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August 22, 2018, 09:03 PM
Absolute Beginner 960 in BnG before the game. Gained 28|30 points more
Absolute Beginner 754 in BnG before the game. Lost 38|30 points more

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Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Mirrored BnG #9 by XanKriegor, Sensei
1920 x 696, PNG, 91.08 KB, Downloaded 326 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[TdCxSenator] hf
[Sensei`hcp] mirrored map. same hides
[Sensei`hcp] don't cry later!!
[Sensei`hcp] :D
[HussarTDC] cooll idea
[Sensei`hcp] when hcp f@#!s you up
[TdC`lales] gj doing that Sensei
[Sensei`hcp] thx, we made 10-15.. but could do more soon
[Pixy`hcp] wwho laggin now
[TdCxSenator] nice hide?
[Sensei`hcp] lol
[pavlepavle] pixy lag
[TdC`lales] Failed mouse ... cat doing meow and .. u know
[TdC`lales] see
[Sensei`hcp] damn :)
[pavlepavle] feck
[Pixy`hcp] fuc
[HussarTDC] ops
[pavlepavle] ns
[Sensei`hcp] n
[TdCxSenator] ty
[Pixy`hcp] shit
[pavlepavle] aw
[TdCxSenator] haha sen
[TdCxSenator] im reading!
[Sensei`hcp] haha! cheats
[Pixy`hcp] what
[Sensei`hcp] reading our tactics on twitch
[TdC`lales] ;)
[TdCxSenator] or wiptistean
[TdC`lales] ;o cheater
[TdC`lales] xD!
[TdCxSenator] ops
[pavlepavle] xD
[Sensei`hcp] 4 full power forbidden
[pavlepavle] gj
[Sensei`hcp] vns!
[Pixy`hcp] d
[HussarTDC] ok
[pavlepavle] ae
[pavlepavle] now i hit there
[Sensei`hcp] hooooly
[TdC`lales] Hola Senator? ;p
[TdCxSenator] didnt believe
[Pixy`hcp] vn
[pavlepavle] yea
[Sensei`hcp] i'm back
[Pixy`hcp] im eating lindt
[Pixy`hcp] do u want some
[Sensei`hcp] swiss choco
[Sensei`hcp] nice
[Pixy`hcp] i bought in airbort
[Pixy`hcp] f@#!
[TdCxSenator] finnish better
[TdCxSenator] fazer
[Sensei`hcp] ......
[Pixy`hcp] there goes my hp virginity
[TdC`lales] still has the other one
[Sensei`hcp] don't move from there and you'll be a whore in no time..
[Pixy`hcp] shit
[Pixy`hcp] that f@#!ing thing agin
[pavlepavle] kill that thing
[TdC`lales] close ! nt
[TdC`lales] Combo there ^^ Keep on trying it Hussar
[HussarTDC] ;p
[TdC`lales] uhhh
[Pixy`hcp] o shit
[TdC`lales] coño
[Pixy`hcp] o fuc
[TdC`lales] 3 2 1 polishhero incomming
[Pixy`hcp] f@#!ing dogmax
[TdC`lales] sup with goatmaxie?
[TdCxSenator] lol
[TdC`lales] Time to stop aiming him ^^ Go for pavlepavle
[TdC`lales] ops whisper
[pavlepavle] come baby
[TdCxSenator] bad angle
[TdC`lales] phew, idont want to open Sensei, atm
[TdC`lales] f9 doenst work ;p
[Pixy`hcp] \asddggsdf
[HussarTDC] cmmon
[pavlepavle] huh
[Pixy`hcp] lel
[TdC`lales] woot
[Sensei`hcp] damn.
[Sensei`hcp] fkn 4
[TdC`lales] Dou you want to enjoy BnG or just win a league game Sensei?
[TdC`lales] I can stop 4s full
[TdC`lales] I fact I didnt ;)
[TdC`lales] In*
[HussarTDC] i didnt do full neither
[HussarTDC] whats the point?
