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October 31, 2018, 04:08 PM
Absolute Beginner 1038 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 36|36 points more
Absolute Beginner 951 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 36|36 points more

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Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[sX`Sir-J] hf
[sX`Rogi] hf&gl
<<sX`Rogi>> ��e��e ��a ������y
<<sX`Rogi>> o�� ����ox��e�� �� ���� ��o��e
<<sX`Rogi>> ��a�� ��ap��a����
<<sX`Rogi>> ��a��a�� ��o��a����a c��������a?
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: seinfeld ��po��e
<<sX`Rogi>> ��a��a
<<sX`Rogi>> ��a��o e��o ��������������a����
[prabesex`ZAR] (anon sex
[sX`Rogi] xD
[prabesex`ZAR] Fail xD
[prabesex`ZAR] Almost sex
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: �� �� p����epy
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: ��a?
<<sX`Rogi>> ��a�� xo��e����
<<sX`Rogi>> ��e ��a������a�� ����o ��o����o ��a ����e��e ��epe��e��a��c��, ��pa��a��y �� ��e��e���� ��o��o��
<<sX`Rogi>> ������ep ��ae��o? x��
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: ��p�������� �� aerial.
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: Pa��y������c�� �� x��c��ep����
<<sX`Rogi>> ������, ��e��ep ��e ��o��
<<sX`Rogi>> ��e ���������� ��pa��a����
<<prabesex`ZAR>> Sorry lad
[sX`Rogi] pheew
<<prabesex`ZAR>> Thought I was doing right heh.
[sX`Sir-J] is telecow allowed for the handicapped?
[spleen17`sex] no rules in hyst
[prabesex`ZAR] NRIH
[sX`Sir-J] nice shot
[sX`Rogi] thx
<<sX`Rogi>> c��������a ���� ��o��������
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: Ha��o ������o ��e��e��op����po��a����c�� ��a 80
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: C��ec ���� 25x�� xo���� ����
<<sX`Rogi>> ��oxy��
<<sX`Rogi>> ����y������ ��o��e�� ������, c��o����o
[sX`Rogi] xD
[sX`Rogi] wind?
[sX`Rogi] asd
<<sX`Rogi>> ec���� ���������� pa�� ��e ��y��e�� ��e��pa
<<prabesex`ZAR>> Ok
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: ��o��e��y ��e ��epxy����y?
<<sX`Rogi>> o��ac��o
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: Mo�� ���� c x��oc��a ����ep������ y��e c��pe��������
<<sX`Rogi>> ��y��a�� ��y��a ��e��e
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: y ��a����yca
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: ����e pa������e c��o����
<<sX`Rogi>> ec���� c�� ��po�������� ��o������o
<<sX`Rogi>> ��op�� ��o��a
<<sX`Rogi>> ����a����o ����o ���� ����e ��y��a �� e����o ��e ��p����e��e��a))
<<sX`Rogi>> ������ce����
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: C��e����o
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: B ������oe ��ec��o ��a�� ��y����o ������o ��o��ac����
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: �� ��pa��a���� ���� o��c��o������a ����pa��o
<<sX`Rogi>> axaxa
<<prabesex`ZAR>> Move to right?
<<sX`Rogi>> axaxa
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: 3ce��
<<prabesex`ZAR>> `????
<<sX`Rogi>> 3 c ��o��e�� ��o ��py��o��y y��ac����
<<sX`Rogi>> ��opo��y xo��e��
<<prabesex`ZAR>> Dont matter, its over soon
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: Ha��o ������o ��pa��a��y
<<sX`Rogi>> ��ox
sX`Sir-J..sX`Rogi: O�� ��a��e ��e c��apae��c��
[spleen17`sex] gg
[sX`Rogi] gg
[sX`Sir-J] gg
[prabesex`ZAR] 66

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