September 23, 2020, 06:27 PM

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TRL #27
December 21, 2018, 09:01 PM
Norway ZaR fr
Absolute Beginner 1007 in TRL: Zar before the game. Gained 44|44 points
United Kingdom sex dS ZaR
Beginner 1105 in TRL: Zar before the game. Lost 46|44 points

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6 - 4
6 - 4
6 - 4
7 - 4
Information Game scheme: TRL: Zar
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Map2 by Mablak
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Game Chat(s)
[spleen17`sex] hf
[prabe`zar] Hf
[spleen17`sex] what
[spleen17`sex] thats not my rope
[spleen17`sex] i predict a loss on this one
[spleen17`sex] for me
spleen17`sex loss predicted
[spleen17`sex] this way if i lose at least ill be prediction king
prabe`zar Feeling confident due to lead
[prabe`zar] LOL
[prabe`zar] Always a perk for everyuthing
[prabe`zar] lmao
[prabe`zar] YOU DIE MOFO
[prabe`zar] It is timew
[spleen17`sex] fall]
[prabe`zar] nP
[spleen17`sex] haha
[prabe`zar] Still In control.
[prabe`zar] Still in control King
[prabe`zar] sick'Kradie
[prabe`zar] My little spleen
[prabe`zar] It is time for you to die.
[spleen17`sex] not yet
[prabe`zar] We'll see feeble entity of biological sex
[prabe`zar] What transpire is of my own design
[prabe`zar] See?
[prabe`zar] Now die
[spleen17`sex] you need easy crates
[spleen17`sex] the game feels sorry for you
[prabe`zar] Indeed it does.
[prabe`zar] But the sad thing is spleen
[prabe`zar] Game weants to show how pro you are
[prabe`zar] But you aren't delivering.
[spleen17`sex] i'm not pro
[spleen17`sex] i'm a frucknab
[prabe`zar] U fruck'ed deep in the nabs man
[prabe`zar] behold the powers
[prabe`zar] that allows u this feeling
[prabe`zar] 2 easy crates to demonstrate your power
[prabe`zar] Your will
[prabe`zar] Your courage
[prabe`zar] It demolishes for each turn
[prabe`zar] As I grow and will take over
[prabe`zar] You'll see.
[spleen17`sex] i grow tired of this game
[prabe`zar] FEEL FREE to forfeit and let the true warrior win
[prabe`zar] A demonstration of bad luck
[prabe`zar] To fuel your engagement.
[prabe`zar] TO kill me.
[prabe`zar] My own design is flawless
[prabe`zar] You have done great.
[prabe`zar] Yes feed me
[prabe`zar] Get serious
[prabe`zar] Accurate shot.
[prabe`zar] Behold the powerr.
[prabe`zar] Of ZaR King.
[prabe`zar] No quick remarks?
[prabe`zar] sex
[prabe`zar] Satan on my side
[prabe`zar] Can't stop me heavenly forces.
[prabe`zar] Not bad
[prabe`zar] But to my design ofc.
[spleen17`sex] heavenly forces
[prabe`zar] sex
[prabe`zar] HF'spleen17'zar
[prabe`zar] Yes
[prabe`zar] Satan works in mysterious ways
[spleen17`sex] my will is broken
[prabe`zar] mwyahahahahahahahhahahahaa
[prabe`zar] Now is the time.
[prabe`zar] vodka
prabe`zar KING
spleen17`sex prediction King
[prabe`zar] Behold the power
[prabe`zar] of KING
[prabe`zar] of zar
[prabe`zar] bow down

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