May 31, 2020, 05:44 AM

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Default #5, Allround #4
December 08, 2018, 04:31 PM
Absolute Beginner 826 in Elite before the game. Gained 36|44 points more
Absolute Beginner 918 in Elite before the game. Lost 44|44 points more

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Information Game scheme: Elite
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Game Chat(s)
[prabesex`zar] Hf
[luisheros] hf
[dPxChelsea] hf
[csongi``dEEpEE] cwt in group stage, chels?
[dPxChelsea] lol why we have sheep luncher? xDD
[dPxChelsea] yes 2x 3-0 cwt group xD
[csongi``dEEpEE] u have any chances left?
[csongi``dEEpEE] btw. sorry about the fkin sheep launcher.. forgot to put on my elite team xd
[dPxChelsea] damn lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] nice
[csongi``dEEpEE] xDDD
[dPxChelsea] i'm sooo cold hahaha
[csongi``dEEpEE] was harder to miss him than hit him
[csongi``dEEpEE] lol
[prabesex`zar] It's cool.
[prabesex`zar] I hope...
[prabesex`zar] xD
[csongi``dEEpEE] thats how u do it
[dPxChelsea] n
[csongi``dEEpEE] t
[csongi``dEEpEE] aw
[prabesex`zar] aw 2
[csongi``dEEpEE] guys.. it's not an 'aw' contest ;d
[prabesex`zar] Evil is coming.
[csongi``dEEpEE] fking bad wind..
[csongi``dEEpEE] lolx
[luisheros] i hate the sheep xd
[dPxChelsea] dsjhkdshjdslhjhsdds
[csongi``dEEpEE] stop throwing usless nades ffs..
[prabesex`zar] That compensate for sheep.
[csongi``dEEpEE] gg lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] or not lol
[csongi``dEEpEE] wtf are those nades
[csongi``dEEpEE] lmao xDDD
[dPxChelsea] im sooo cold hahahha
[csongi``dEEpEE] zooka him
[csongi``dEEpEE] walk to the right
[prabesex`zar] WTTR'csongi
[csongi``dEEpEE] can he miss it? :D
[csongi``dEEpEE] phew xd
[dPxChelsea] XD\
[csongi``dEEpEE] u were 1 pixel away from detonating the mine tho ' xd
[csongi``dEEpEE] gg
[dPxChelsea] haha
[dPxChelsea] sheep luncher?
[csongi``dEEpEE] gg
[luisheros] gg
[prabesex`zar] Called the bluff
[prabesex`zar] Gg
[csongi``dEEpEE] xd
[dPxChelsea] i won
[dPxChelsea] :D

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