[Sensei`hcp] i'm enjoying it
[HussarTDC] gj
[Sensei`hcp] i didn't say anything guys, wtf? :D
[TdC`lales] The old point as always ^^
[Pixy`hcp] asdfg
[TdC`lales] But we are doing in a good way, green/purple teams
[pavlepavle] ok we need some roller there
[TdC`lales] No p`lz ;D
[Pixy`hcp] senseis angle us fuked
[pavlepavle] hm
[Sensei`hcp] first time in this game i actually have angle :D
[TdC`lales] lol
[HussarTDC] xD
[TdCxSenator] cow?
[pavlepavle] :D
[Pixy`hcp] how?
[TdC`lales] You could tele out that hole .... xD
[Sensei`hcp] what happened?
[TdCxSenator] 5s without max?
[pavlepavle] was 4s
[Sensei`hcp] where, lales? :D
[TdCxSenator] oh ok
[Sensei`hcp] you destroyed all.
[Pixy`hcp] tshit
[TdCxSenator] im blind
[TdC`lales] Yeah Sensei, sorry ;)
[Sensei`hcp] ok, now i have angle :D
[Sensei`hcp] haha
[TdC`lales] xDD
[TdC`lales] clickclock
[Pixy`hcp] my winds are always f@#!in shit
[TdC`lales] lovely wind
[TdC`lales] gj
[HussarTDC] t
[TdC`lales] Time to plop pavle with a nice sitter ;p
[pavlepavle] f@#!
[HussarTDC] bl
[Sensei`hcp] lol
[TdC`lales] gj
[HussarTDC] goood
[TdC`lales] combo plz
[TdC`lales] OMG
[pavlepavle] this is cow
[HussarTDC] xD
[TdC`lales] i though i have 4s
[HussarTDC] 26+9
[Pixy`hcp] its ok who cares tbh
[TdC`lales] well, it would worked same ...
[pavlepavle] :D
[TdC`lales] i will skip or famage myself ... rules r rules
[pavlepavle] nice
[Pixy`hcp] eh it was ok
[TdC`lales] And sorry ofc, no excuses
[TdC`lales] ;(
[TdC`lales] skip x2 or damage? chose plz
[HussarTDC] i think self demage for 30?
[HussarTDC] 35*
[Sensei`hcp] 90 hp????
[Sensei`hcp] thx
[TdC`lales] I didnt check how many "hp"
[TdC`lales] well, as u want it sir
[pavlepavle] ae
[HussarTDC] 26+9
[Sensei`hcp] what was this?
[pavlepavle] lol
[HussarTDC] self demage
[TdCxSenator] punishment for cow
[TdC`lales] yup
[Pixy`hcp] absolute shit shot
[Sensei`hcp] pix... maybe try smth else? :/
[pavlepavle] hahah
[TdCxSenator] that's what the rules say xd
[TdC`lales] If u want more said it to me
[Pixy`hcp] i literally havent gotten 1 good wind
[Pixy`hcp] its all 100% shit
[HussarTDC] omg couldnt close the chat
[pavlepavle] cmon
[Pixy`hcp] which one
[Pixy`hcp] ooo
[Sensei`hcp] you see that piece of wall left of you
[Sensei`hcp] lg nade bounce from there
[TdC`lales] can i shot you or skip?
