August 18, 2019, 07:53 AM

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December 03, 2018, 08:54 PM
Absolute Beginner 892 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 49|50 points more
Beginner 1136 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 44|50 points more

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Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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[TdCxSenator] hf
[daiNa`cfc] cmon peja die good
[TdC`lales`ea] Hf.
[cfc`peji] ` ill win this
[cfc`peji] hff
[TdC`lales`ea] nt
[daiNa`cfc] :(
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: why
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: now i must kill 17
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: and not pile 80
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: time to time
[TdC`lales`ea] fucking pixels
[TdC`lales`ea] damn terrain
[TdC`lales`ea] uy uy uy
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: easy now? ;)
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: cat playing?
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: xD
[daiNa`cfc] ns
[cfc`peji] come on that would be embarrasing to miss xd
[TdC`lales`ea] show off
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: excuse my catbut wanna do a vn turn
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: hehe
[daiNa`cfc] n
[TdCxSenator] n
[TdC`lales`ea] it was my cat
[TdC`lales`ea] ty
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: tele same last?
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: gj
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: max nade
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: ty
[TdCxSenator] hi
[TdC`lales`ea] Hola ;)
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: use LG to jump and hide
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: lol u can shot molotov and hide there, np np
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: kami would be nice
[daiNa`cfc] i saw 2 winds xd
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: wait ^^
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: LG nade
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: no max ^^
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: :D
[TdC`lales`ea] vnt ! ;)
[daiNa`cfc] really
TdCxSenator..TdC`lales`ea: sry for hitting your head
[daiNa`cfc] those bounces
[daiNa`cfc] xD
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: in middle?
[TdC`lales`ea] risk nvm ;)
[TdCxSenator] xD
[TdC`lales`ea] My kingdom for a cow
[TdC`lales`ea] 23
[TdCxSenator] 2nd cow
[TdC`lales`ea] shhh
[daiNa`cfc] ae cows
[TdC`lales`ea] mine
[TdC`lales`ea] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dont hide
[TdC`lales`ea] map is your ;)
[TdC`lales`ea] a very nice slide
[cfc`peji] cat and mouse confirmed
[TdC`lales`ea] xD
[daiNa`cfc] cmon :D
[cfc`peji] nt
[TdC`lales`ea] check that
[TdC`lales`ea] 3 2 1 ...
[TdC`lales`ea] my cat typing, sorry
[TdC`lales`ea] he still thinking in show off
[daiNa`cfc] tell your cat you are dead
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: kami !
[TdC`lales`ea] nvm
[cfc`peji] whats his name?
[TdC`lales`ea] Daiana
[cfc`peji] xD
[cfc`peji] for a dog person u have a lot of cats named after you xd
[TdC`lales`ea] I named my dog "Wormie"
[TdCxSenator] :D
[cfc`peji] thats so sweet
[cfc`peji] i bet the danish is proud father
[TdC`lales`ea] remember me all days i had a friend called wormi
[TdC`lales`ea] xDDDDDDD
[cfc`peji] what was th name of his crush from israel?
[TdC`lales`ea] u got it at 1st tickle
[TdC`lales`ea] I lost dog book
[TdC`lales`ea] Maybe u can remmeber me
[daiNa`cfc] ups
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: UP MAP
[cfc`peji] there was some shopper girl
[TdC`lales`ea] dont be a cow
[cfc`peji] dunno if they actually met
[TdC`lales`ea] Nah
[TdC`lales`ea] I always though they only in love by net
[TdC`lales`ea] Imagine scheme no has SD
[TdC`lales`ea] cmon ;)
[TdC`lales`ea] pray ur best
[daiNa`cfc] sui
[TdC`lales`ea] best nade ever incomming in 3 2 1 .... Senator
[TdC`lales`ea] lol sui now is avalaible
[daiNa`cfc] :/
[TdC`lales`ea] moved aim, ur chance
[cfc`peji] watch closely senator
[TdC`lales`ea] call him wet ass
[daiNa`cfc] cmonnn xd
[cfc`peji] this is what will happen to your country ins ome years xd
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: full with 1 notch
[TdC`lales`ea] GG ny1
[TdC`lales`ea] 5
[TdC`lales`ea] 5
[TdC`lales`ea] 5
[TdC`lales`ea] 5
[daiNa`cfc] oohhh
[TdC`lales`ea] why?!
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: sui
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: xui
TdC`lales`ea..TdCxSenator: sui
[TdC`lales`ea] my hero
[TdC`lales`ea] wont sui
[cfc`peji] gg
[daiNa`cfc] he plops too
[cfc`peji] nope
[TdC`lales`ea] no
[TdCxSenator] gg
[daiNa`cfc] gg
[TdC`lales`ea] clap clap

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