June 25, 2019, 10:57 AM

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Free #33
January 03, 2019, 12:47 AM
Germany UC dS Kf
Rookie 1284 in Mine Madness/BnA before the game. Gained 34|28 points
Ukraine che pH a2b
Absolute Beginner 1020 in Mine Madness/BnA before the game. Lost 32|28 points

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1 - 2
1 - 2
4 - 2
4 - 2
Information Game scheme: Mine Madness/BnA
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Map(s)

good map by good map
1920 x 696, PNG, 5.85 KB, Downloaded 639 time(s)

Mine Madness by PyroMan ;D by PyroMan
1800 x 3200, PNG, 42.94 KB, Downloaded 170 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[dS`Hurz`ale] funz mate
[dS`Hurz`ale] ok
[dS`Hurz`ale] a fail to start
[dS`Hurz`ale] says light that joint first maybe :D
[Xrayez`Che] oi funz
[dS`Hurz`ale] :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] rly...
[dS`Hurz`ale] rofl
[Xrayez`Che] :O
[dS`Hurz`ale] nt
[dS`Hurz`ale] hm almost
[Xrayez`Che] :}
[Xrayez`Che] darn
[dS`Hurz`ale] uh
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol wut
[dS`Hurz`ale] im thinkiing way too complicated again :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] ouh
[Xrayez`Che] ops
[dS`Hurz`ale] rare
[dS`Hurz`ale] bah
[dS`Hurz`ale] smths wrong with the pixels :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol
[Xrayez`Che] almoost clean
[Xrayez`Che] pixels are purfect though
[dS`Hurz`ale] again
[dS`Hurz`ale] so many fails...
[dS`Hurz`ale] gg
[Xrayez`Che] lol hit
[Xrayez`Che] gg
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol last hit :D
[Xrayez`Che] yea
[dS`Hurz`ale] haha

[Xrayez`Che] funz
[dS`Hurz`ale] ?
[Xrayez`Che] too risky
[dS`Hurz`ale] that looked wierd
[Xrayez`Che] don't be surprised, I do wierd stuff from time :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] ya not as usual. you drunk? :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] aw
[Xrayez`Che] no actually I'm never drunk :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] map quite clear :D
[Xrayez`Che] true
[dS`Hurz`ale] ah cmon!"
[Xrayez`Che] ow
[dS`Hurz`ale] so easy fails.
[dS`Hurz`ale] king of the hill
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol really
[dS`Hurz`ale] so way off
[dS`Hurz`ale] wtf
[dS`Hurz`ale] before that kaos i bna'd and aim was ok today so far.
[dS`Hurz`ale] why now so off again :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] ew
[Xrayez`Che] D::
[dS`Hurz`ale] aw
[Xrayez`Che] ooh
[dS`Hurz`ale] gg
[Xrayez`Che] oi n1 gg
[dS`Hurz`ale] t

[dS`Hurz`ale] funz
[Xrayez`Che] funz
[dS`Hurz`ale] huiii
[Xrayez`Che] dat Arrow fly
[Xrayez`Che] true arrow
[dS`Hurz`ale] bl missed the spot
[Xrayez`Che] lol
[dS`Hurz`ale] haha
[dS`Hurz`ale] :o
[Xrayez`Che] weaak
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol
[Xrayez`Che] :O
[dS`Hurz`ale] darn
[dS`Hurz`ale] :D
[Xrayez`Che] clean
[dS`Hurz`ale] too slow
[Xrayez`Che] knew
[dS`Hurz`ale] hey dont sdteal my fails :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] yah that l is a bitch :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] i
[Xrayez`Che] no those wse's are mine!
[dS`Hurz`ale] meh
[dS`Hurz`ale] iff
[dS`Hurz`ale] 1 always lives :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] .
[dS`Hurz`ale] sad
[Xrayez`Che] D::
[Xrayez`Che] oh my
[dS`Hurz`ale] loool
[dS`Hurz`ale] bl :D
[Xrayez`Che] :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] weee
[Xrayez`Che] plop
[Xrayez`Che] vns
[dS`Hurz`ale] t
[dS`Hurz`ale] rofl those survivings
[Xrayez`Che] yee
[dS`Hurz`ale] remember last time u survived so often :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] fair ;)
[Xrayez`Che] karma
[dS`Hurz`ale] gg
[Xrayez`Che] owe gg
[Xrayez`Che] I feel your avenge

[Xrayez`Che] funz
[Xrayez`Che] even
[dS`Hurz`ale] effective
[dS`Hurz`ale] n1
[Xrayez`Che] ta
[dS`Hurz`ale] pff
[dS`Hurz`ale] 1 of 4? :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] 2 ok
[dS`Hurz`ale] 2 of 5
[dS`Hurz`ale] still sucks :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] gj
[dS`Hurz`ale] uh :D
[Xrayez`Che] darn t
[Xrayez`Che] sucks at aiming
[Xrayez`Che] sync plop
[dS`Hurz`ale] its ok i suck roping :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] oh
[dS`Hurz`ale] heh
[Xrayez`Che] D::
[dS`Hurz`ale] n combo
[Xrayez`Che] :}
[dS`Hurz`ale] why
[Xrayez`Che] aw
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol my eyes
[Xrayez`Che] lucky bullet
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol
[Xrayez`Che] owe
[dS`Hurz`ale] some.
[dS`Hurz`ale] but gg ;)
[Xrayez`Che] gg'ed
[dS`Hurz`ale] heh

[dS`Hurz`ale] funz
[Xrayez`Che] funz
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol this map is scary compared to the other :D
[Xrayez`Che] a bit tighter it seems
[dS`Hurz`ale] yah and not so linear
[Xrayez`Che] those knocks
[Xrayez`Che] :}
[dS`Hurz`ale] :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] haha
[dS`Hurz`ale] :D
[Xrayez`Che] heh
[Xrayez`Che] :}
[Xrayez`Che] :O
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol changed aim til very last sec
[dS`Hurz`ale] to not hit the mine :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] and now? :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] knew.
[dS`Hurz`ale] when started.
[Xrayez`Che] awz
[dS`Hurz`ale] lmao
[dS`Hurz`ale] im so unfocussed on jet atm...
[dS`Hurz`ale] at least missing half the landing s :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol ren
[dS`Hurz`ale] finally
[Xrayez`Che] :}
[dS`Hurz`ale] rofl
[Xrayez`Che] good hides
[dS`Hurz`ale] bam
[Xrayez`Che] lol
[Xrayez`Che] blz
[dS`Hurz`ale] uh oh
[Xrayez`Che] D::
[dS`Hurz`ale] heh
[dS`Hurz`ale] lucky ass
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol no
[dS`Hurz`ale] :D
[Xrayez`Che] live
[Xrayez`Che] D::
[dS`Hurz`ale] nt
[Xrayez`Che] :O
[Xrayez`Che] scary
[dS`Hurz`ale] :D
[dS`Hurz`ale] careful
[dS`Hurz`ale] ah
[dS`Hurz`ale] stragedy :)
[Xrayez`Che] :}
[dS`Hurz`ale] ggs
[Xrayez`Che] ae
[dS`Hurz`ale] lol
[Xrayez`Che] gg
[dS`Hurz`ale] lucky shit :D
[Xrayez`Che] :}

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