[TdC`lales] ;o
[pavlepavle] shoot
[Pixy`hcp] \shoot
[Pixy`hcp] shit angle tho
[TdC`lales] ty ;)
[Pixy`hcp] omg pro
[pavlepavle] damn
[HussarTDC] gs
[Sensei`hcp] gj
[TdC`lales] ty ty
[pavlepavle] dont shoot :D
[TdC`lales] late, i guess
[pavlepavle] jk
[TdC`lales] ;p
[pavlepavle] hussar still 150
[Pixy`hcp] use petrol
[TdC`lales] they arefocusing on you Hussar ;)
[Sensei`hcp] you're too close, 1 zook in between gonna pile you
[TdC`lales] use Invisibility
[TdC`lales] lovelywind
[HussarTDC] 2
[pavlepavle] yay
[TdC`lales] -3
[Pixy`hcp] there goes his hp hymen
[Pixy`hcp] finally
[Pixy`hcp] after 1/2 hour
[TdC`lales] 33 mins
[TdC`lales] ;p
[HussarTDC] 6
[Sensei`hcp] fuseex
[TdC`lales] 5s
[TdC`lales] 5s
[TdCxSenator] in wmd 6s
[TdCxSenator] ;)
[pavlepavle] weee
[TdC`lales] ;)
[TdC`lales] but we have rubber 9s
[Sensei`hcp] haha, there he goes with wmd :)
[TdC`lales] ;p
[Sensei`hcp] that's karma cause 4
[Pixy`hcp] that f@#!ing piece of shit right there
[Sensei`hcp] :D
[pavlepavle] cant hit anythinig
[TdC`lales] you have Senator near you ;) "finnish" him
[Pixy`hcp] walrus would have killed us all already tbh
[pavlepavle] plopable now
[HussarTDC] huehue
[TdCxSenator] nice bot move
[TdCxSenator] CPU1
[TdC`lales] check CPU2
[pavlepavle] yay
[Pixy`hcp] thats bad
[TdC`lales] close
[TdC`lales] cosalive
[Sensei`hcp] better than kill.
[TdC`lales] ns btw
[pavlepavle] ty
[TdC`lales] you did it well
[TdC`lales] bouny nade and plop?
[TdC`lales] Bouncy
[pavlepavle] huh
[TdC`lales] oh well
[HussarTDC] xD
[pavlepavle] bl
[Sensei`hcp] at least he announced!
[pavlepavle] ae
[Pixy`hcp] F
[Pixy`hcp] U
[Pixy`hcp] C
[Pixy`hcp] K
[Sensei`hcp] damn. not his day
[TdC`lales] B
[TdC`lales] U
[TdC`lales] T
[TdC`lales] T
[Pixy`hcp] that was my first nowind in 40 minutes
[TdCxSenator] dont hit me
[TdC`lales] pro
[TdC`lales] proooooo
[TdC`lales] I prefer 1 arrow, nvm red or blue ;)
[pavlepavle] ok
[Pixy`hcp] well
[Pixy`hcp] their hide is ded
[TdCxSenator] ops
[TdC`lales] at least 1 more shot and i can tele away
[pavlepavle] get him pixey
[Pixy`hcp] shit bounce
[pavlepavle] noice
[HussarTDC] =/
[TdC`lales] WINDS
[HussarTDC] my shield works well
[Pixy`hcp] yes kill that shit
[TdC`lales] gg ne1
[pavlepavle] ae ns
[Sensei`hcp] g1
[TdC`lales] ty
[pavlepavle] :D
[TdC`lales] uhhh
[pavlepavle] hit everything except them
[TdC`lales] well done
[TdC`lales] the necesary push
[TdC`lales] +s
[pavlepavle] NO
[Sensei`hcp] lol
[pavlepavle] lies, wind was weaker :D
[TdCxSenator] xD
[TdC`lales] I want my dream comes true ... bouncy nade under Sensei`s ass
[Pixy`hcp] stop with that shit lales
[TdC`lales] No angle
[pavlepavle] lol
[pavlepavle] ns
[TdCxSenator] gg
[HussarTDC] in the face
[TdC`lales] Ok Pixy, then its time to kill you 1st
[TdC`lales] gg.
[Pixy`hcp] rude
[Sensei`hcp] gg
[Pixy`hcp] map looks like it got hit by f@#!in armageddon
[pavlepavle] dig under hussa
[HussarTDC] xD
[pavlepavle] finaly
[TdC`lales] ns
[Sensei`hcp] we're gonna plop soon :D
[pavlepavle] wow
[Sensei`hcp] vn!
[TdC`lales] fancy
[TdC`lales] gj
[Pixy`hcp] lol that was for lales
[Sensei`hcp] hahahhaha
[pavlepavle] XD
[Sensei`hcp] at least he's honest
[HussarTDC] zook
[HussarTDC] gg
[TdC`lales] I havesomething disturbing me here
[Pixy`hcp] i accepted that im going to die
[Sensei`hcp] if pixy decides to lg boom himself is that against rules?
