeeee
[NBRthewalrus] thats horrible
[NBRthewalrus] my heart dropped a little when i read that
[NBRthewalrus] im sorry
[FUB`Sbaffo] ye i know man
[FUB`Sbaffo] i wish anyone wouldn't go through something like that
[FUB`Sbaffo] neither directly or just see it
[NBRthewalrus] n
[NBRthewalrus] yeah cancer is a cunt
[FUB`Sbaffo] nice zook
[NBRthewalrus] ty
[FUB`Sbaffo] lolz
[NBRthewalrus] is she doing treatments?
[FUB`Sbaffo] she has done lot of them, this is her 10th year
[FUB`Sbaffo] she can't do any treatment anymore..
[NBRthewalrus] wtf man
[NBRthewalrus] 10 years
[FUB`Sbaffo] yeah 2 years ago she was doing fine
[FUB`Sbaffo] then last year it kicked back again
[NBRthewalrus] n
[FUB`Sbaffo] ty
[NBRthewalrus] arg
[FUB`Sbaffo] dude i'm losing wtf
[FUB`Sbaffo] time to kick your ass
[NBRthewalrus] nope
[FUB`Sbaffo] that's not how you telecide
[NBRthewalrus] no
[NBRthewalrus] never
[FUB`Sbaffo] jetcide
[NBRthewalrus] negative
[NBRthewalrus] nein
[NBRthewalrus] negatory
[FUB`Sbaffo] neither that way
[NBRthewalrus] NOT THE CRATE
[FUB`Sbaffo] i fucked up a whole turn
[NBRthewalrus] whew
[FUB`Sbaffo] phew
[FUB`Sbaffo] almost
[NBRthewalrus] about to pound you with the NEIN cannon
[FUB`Sbaffo] lol
[NBRthewalrus] gj
[FUB`Sbaffo] fuck off
[FUB`Sbaffo] vn
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg wp
[NBRthewalrus] bl
[FUB`Sbaffo] nah that was nice

[FUB`Sbaffo] gl
[FUB`Sbaffo] WTF
[FUB`Sbaffo] gufo host
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[NBRthewalrus] cmon
[NBRthewalrus] tackle
[FUB`Sbaffo] lmao
[NBRthewalrus] that shot
[NBRthewalrus] meh
[FUB`Sbaffo] nice drop
[NBRthewalrus] gogogo
[FUB`Sbaffo] omg 100000 IQ play
[NBRthewalrus] retard brain active
[FUB`Sbaffo] uh what
[FUB`Sbaffo] that's a retard brain plaaaying
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg wp
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[NBRthewalrus] bl man
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[FUB`Sbaffo] xd

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