[TdC`lales] no
[TdC`lales] vn
[pavlepavle] ns!
[Sensei`hcp] thx
[Pixy`hcp] it would be pretty gay to suicidebomb after 1hr
[Sensei`hcp] ofc you won't do it hahha
[Sensei`hcp] was just curious
[Pixy`hcp] awful
[Sensei`hcp] i remember when zalo reported match against me.. he finished me with shotgun
[Sensei`hcp] wait, was it zalo... :/
[Sensei`hcp] forgot.
[Sensei`hcp] n push
[TdC`lales] ty
[pavlepavle] copy
[TdC`lales] cat
[TdC`lales] PIXY
[TdC`lales] phew
[Pixy`hcp] what
[TdC`lales] that zook
[Pixy`hcp] nah
[Pixy`hcp] cant believe im still alive
[TdC`lales] 28 shots more Hussar
[Pixy`hcp] 2s is allowed right?
[Sensei`hcp] ye
[TdC`lales] yes
[Pixy`hcp] ded
[Pixy`hcp] nope
[TdC`lales] 2 shots more Hussar
[Pixy`hcp] finally a flying piece of shit saves me
[TdC`lales] ;)
[TdC`lales] ty MAX
[Sensei`hcp] that seemed lame.. won't do it again
[Pixy`hcp] fuyck off wind
[Pixy`hcp] well im ded
[TdC`lales] Gg.
[HussarTDC] gg
[Sensei`hcp] gg
[pavlepavle] ..
[Pixy`hcp] wew
[TdC`lales] nt ^^
[pavlepavle] nah
[TdC`lales] 5s LG no MAX ... allowed, isnt?
[HussarTDC] where is ur reaim?
[pavlepavle] sure
[TdC`lales] i dont remeber it, ty
[Sensei`hcp] yeah. 5s without max or lg is not
[TdC`lales] n clean
[HussarTDC] pavleplz do reaim
[Pixy`hcp] nice
[pavlepavle] i\doin
[HussarTDC] cool shot
[TdC`lales] ty
[TdC`lales] shot M
[Pixy`hcp] ded
[pavlepavle] ns
[Sensei`hcp] gg
[Sensei`hcp] r
[HussarTDC] gg
[Sensei`hcp] t
[TdC`lales] gg
[Pixy`hcp] wew
[Sensei`hcp] i hope pavle is drinking
[pavlepavle] hahah
[Pixy`hcp] wtf
[Pixy`hcp] windhax
[Pixy`hcp] lales has like 10 windless
[pavlepavle] 6
[TdC`lales] ahopy
[TdC`lales] not bad in 59 mins
[Pixy`hcp] yeah but i got 1
[TdC`lales] 2 in a row, just all
[Pixy`hcp] i blame dogmax
[TdCxSenator] 125hp next time
[TdC`lales] slide
[TdC`lales] !grrr
[Pixy`hcp] max bounce?
[TdC`lales] nope
[TdC`lales] grave damage to Sensei?
[pavlepavle] yes
[Sensei`hcp] announced it already
[Sensei`hcp] JEW IT
[Pixy`hcp] no i mean maxbounce to hit lales
[HussarTDC] i belive in You lal
[TdC`lales] bah ;p
[Pixy`hcp] wew
[pavlepavle] gg
[Pixy`hcp] BUTTJINX
[TdC`lales] dafuk
[TdC`lales] ty Sensei
[Pixy`hcp] BUTTJINX 2.0
[Pixy`hcp] needs max bounce
[pavlepavle] 3s was gg
[TdC`lales] winds ^^
[Pixy`hcp] about time you get fuked by rngesus
[TdC`lales] gg
[HussarTDC] ggggggggg
[Sensei`hcp] gg
[pavlepavle] yeea
[pavlepavle] finalyl
[pavlepavle] gg
[TdC`lales] gg`s

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